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Starfleet Regulations By The Book

January 2, 2015

The following is part of an ongoing conversation
I have been having with a good friend of mine.
Concerning my view of The Bible and his concern
for me and my "Low view" of scripture. For 
the purposes of this BLOG lets call him Spock.

Spock said:

 " You would not have known that you have eternal life
  were it not for the (Biblical) writings you seem to 
  imply you don't need."

 Kirk replies:

 This is just flat out NOT a true statement Spock. 
 One can most certainly know by The Spirit these
 things, even if they never encounter a written word.
 One can know these things via direct revelation from
 the Holy Spirit.

 And to be totally honest Spock, no we do not need 
 a bible to be saved or discipled.  The Spirit is fully
 capable of communicating FATHER'S truth in love to us. 
 Now, is the bible a very often used way of HIS
 communication? YES! Absolutely!  But NOT the only way.

 Because if given a choice of The Spirit and no bible,
 or the bible and no Spirit....the ONLY choice that would
 result IN LIFE is choosing The SPIRIT. Because HE can 
 write upon our hearts all we need for life and Godliness
 through our knowledge of HIM.  And by the way, that
 "knowledge" is not just via learning, reading or studying,
 but rather through HIS touching our very essence of
 being with HIS Spirit of Truth and Love.

I know this to be true because as a four year old
child I first encountered Jesus and The Holy Spirit
long before I ever came in contact with a bible. Jesus 
held and comforted me as my earthly father abused
me in just about any way imaginable. Then Jesus led
and taught me about salvation, fellowship, love,
grace, mercy and the church. I asked questions and HE
gave me answers and HIS truth never led me wrong.
It was literally nine years later that I actually 
encountered a bible and all that the bible did was
confirm what HE had already been teaching me by The
Spirit all those years.  Plus I still hear HIS voice
even today.

Spock continues:

 "..this is what I fear for us who have come to Christ
  from whereever - IC HC, dog house or what ever, complete
 with the benefit of studying the content of the Bible 
 and the first Christians; and then recommend that If you
 have Christ you have all you need - forget the Bible..."

Kirk replies:

 Spock,  But Christ really is ALL we need!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 ... and if HE leads one to the bible, which HE usually
 does, great!  But if not and HE does not always, great
 too!  You have never heard me say "forget the bible."

 Far too many times man has went to it and found what
 they wanted to instead of waiting for Jesus to teach them
 what they really need to know in any given circumstance.

 Spock, I will not dishonor Jesus who IS all I need by
 elevating a book to being a "need" also. HE is The Lord
 of Lords and not just the Lord of Lords when a book 
 is added to the mix.  HE is still LORD when the book 
 is nowhere to be found.

 Now having said that you know full well Spock that I
 read, know and meditate on that darn book as often
 as HE leads me. But picking it up on my own could be
 likened to a toddler picking up a loaded gun.  It is 
 dangerous!!!!  I want Jesus to lead me in my experience
 with the scriptures.  Instead of picking and choosing
 passages in my flesh on my own.

 I know because I used to do it that way because I
 thought and was told that that was the only way to
 know and serve God.


 Intellectual exercise and pursuit are dung, seeking
 HIM and abiding in HIM is where it is at my friend.

 I don't understand how you or anyone else can call my 
 view of the bible "low" when I fully believe that its 
 value and authority is just below that of the Father, 
 Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit.  I love and appreciate
 the written Word.  I just don't believe that it is greater
 than or equal to GOD Himself.  Seems to me that to elevate
 the bible, an inspired and created thing, to a place on
 par with GOD is nothing short of idolatry.

 If given a choice between an Old Rugged Cross and an Old
 Rugged Bible...I am going to cling to Christ alone and
 the cross for sure.

 Love and,

 Kirk Out!


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  1. Janet Fowler permalink

    I can’t imagine saying it any clearer when you say if you have to choose the spirit or the book, the spirit is the obvious choice. And I agree, the book without the spirit can be as damaging as a weapon, and has been for many people seeking Him and finding cold rule based judgement from the church.

