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No Holograms Here

January 4, 2015


When I began this whole blogging adventure about three and a half years ago I promised myself and The Lord that I would only post as I was led by The Holy Spirit.  That I would not just try and manufacture a post for the sake of manufacturing a post.  I desire this blog to always be fresh and real and not just another mundane thing I need to do every single day.  I am not claiming that 100% of what I write here is Spirit inspired, but I do claim that as a real and attainable goal.

Proverbs 25:11 says, “like apples of gold in settings of silver is the timely spoken word.”  So I always attempt to surrender my heart and mind to the Lord and allow HIM to speak through me in any given moment or situation.  It is far too easy to produce a pile of bullshit concerning about any topic one can possibly imagine.  Me?  I just want to naturally/supernaturally BEAR fruit. That’s the key. Because true fruit is born (of The Spirit)  and not manufactured by the mind or the flesh.

So you won’t see a post from me here every single day.  I am frankly just not that Spiritual all of the time.  I want true fruit here and I desire that fruit to be real and very tasty.  Frankly there is just too much artificial wax fruit out there to be found even in the “Church” at large.  One of the primary reasons that the Traditional/Institutional “Church” is failing in their mission to make disciples is their total utter dependence on one man to “bring the Word of God” to them every single week of the year.  It is simply impossible for one man to deliver a true 100% Spirit led message on every single Sunday.  Another problem is that most “Churches” rely and depend on monologues instead of healthy Spirit led open and free discussion.  Jesus was NOT about monologues.  Check it out in the Greek?  Whenever Jesus shared it was always dialogue.  It was always an exchange that included questions and answers.  It was The Lord that said in Isaiah 1: 18,  “Come let us reason together.”  If God desires dialogue rather than monologue with us….  then so should we with each other in HIS Body.  For that reason I believe that whenever the church gathers, it should be an ongoing conversation with everyone participating, contributing, and sharing.  So I encourage all of you to PLEASE use the comment button at the bottom of these posts. We need to hear from one another and allow “Iron to sharpen Iron” here.

Well, that is my portion for this particular day.  Please add your portion too?  But, remember, ” If anyone speaks, they should do it as one speaking the very words of God.”  Remember, opinions are like assholes…… everybody has one.  So opinions are all too easy to give.  So please speak from your heart as you are led by The Holy Spirit?

Love and……,

Kirk Out !


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  1. Ramma permalink

    Well, I was almost afraid to write something here. But I am grateful for your honesty and openness to our human frailties without Christ. When you wrote about “bearing fruit” it took me back to when i first left the cult. I wondered how i was going to bear fruit out here? I was do brainwashed to thinking that i could only bear fruit in there. The Lord showed me it was spiritual fruit and not what I had been taught. Thank you for being willing and desiring to be led by the Spirit. Blessings

  2. How deep the rabbit hole goes. God, the Spirit all around us, may not leave us to plateau on any level. For me, it has never stopped, and I strongly thank Him. First falls away man made religion. I do not say that lightly for that encompasses far, far more that traditional church attendance and traditional church dogma, and bible idolization. God loves us too much for that. We have opened the door to love, we have opened the door to truth, now…..hang onto your bonnets! How far are we will to go? For me it was past religion of any form. Religion is contrary to God. Religion says, Saved…NOT Saved”. We are all children of God, Jesus’ actions proved that.

    It goes past “infallible” books, trust me there are as many lies in the bible as there are truths. Look who compiled it, and you will easily understand the “pile” in compile.

    It goes past hierarchy: higher and lower, greater and lessor. God is infinite Spirit, infinite love. The realm of heaven/spirit are here, now all around us, just in a different dimension. Transformation, at least the one our hearts/inner beings desire, cannot be obtained with religious minds. We must abandon the safety of our religious boundaries; us vs them, in verses out, saved verses unsaved. We are all of God. The great problem is many have evolved, not into the truth of this fact, but into the pseudo-truth of so named Christianity. To find out just exactly what is true, you do need courage and faith, especially if you are like me, once “churched”. Have faith, let everything you were ever told go, let God be God.

    • Ramma permalink

      Awesome words Marc. At first when hearing this i get a little nervous, but i know it’s true. So then my soul aches for truth and to be clothed with Him. Then my heart races with excitement of the Living Word dwelling in His children revealing Himself if we will let go and let God. Blessings

  3. The rabbit hole goes even deeper than any of us can imagine or articulate. Deeper unconditional love, deeper unconditional grace, and deeper unconditional mercy. He who the Son sets free is free indeed and we have only just begun to really live the reality of that freedom. HIS freedom breaks the chains of religion and tradition and allows us to step ever forward with total abandon into HIS Truth and everlasting Love.

  4. Janet Fowler permalink

    This be HIPPIE talk, I tell ya! I probably agree with previous comments cuz I’m all about freedom, and not religion, but I’m with Ramma and feel a bit nervous. I am curious Marc, what do you think about Jesus?

