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Jesus Wept

November 25, 2014


“Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy.  He who goes out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with him.”  Psalm 126: 5-6

Wow, that describes much of my life.  The Lord is very familiar with my tears.  In the wake of brutal childhood sexual abuse I have shed many tears.  Having a 30 year marriage die due to my illness has been extremely difficult.  Yet Jesus was always there to embrace and comfort me in my distress.  In doing so He taught me about empathy and the need to comfort others who desperately need His touch in their lives.

I am a very emotional person.  Always have been, plus It comes with the roller coaster ride that is PTSD.  Even as an adult I cry often.  Sometimes with tears of sorrow.  Other times with tears of joy, and quite often with tears of eager expectation. Many times I cry while I am praying for those I will encounter in the future that do not yet know Christ in His fullness.  Jesus will often lead me to pray and cry for those just needing a touch of His comfort and joy.  Yes, the Lord has me pray for strangers that I have never met.  To some this may seem odd, but since childhood it has been part of my everyday life.

Jesus has shown me so much love and kindness over the years and I feel the need to repay Him in part by reaching out and touching others with His grace, love and mercy.  The fruit of simply allowing Him to abide in me and then flow forth out from me to others is undeniable.  Jesus has given me so much comfort and love that it has no choice, but to overflow from my life and touch the lives of others.  I am just a weak and simple vessel, as are you, but when we choose to allow Him to fill us beyond our human measure; His blessings will abound to those we encounter in our everyday lives.  This is not rocket science.  If we merely surrender our hearts to Him, He will do a good work in us to the great benefit of others and ourselves.

When was the last time you sowed in tears for the sake of others?  Do you allow Jesus to move within you in such a manner? Perhaps it is time to sit down with Jesus and just allow His compassion to flow forth from within you?  Sometimes life is very hard and it is difficult to let down our barriers and allow ourselves to be overcome with Godly sorrow for the sake of both ourselves and others.  The world teaches us to be hard and calloused as a defense mechanism, but God wants our hearts to be soft and empathetic.  If you want true joy in your life you will allow yourself to sow in tears.  Because it is only when those healing waters flow that we can truly experience His all surpassing comfort and Joy.  If we sow in tears we will reap songs of joy.  Allow His compassion to flood your very being.   Jesus wept and so should we.

Love and …..

Kirk Out !

P.s.  I am currently navigating through some difficult times and would appreciate your prayers.


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  1. 2trakmind permalink

    I am much like you, Chris. I cry easily, whether in sorrow, or joy. Tears well up when people hurt and rejoice; when I see good and when I see evil; when I see someone discover and use their God given gift of music, or art, or whatever passion He has given them. I cry when I see God’s goodness in people who don’t even acknowledge His existence. What could be more beautiful than the light of God shining through someone who has no interest in looking good for God?

    I’ve always been this way and its been difficult, at times, because people don’t understand emotional men. It can be isolating, because people get squeamish when men cry. I don’t care anymore, though. I now see tears, not as weakness, but as God’s tenderness pouring out of me. To think that my tender heart is a gift from my God is, well, a gift! My God gave me this gift and I will let it pour from me, freely.

    I will be praying foe you, my friend.

    • Skylla Moon permalink

      I love that. Weeping men and women is gorgeous to God. Amen and amen. Praying for you Chris.

  2. Ramma permalink

    So thankful that we have the ability to allow tears to flow! Sometimes they come instead of words and God understands them too! Prayers for you as you are navigating through your rough times. It seems to be all around us right now. I think the Lord just wants to keep our attention and keep us open to Him and feel the compassion that you wrote about, too. Blessings!

  3. “In doing so He taught me about empathy and the need to comfort others who desperately need His touch in their lives.”

    Oswald-Chambers observed that you can tell who has been through things; they have time for you.

    I find that I, too, have a lot more time and compassion for people since I have been through some things. And yes, I cry a lot more too!

  4. Someone once told me that by HIS stripes we are healed and by our stripes others are also healed.

    • Skylla Moon permalink

      Amen again. Ok so WHY did Jesus weep. I know I can get real fleshy and take on self-pity if I don’t watch it. So it’s either IN HIM or it’s old adam. Thanks be to God He knows our situation and gives grace to the humble.

      • "BK" permalink

        Amen, Skylla. I so trust that verse in Phil 3 where it is said “and if anyone is otherwise minded God is able to show him even this”. I remember once when I was driving down the road weeping and weeping over a situation, praying….and felt ‘convicted’. Angry, I told the Lord I didn’t think it was fair that He would not listen to my heartbreak. His response was, “I already know how it was from the beginning and for you to talk about it, even to Me, only feeds your spirit of self-pity”….chains fell off as I realized He was right! Now, that’s the exception….just sharing it in the amen, it can be self pity and even if I’m not watching, He is 🙂 I love being free to express. And, yes Christopher, I too pray for people I don’t even know. Love and Happy Thanksgiving, “BK”

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