    I used to believe that the bible had to be the plumb line for our faith, but had much grief in my heart for some topics that cause much pain. I finally came to the point of asking God to make it clear if my choice was wrong to love unconditionally those who are in a certain group of people that the bible speaks about. I have more peace in my heart and have not felt led to try to change them, or pray for their demons to be gone, or for them to deny their sexuality or any of the things I used to believe. This absolutely goes against some scriptures, but frankly, not very many. I’ve always noted that self righteousness and pride and lack of love seem more important.

    My choice to not try to change them does not include believing that everyone should be careful with sexuality and I do not condone promiscuity.

    Well that ended up longer than I expected, but there’s my humble opinion.

  2. Dear Chris, I love your explorations into life by the spirit. As you know that is my path as well. As a seeker, I have found by intuitively following God’s whispers/leanings in my heart I continue to learn new things and have greater peace and appreciation of God and His love everyday. I just finished a non-christian book, ‘The Top 10 Things Dead People Want to Tell You’. While reading it, I found my inner being resonating with much the author had to say, and rejecting much the author had to say. In the end, I felt enlighten, blessed, and encourage by God my Father. If I ever read the Bible again, and I may, I will use this same method. I have little need for it today, after spending many hundreds of hours reading it before. My inner being has all of that information at residence in me, all nicely sorted out, and ready to recall as needed.
    All the Best!

  3. 2trakmind permalink

    Amen, brother! I had a similar conversation with my mother, a while back. She asked me; “how would we even know about about Jesus if it wasn’t for the Bible.” I responded with a simple question; “How did Jesus say we would know Him? How did Paul come to know Him?” She responded with, “well, we wouldn’t know that if we didn’t have the Bible.” To which I simply responded, “we wouldn’t need to.”

    My concern for believers, today, is that modern Christianity isn’t about allowing Christ to lead people to Himself, where He can be their teacher, as He said He would. Instead, we take on the role of leading people to a relationship with the text of the Bible and, though inspired by God, as it is, the text was never meant to replace a relationship with Jesus. “You study the scriptures, believing that in them you have salvation, but the scriptures point to me.” ~Jesus

    Sadly, the church leads people to the Bible; teaches them from “it,” about “it,” and to obey “it,” rather than releasing them into a life in the Spirit, the way God has always desired.

  4. Suzy Crees permalink

    A wonderful article. Thank you, brother.

  5. Ramma permalink

    This resonates well brother. If you want to know what “Living in Christ and walking in the Spirit” is………then do just that. It has very little or nothing at all to do with the written text. Of course 3-4 years ago you could not have told me that. I would have thought you were one of the “radical folks”. Lol……..praise the Lord you are!!! Janet it’s good to hear from you again also! Good thoughts from everyone! Blessings!

  6. Jack permalink

    I love the way you chose to share (once again) your heart on this. Beautifully done. “…instead of waiting for Jesus to teach them what they really need to know” So true. The old saying ‘God works for those that wait and He waits for those who work’ comes to mind when I read this post. How can I possibly wait on Him without being still and listening for His voice?

  7. What wonderful comments with so much honesty and depth of insight. I LOVE dialogue like this!

  8. bill permalink

    you know saints, I sometimes wonder if the problem lies with folks needing something tangible i.e. *seen*. They need something that they can detect with their NATURAL senses. If you allow the Holy Spirit to read the letter to the Hebrews to you, you’ll discover this was becoming an issue with those believers. They were having difficulties leaving behind the tangible tabernacle/temple, priesthood, etc.. The TRUE tabernacle that the Lord pitched and not man (Heb.8:2) can’t be seen with the natural eyes.

    And what about the New Covenant, where God Himself declares that He will put His laws into our minds, and write them upon our hearts?

    I can hear the argument now, “well you wouldn’t know about these things if you hadn’t read it in the bible.”

    O.K… answer to that is~~~~

    those things wouldn’t have been written without the Spirit’s unction.

    This has been said before I’m sure, but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded that Abraham heard and knew God, and God called him His friend, all without Abraham having a bible.

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