  5. Janet, There is nothing to be nervous about. Fear was ingrained us through the christian, and other religions. It does not matter what I think about Jesus to you, for if it matters to you then you will feel the need to affirm, or correct based on how it compares to what you think about Jesus.
    I will say this, what has been reported about Jesus’ actions on earth, seems to resonate with almost all human beings regardless of race, religion, or nationality.

  6. Marc Winter when you said, “We are all children of God, Jesus’ actions proved that.” in your first comment on this thread it was good enough for me. In no way is anyone commenting here anti-Jesus; Anti-religion, including the cult of Christianity yes, Everything in life hinges on Jesus and what He modeled for us in His life and what He accomplished on the cross and in His resurrection.

    • Chris, thank you, I agree 100%. Most of us who were “churched”, have a verbal litmus test for insiders and outsiders. Like, “Who do you say Jesus is”? I believe heaven is populated with millions and millions of souls who never heard the name of Jesus on the earth. The wonderful and believable accounts of Jesus’ life, never referenced Jesus giving such a test.

      • Ramma permalink

        Never heard it stated quite that way Marc. The last 2 statements. Are you willing to expound a little bit? You can private message me if it’s lengthy. Thank you

  7. Hey Ramma, Glad to hear form you. The amount of detox necessary to be free and to see more clearly required going much further than I was comfortable with. God knew this but led me onward in spite of my discomfort. The majority of the world’s religions, and the especially horrible fear based religions like Islam and Christianity are the bane of all human existence. What makes them worse is that each one has important elements of the truth, but taken as a whole are damnable lies. What the Islamist do not understand, and the17th century Christian did not understand, is that God is bigger and better than their damnable religions, bigger than, “Kill those who do not bow down to your version of God”.

    In our “educated” Western world we discount killing in the name of God (almost), but we still are so arrogant to think that the Westernized version of Christianity has the true model of God in their camp/churches/boxes. How crazy is that?

    God who resides outside of time, and is all encompassing love, invites us. He invites us to connect with Him; in our thoughts, and in our minds, looking for that quite inner voice who always loves everybody, who judges no man, who above all has left this world system’s religious camps, walled by their petty fears.

    All are save, the problem…all do not yet realize it.

  8. I feel that ego and extreme self will keep us from experiencing the deeper things of God. Like Paul wrote, “I die daily”. My obedience is not an act born out of fear, but rather out of deep appreciation for a God who reached out to me and helped me when I was in my moment of greatest need.

  9. Ramma permalink

    Thank you brothers for taking the time to respond. We don’t realize how much “detoxing” that we have to do until we actually start doing it. I am still struggling with some of it. I completely understand what has happened to religion. Your words are so true here Chris, of the ego and extreme self will keeping us from experiencing the deeper things of God. This all comes down to the one on one/day in day out- relationship with Jesus Christ is all that matters. Not whether we can make one hair white or black. Or how many in the Godhead and all of those doctrinal things. Anything, anything, anything that separates me from God in any way shape or form…..has to be torn down.
    Right now I’m trying to understand that everyone is saved. The scriptures that have been used on me and discussions that I have been in, have not given me that “knowing” inside that it’s true. I will not read men’s commentary’s about it. I have to have the Spirit reveal it to me. Because that is what it is for. To instruct, etc.
    What “I have noticed is that one believes it this way and another believes it that way………but at the very “core” of their relationship with Christ is the deep appreciation you spoke of, for a God who reached out to me and helped me when I was in my moment of greatest need. That is the sister or brother who I will observe, consider their thoughts and words. Again thank you, you are all very precious saints that I love and appreciate!

  10. "BK" permalink

    How well I remember the confusion (and exhiliration) of those days when the ‘cord’ was being severed. I still remember the first time I said “The people I USED to be with”…..scared me even saying it. Three times I saw myself draped in His arms as He walked me out of the ‘sea’. I would tell Him, “You have me in a catch22…..I can’t go back because it is death. All I ask is that when I get wherever I am going You are there….”. He was and is as my journey continues. So worth the painful, slow process. Love, “BK”

  11. "BK" permalink

    Ramma, I remember a wonderful lesson I learned in sharing about Jesus being the saviour of all men with a precious sister in New York. She sat me down and said, “Ok. You always say you don’t believe in hell like other people but you never say how you believe. So, tell me.” I still remember feeling to give her only a few scriptures that meant alot to me. But not the ‘whole boatload’. She took those verses and went searching and came back SO EXCITED at all the others she had found (some of them I had never noticed). The Lord showed me then that when we give just a bit and then let THE SPIRIT add what He wills and how He wills, then what is given is SOLID because it was direct revelation. I am glad you aren’t searching through a zillion books on this. That is the choice I make along the way and it has been the greatest blessing to me. Love, “BK”

    • Ramma permalink

      I love your testimony and your deep love of Jesus “BK”. You radiate the Lord. I’ve been in discussions with others where it starts out in the Lord and then all the personal rubbish comes out and it shuts off my receiver. 🙂 I find it very interesting because each individual has a piece, not the whole. It takes some digging and burning the oil at times to find those nuggets. Blessings

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