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There Is Freedom In The House

February 1, 2015


This past week I had both the pleasure and the privilege to be able to participate in three different house church gatherings.  I just love totally free and open, Spirit led fellowship.  To me it is the best way to really go about BEing the Church together.

In all three of these different gatherings every single person present had something of value to contribute and share with the rest of the Body Of Christ.  Every member ministry is a passion of mine and in the fellowships I relate to everyone has the opportunity to share whatever is on their heart and mind.  In an open and free environment where everyone is expected to share in song, prayer, scripture and teaching, some amazing things can happen.  When you allow every age, every gender and every perspective to be shared you always end up being blessed well beyond measure. More importantly Jesus is lifted up and glorified every time instead of being an afterthought.

I know that the concept of absolute freedom in sharing scares the hell out of some people, but listen a minute before you cry HERETIC!  Since 1976 it has been my experience that a free and totally open style is overwhelmingly safer where it comes to heresy and error than a controlled and micromanaged environment could ever be.  In an open setting anyone can interrupt and challenge the sharing of another.  In a closed setting no one would ever dare to interrupt a sermon and challenge the Clergyperson.  However, in open and free house churches based on dialogue rather than monologue helpful interruptions happen all the time.  For the betterment of all involved.   Quite frankly when error or heresy occurs in a free and open church it gets nipped in the bud.  Also in a traditional/institutional “Church” it is easy to hide one’s erroneous beliefs.  Someone might be the biggest heretic ever in a regular “church”, but no one ever finds out because someone there can go sit in a pew for 30 years and never share openly the errors they have in their heart and mind.  So their problematic beliefs are never challenged or changed.  This would never happen in a relationship based, Spirit led, free and open house church.  Because everyone there is expected to share and be open for encouragement and correction from the rest of the Body.  In a traditional “church” it is easy to hide, but try to hide in a living room and you will always be found out.

In short, I love the freedom that is found in a very simple Spirit led Church.  Freedom that cannot be found in a “Church” led by “men”.  It is my desire that everyone be free to share, to listen, to pray, to sing, to teach and to grow in Christ.  Freedom is a difficult thing to find in a traditional, institutional, law promoting “Church”.  But in totally free flowing Spirit led fellowship it can be found all over the place and thoroughly enjoyed.

Love and….

Kirk Out !


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  1. My experience over years bears out the same conviction.

    • "BK" permalink

      As does mine. I believe this is what the scripture means in Ephesians 4 when it says we’ll not be tossed by every wind of doctrine…becaused THE BODY is functioning. Wonderul, Christopher, “BK”

  2. Awesome post! You are making me so jealous of the fellowship you are enjoying!! :). God bless!

  3. CatherineS permalink

    Three different gatherings in one week? That’s pretty cool!

    “When error or heresy occurs in a free and open church it gets nipped in the bud.” Although it’s wasn’t the first time it had happened, a couple of weeks ago someone in our group said something that brought the discussion to a screeching halt. We tried to feel out where he was coming from, and I’m not yet sure if he received the gentle correction from the group, but I am certain he knows that none of us agreed with his “understanding.”

  4. Skylla Moon permalink

    it isn’t the type of setting or the way the people configure themselves that nips this thing in the bud, rather it is that light pushes out darkness. In the presence of the Lord anything other than light is very obvious. I’m not saying it always goes perfectly every time, but at least in a free setting the opportunity for correction is there. You cannot grow palm trees in Alaska.

    • CatherineS permalink

      So true, Skylla! I think this brother has held these views for a long time but has never been in a setting where he had the freedom to voice them.

      • Skylla Moon permalink

        There’s nothing else quite like it is there? Revealing sharing expressing Gods Spirit unfettered in joy. I look fw to experiencing it again.

  5. A fully functioning Body of Christ with every member free to share their portion of the truth in love is a wonderful thing to partake in. It helps you stretch and grow into the HEAD and everyone is blessed including Christ Himself. Most traditional “Churches” function like a parapalegic or worse with only the Pastor sharing while the rest of the Body just sits there numb and spectating.

  6. Suzy Crees permalink

    Great post! Until I experienced this kind of freedom I did not know what I was missing. It is so wonderful to share CHRIST with one another, share our joys, blessings, fears and doubts and still be loved and accepted. I would think the Lord is pleased when we allow Him to work freely in our lives.

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