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Another Question From Spock

January 14, 2015


What follows is yet another part of an ongoing conversation I had with a friend who I shall continue to call Spock here….

Spock asked:

“Christopher – perhaps you can tell us of your experiences with the Bible and the Spirit and what causes you to bring this issue front/center as often as you do?  I am not able to relate to what you speak, because I value the Bible, but I read that you value the Bible also.  Somewhere, there is a disconnect in my understanding of your writings.  Maybe if you explain specific experiences a bit, if you can, we can begin to relate / commune with you on this.”

Alright Spock I will give this a shot.  The issue to me is why do we elevate the bible to place that is equal or higher than The Holy Spirit in our lives?  To me it is quite clear that we receive primary revelation from The Spirit and secondary revelation from the bible.  After all it was The Spirit who inspired the writers of the bible to write what they did in the first place.  It seems to me that many Christians get it backwards in practice where they use the bible to try and interpret and set the ground rules for The Spirit, when they should be using The Holy Spirit to interpret the bible and lead them in their everyday lives.  Because there are some things in life that the bible just does not address or give guidance to us about.

Way back when I was in college I was also a concert promoter.  After a big Resurrection Band concert I was drove the artists back to their motel.  On the way back home I had to stop by the late night drive thru at Burger King to get some food for me and 5 other students who had helped me set up and tear down the sound and lights equipment for the concert.  So I was going to order 6 whopper meals when I heard Jesus or The Spirit tell me to order 7 meals.  It felt right and harmless so I ordered 7 meals.  When I got the food back to my roadies dorm room I distributed the meals to the 6 of us and I left the 7th meal in a bag up on a loft.  In the midst of eating and fellowshipping Tim stuck his head in the door and asked where his whopper meal was.  I immediately pointed to the sack on the loft and told him his whopper meal was right up there.  I also told him that God had specifically told me to buy that meal for him.  About a half an hour later we were able to lead Tim to Jesus all because I was told to buy that extra meal.  I am still in contact with Tim to this day.  He remains strong in The Lord and often gives his testimony about how God used an extra whopper meal to bring him into the fullness of Christ.

The bible had no way of communicating to me the need for an extra meal, but The Spirit was fully capable of leading me in such a manner.  It is just like in Acts chapter 9 where The Lord tells Ananias to go to a street called straight and find Saul and heal his vision.  Ananias could have read scripture from cover to cover and still not be moved to act in such a manner.  It takes more than biblical knowledge to be guided in the best ways of surrendering to and serving HIM and others.

The fact is that the bible is just not enough to lead us in our walk of faith in Christ.  Jesus Himself said that He was sending us The Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth.  The bible was never meant to be our guide.  That is The Spirit’s role.  Always has been and always will be.  Jesus also said that “His sheep hear His voice and obey”.  Note He NEVER once said that we read His book and obey.

We NEED to hear directly from HIM my friends!  The Spirit is our guide and often times He leads us to the bible for reference and understanding.  But it is HE who sits on the throne and not a book about Him.  Who sits on the throne of your heart?  If we are really honest about this most of the time it is WE that sit there, even as sincere followers of Christ.  But we need to surrender that place DAILY to Him and The Spirit.  The book should never be in the position of preeminence in our lives. The bible is a great gift and tool when used as led by The Spirit, but without The Spirit’s illumination it can be just plain old dead letter ink on paper.

Love and……

Kirk Out !


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  1. Ken Blake permalink

    What a clear and loving response to some who are probably asking the same question as Spock!
    I have had similar

    • Ken Blake permalink

      Sorry, I went back to reread and accidentally sent incomplete response! I have had a few “whopper” experiences in my life so I understand clearly what you are saying in your blog! I know I couldn’t cause the Holy Spirit to communicate to me whenever I wanted Him to, nor could I write a book about it and sell it! What I could do is share it with others as you have done in an open and honest presentation! Thanks for your encouragement and faithfulness to share the truth with those who have ears to hear and hearts to receive!

  2. “Everybody cherry picks the Bible. The question is this: are you picking the same cherries Jesus picked?”

    Michael Hardin

  3. Stan Meador permalink

    I believe that story exemplifies what Paul referred to as a “word of knowledge” or “word of wisdom” in the list of Spiritual gifts in 1 Corinthians. I believe full well that the Spirit does work in that way. No disagreement on that.

    My comments on your other post were specifically referring to competing truth claims.

    For instance, a Mormon walks up and tells you the Holy Spirit revealed to him that he is a Christian because he felt the burning in his bosom. Do you accept that truth claim? After all, he is convinced the Holy Spirit revealed this to him.

    If you don’t accept that truth claim, how do you communicate your reason for denying the veracity of his claim? Do you say, “No you are not a Christian. The Holy Spirit revealed to me that you’re not.”?

    One claim of personal revelation against another – both claiming the Holy Spirit as the source. How do the two of you resolve the question of who speaks truth?

    And, this is a very clear example. I have seen nuances of truth statements between two people who are clearly Christian in which they are in sharp disagreement and cannot both be correct.

    Such situations are the basis for my comment on your previous post. I hope this post clarifies my position.

