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I Am Not A Real Captain

January 28, 2015


Those of you who know me or follow this blog know by now that I do not believe in human hierarchies within the Church.  Well, to be honest I do admit to one hierarchy being essential …. that Jesus is the one and Only King and Leader in the Church.  Jesus is indeed over all of us, but I do not believe that any follower of Christ is over or above other Christ followers.

One of the worst things that the “Church” has embraced over the centuries is the worldly military model of leadership.  The whole concept that puts one human over and above other humans in the Church is seriously flawed and is detrimental to the Body of Christ.  Sure there are times when various members of the body need to take the lead, but putting those individuals in a set in stone position over others is just not right or beneficial to the Church.  The whole system that puts in place a chain of command within the Church with superiors and subordinates damages people and keeps most of the members of The Body of Christ from ever truly growing into the full-fledged disciples that Christ meant them to be.  I could quote scriptures ad nauseam to back up my opinion, but anyone could look at my previous blogs if they want “proof”.

I will quote one scripture here though….  recently I took special time to read through the Gospels again and I found one verse that I had previously overlooked.  Yes! Surprise!  Christopher Kirk does indeed own and read a Bible; contrary to popular belief.  I found a gem in Luke 6:40 which reads, ” A student is not above his teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like his teacher.”  Notice is does not say that the student is under the teacher.  Plus even when fully trained the student is never above their teacher either.  If Jesus is talking about Himself being the teacher then that says even volumes more about how having a chain of command can be dead wrong in the Church.  And let us not forget that Jesus also said that we are to call no one Teacher because we are all brothers.

Of course this is all my belief and conviction and I will not try to force anyone to agree with me.  All I want to do is share my portion with others and also receive their portion of the truth in love in return.  So I share my heart with you all here, but remember I am not a real Captain.  I am not ranked above anybody.  Calling me that is only a tongue in cheek bow to a science fiction character who shares my last name.  But remember those at Penn State University thought they were doing the right thing by following their chain of command system and because of this they failed the child victims of  horrific sex crimes.  The lesson we need to learn from this is that we need to always do the right thing according to The Spirit and not follow any human chain of command.

A precious brother my dear friend BK knew years ago, while still in the hierarchy had a strange dream that changed his life forever. He saw a multitude of people traveling together to a city. He knew it to be the people of God in their journey of life. The strange thing was, there was no apparent “leader” for them. As he watched the group encountered several ‘hardships’, needing expertise. Crossing a treacherous ravine; a raging river; a dense forest; etc. Each time a few people stepped to the forefront….sometimes men, sometimes women, sometimes even children; most of the time a mix. They would guide the rest of the people safely through, then melt back into the crowd. When he awoke he began to question the Lord. It was then those verses of us being a KINGDOM of priests began to fall into place.

I have had very similar dreams and visions over the years and they all just serve to confirm what Jesus has been revealing to me over the last 48 years concerning the totally free and fully functioning Body of Christ.

Love and……

Kirk Out


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  1. Judy baker permalink

    This is right on target and definitely to the point . I always thought there was more to Church than sitting on a pew listening to one man or woman give a talk every Sunday, sing a couple songs -then leave . JESUS taught everywhere and trained his disciples to go door to door reaching every person then sent
    His Holy Spirit to give them languages so they could go to different countries and preach the Good News. We are to continue preaching until the Good News is heard all over the world ……
    It’s amazing how JESUS is with you when you are obeying his command. I have seen His protection in different ways. Once a huge dog came running towards a sister and myself way out in the country going to a return call . She said “Do not move or talk..just pray.”We were standing in the open near the car. I prayed silently .. Dear JEHOVAH Please don’t let this dog attack us. In Jesus name. Amen This huge mad dog with his mouth open ran right past us, the wind brushing my skirt. I looked and he kept right on running in the next open field till he was out of sight. What a sigh of relief!
    I wish people did take their bible more seriously as it would change their attitude if they had a mind like JESUS. Gone would be child abuse wife abuse love of neighbor in all the world no more crime no more wars no need for armies police prisons jails..the devil and all the bad angels would have nothing to do as the people will not listen or be fooled anymore .
    My thoughts today is really a dream that will come true soon… And I hope
    many will fulfil the earth and be glad upon it and those in heaven with JESUS will be ruling over those on the earth . Rev 21:1-7.
    No one will say I am sick and death will be no more and the tent of God ( His protection) will be with man ( without the devil or bad Angels or wicked people) it will come true as God says what he says will come true and He did not make the earth simply for nothing but to be inhabited by man. He could have made us Angels but he made us human to live on earth and His Will will be done on earth as it is in heaven ….love you all .in Jesus , the only way to live forever

  2. Skylla Moon permalink

    You’re not a real Captain? I guess it’s over …. sniff hic hic I really wanted a licensed bonafide captain…:'(

  3. Ramma permalink

    Don’t ever change anything! There is one teacher. We are all walking side by side. Thank you for taking the time to send out encouragement to us! Blessings

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