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“Damn it Jim, I’m a Doctor not a cook!”

November 29, 2014

Greetings Crew,

When our little group of believers gather for fellowship we “normally” start with a shared meal. Eating together is an important thing for churches to do.  Breaking bread with one another is something deeply human and deeply Spiritual.  We gather together to share our blessings both temporal and spiritual and the meal represents how we go about sharing these Divine blessings.

At our time of gathering EVERYone brings a contribution to the meal.  Each household is responsible to bring enough food to share with their whole church family.  We rarely organize this ahead of time, except perhaps a few phone calls to make sure we are not doubling up on any given dish.  Our fellowships take our communion meal so seriously that we honestly refer to ourselves as THE FIRST CHURCH OF MEAT COOKED ON FIRE.

So we sit down and share a big meal.  We sit around the table and around the room where we are either side by side or face to face with our fellow eaters.  All of this is by intentional choice.  Yes, we really want to just hang out and eat with one another.  And as we eat the conversations flow in a great number of directions and topics.  Yes, exactly just like we are gathering with our extended family.  Because we totally recognize that we really are HIS family and we belong to one another.

After the meal we all clean up and after that we reassemble for more focused time of sharing, singing and prayer.  Guess what?  We treat this time together just like we went about preparing for the common meal.  EVERYONE has a contribution.  We all share in turn as The Spirit leads us.  Then we simply eat until we are full.  It is that simple!  It is that real!

The second chapter of Acts talks about the early church coming together to share teaching, fellowship, eating and prayer.  It says they broke bread in their homes and “ate together with glad and sincere hearts.”  Should we in the 21’st century settle for anything more or less?  GOD has not changed!  And YES it really is that simple.  Every member brings their portion to share and it always works and Jesus is always glorified in our midst.

Love and…….,

Kirk Out!


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  1. Ramma permalink

    This is interesting that you say this. We tried just having people for fellowship and it kind of fizzled out. We can now see that it needs to be done in this kind of setting, it just puts everyone at ease and a better flow. We need prayer as we move forward in this. Great post!

  2. Ramma, I will certainly be praying for you all as you move forward for fellowship.

  3. "BK" permalink

    This reminded me of a question Megumi asked me once soon after she met Jesus. She was from Japan, unchurched, raised a Buddhist and VERY excited about Jesus. She asked me one day as she read the Bible, “BK, is this not the book Christians read?” I responded yes. She asked, “Why do they not do what it says?” “What are you reading?” “Here in Acts 2 it says they went house to house and broke bread and fellowshipped. Why do they go to a building to hear the man tell them what the God is saying?” Wow, a clean slate. I’m still in awe of the things she saw right away by His Spirit, being born outside the walls of Babylon. Things that took me YEARS to unlearn and learn. The ‘last supper’ was so much more than a little wine & a little piece of bread; it was a MEAL. We be family and when we really get that, fellowship becomes alive and so beyond ‘form’. Thanks, Christopher, good stuff. And I also am praying as you venture into fellowship ‘outside the walls’, Ramma. Love, “BK”

  4. Donna permalink

    I am also looking for this kind of gathering.

  5. Donna, where are you located? Perhaps you are near a fellowship that I know of.

  6. I must say I appreciate this blog’s positive focus, and that of the comments – thanks. Honestly, I was getting a little tired of the same old themes being debated over and over again… Nothing like fresh bread.

  7. Skylla Moon permalink

    Yes, there is much to unlearn! And I’ve been in LOTS of home fellowships that fizzled. But Jesus won’t fizzle. He wants to be our everything, our all in all, the centrality of each heart and life in reality. If that’s not living and real, it will always eventually fizzle. After searching for this “thing” (fellowship) we finally listened. He was telling us to STOP SEARCHING FOR FELLOWSHIP and wait on Him to do it all. This period has been so lonely (for the fellowship searching flesh) and so emancipating that we have learned HIM. Fellowship is not the thing, Jesus is the thing. I know that when the time is right and I am ready, He will build it. But if He doesn’t, He is still everything. Life recognizes and responds to Life – it’s an exciting and lifelong journey in Him. Not I But Christ.

    • "BK" permalink

      Beautiful reminder, Skylla. I remember back in the 90’s getting ready to leave Washington State once with heart break because I knew no matter how I hoped ‘fellowship’ would continue once we were gone, the people still were gathering to us first, Jesus 2nd and because of that it would not continue. I asked the Lord what we were doing wrong? What could we do better to ‘build fellowship’. He spoke right back to me and said, “I have not called you to build fellowships, but to build fellowship within the hearts of My people. If fellowship is in their hearts they will gather to it whenever I bring it to them.” Wow, shocking and freeing for me. Back to ‘except THE LORD BUILD….they that labor labor in vain.” A hard concept but so full of life. Love, “BK”

  8. Ramma permalink

    We appreciate the prayers. Also, thank you Skylla for the reminder that Jesus is sufficient in all things. Much love to all! And Donna are you on the West Coast? We are in Las Vegas, Nv.

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