  4. Sky permalink

    Thanks for letting us in to your inner places Chris 🙂 I for one resonate totally and wonder why this is not the norm? All I can think is that we are in the secret place and all by grace. I agree with Michael picking cherries – yep!

  5. Stan, I have actually met and know Mormons who love and follow Christ. Sure some of what they believe is messed up, but many times so is what many other “church” goers believe. Traditional/Institutional “church” doctrine can be very messed up too. What matters is where our heart is, in spite of what religious group we may belong to. Sincerity is what really matters. I do feel that a Mormon can be led by the Spirit to believe they are in fact some garden variety of “Christian”. Jesus can and does love and save people regardless of what sect they currently may belong to. No background or type of religious training automatically disqualifies someone from the Kingdom of God. Hopefully we all will grow up and out beyond whatever so called heresies we may currently hold in our minds.

    • I love this reply, Chris! I know when I look back on my life journey, there has definitely been growth out of some philosophies I previously held. And yet, Jesus is still the Author and Finisher of my faith. Good stuff brother!

  6. Janet Fowler permalink

    I think Stan has a valid question, yes people from a different sect can hear and follow Christ, but what about the person who says Jesus told them to poison their children? Or put them in a furnace? These are stories from the news that have happened. Now these are obvious errors from a mind gone bad, but there may be more subtle errors of belief. Although thinking back to disagreements with others over spiritual matters, I have asked our father to directly reveal the truth to whomever needs it, me or them. I think we all really need to be humble and very careful!

    • "BK" permalink

      I’m glad you brought this back around, Janet because I thought as I read on my phone I’d like to answer a little of that but my phone often does not work well for me (operator problem….sigh). I agree with Chris, I also know lovers of Jesus who are Mormon….as well as Catholics, etc. Doctrine doesn’t make or break our relationship with Him….it is that relationship that will open the door to change or remove our doctrine along the way. I John says if a spirit confesses that Jesus is come in the flesh we know it is of God. That’s a great litmus test for me. If I see someone whose life bears witness to Jesus dwellling within them, then I focus on Jesus and recognize them in Christ. When a person says God told them to do horrible things, obviously against God like the examples you give, the fruit itself bears witness they aren’t of Him. But, I have to say YES, the Spirit CAN AND DOES tell different people to do different things. He DEFINITELY told me to be a pastor in the conventional sense long before He led me out of that mind set altogether. It was a step I needed to take to get to the next one. He DEFINITELY told my Spirit filled cousin to go INTO the Mormon church years ago….so she could pick up some things she needed to bring her OUT of the religious system altogether. He told His people to go INTO Babylon (Jeremiah) and when He instructed them to come out, He only stirred the hearts of some, not all (Ezra 1, I think). So, Stan, yes, the Spirit can speak different things to different people….even ‘through the scriptures’. Some thoughts while I have my computer connection! “BK”

  7. Yes BK, Janet and Stan’s questions are very good and very valid. I agree with BK.. “A tree is known by its fruit.” I have found the witness of the Spirit to be extremely valid and real in all matters. I believe we should test everything no matter how it looks on the outside. “Do not judge by appearance, but use righteous judgement” Sometimes what looks right can be very wrong and what looks wrong can be very right. This is why we need Spiritual discernment that goes beyond our minds and flesh.

  8. Stan Meador permalink

    Everything I need to know. Thanks!

  9. The basic assumption that I know I have fallen prey too, is that it is my responsibility to set someone straight by sharing Bible passages that contradict what they believe to be true. Sometimes the Spirit leads us to share truth from the Bible, but not always.

    • "BK" permalink

      My experience over time is that some people can be ‘enlightened’ from the Bible, others have no confidence or regard for it at all. Instead of being ‘offended’ either way, the Lord has had me ‘speak their language’, so to speak. Like my beliefs on hell are unconventional in most of Christianity, so one day I did a study on just what does the Bible reeeally say about it; so I can speak to those who have fallen prey to traditional teaching that the scriptures themselves don’t say at all. Recently I’ve had several discussions with someone who doesn’t believe the Bible is accurate or infallible. Instead of trying to convince them of ‘the truth’, I read their most persuasive book that they gain most of their opinion from. I asked the Lord to let me read with an open heart and I am so glad I did because this particular book was more ‘heresay’, filled with probably this and most likely that, than the points they make to disprove Christianity (and I agree ALOT with the discrepancies he points out and would welcome the opportunity to sit down with the author and clear up some of his confusion); then there were the Buddhists in Australia I spent two different afternoons with. We spoke of all the similarities to the religion of Christianity and the religion of Buddhism. In both cases I simply ended the day with, “There is one thing I must say as our visit ends and that is the difference between what I believe and what you believe is that I DO believe Jesus was the Son of God Who died for my sins and ‘reconnected’ me to the Father; that the LIVING God indeed dwells within me to give me the ability to attain what all my own effort cannot. In fact, I believe Jesus IS nirvana.” And both wanted to meet again the next day and hear more about my experience with this living God. I guess I say all this to amen Wayne’s words….the Spirit has many ways to share truth and it is such a freedom to follow It wherever and however It leads.

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