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It Only Takes A Spark

November 1, 2014
“So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.”                          Genesis 1: 27
 God is THE Creator and He created us in His image.  I feel that being made in His image means that we will be like Him.  To me that means that we are also meant to be creators like Him.  That He will work through us and inspire us to create and be creative in many ways.  I feel that we all have a creative spark, His mark within us.  That is why the whole concept of spectator Christianity goes directly against God’s will for His people.  Instead of always sitting and watching “church Leaders” showcase and use their creativity when the church gathers…the whole Body should be about sharing their creative gifts with one another.
This whole idea of us all being creators goes far beyond the Sunday morning shows.  Our entire lives should be filled with His creative spark and His creativity within us should flow forth in everyday life for all to taste and see that He is Good. EVERYONE has gifts from God that they should be using every day.  The gift of creativity can manifest in a great number of ways and I do not even pretend to know them all.  Many times His spark within us can create various kinds of art including, painting, drawing, singing, dancing or playing a musical instrument.  Others are gifted in sharing the written word in poems, stories and songs.  Songs and poems can often be written with help from other members of the Body.  Our gift may just be sharing a single line of prose, a single idea, or a simple tune that can be built upon by others unto completion as Jesus directs.  Our fellowship here has written many songs together with each member sharing a small piece of the puzzle.
Cooking is also an art through which our creativity can flow.  Developing recipes that others can share is a great gift.  Our fellowship takes great care in creating meals that we can share when we gather together.  Hospitality is a fantastic gift through which our personal creativity can shine.  Others are gifted and create by knitting, sewing and crocheting.  The possibilities are endless.  Some are great at wood working and building different things.   Finally, others are very creative at sharing the Gospel and teaching, even through blogs and non-traditional means.
The point is that EVERYONE is born with His creative spark within them, and that spark can and should be used to glorify Jesus and bless the Body of Christ.  When the Body gathers to worship their Creator and break bread… everyone should have the opportunity to use their gifts and share their creativity.  In 99% of Sunday morning “church” services across the world only 1% of the people get to share their creativity, portion and gift with God and the rest of the Body.  Instead of freedom and opportunity to share, most receive oppression and bondage to a system that serves only itself and NOT God. The Body is meant to have the opportunity to build itself up in Love as EACH PART does its work in Him.  If your “church” experience is dominated by a few “men” called Clergy and a precious few others ever get to share there…It might just be time to run away, far and fast!
Love and….
Kirk Out !

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  1. Once again sorry about the formatting and the lack of space between paragraphs. This is not the way I wrote it. Every time I try to correct it, it won’t allow me.

  2. We Chris are the creation, not the creator. We are not the ones to create, for then whoever responds to us in creating as giving rewards to us, that would make tat one that gave rewards to us our creation
    Thereafter that is why God while we were yet sinners went to the cross for us, We are the creation. If the creation gets saved by something they did right, and God responds to it, Then I would be God of God.
    Adam and Eve did not become as God’s until they ate from that tree of evil. known as the knowledge of good and evil.

    Not trying to correct you just enlighten you what I see as is
    What does the clay have to say to the potter? Why have you made me this way?

    That is like a water glass yelling at me, from the Cupboard, hey come and use me, you have not used me, I am collecting dust in here.
    That is ridiculous right?
    So as a water glass is made for me to get s drink at my disposal, choice to or not to is my choice being the Master?
    Well we are God’s water glass in this same measure. I gave up my creating abilities I was first born you, pray you see what is said.

    • "BK" permalink

      First let me say I think this is beautiful, Christopher. We’ve been seeing the very things you wrote in action for almost a week here in Nevada. Having said that, may I ask you, Howard, to expound a little more on what you are trying to say as I honestly couldn’t make the connect between what you posted and what Christopher did. I love dialogue because then I can ask for clarification and perhaps understand what one is saying. Thanks a million to both of you, “BK”

  3. Wow homewardbound we sure disagree on this one. I am not saying we are God, but that we are like God and the Christ in us shines through us in our creative spark and creations that flow out of our being like Him.

    • Understood from your view at the arena of life from where you are sitting at, and so, asking you, then you do not see from the view I am seeing from, or do you? And I am not arguing just as you stating my view a little different for honest communications. Christ is for us who then can be against us? Religion that plays God in creating God to respond to them, using Biblical text to be right.

      mankind turned it into religion for gain and acts as not so, when that is so
      Religion = what am I doing to get a deity to respond to me? If I get anyone to respond to me, guess what that makes me God of whomever responds to me

      Creator = Father of Christ alone, We are the creation of, not the creator of
      So what makes truth, truth? Responding to God or creating for God?
      We were not originally born God’s knowing Good and Evil, wanting to be creators, and control. That came about from eating that tree that God warned Adam not to eat from, yet did.
      Jesus reversed this fall by his death and made us back right with Father by his one act for us if we will believe him.
      For as sin came into the world by the First Adam. The reversal of this to new life in Christ made us right to do right by Faith the same as he showed us while here on earth in the flesh. The only flesh that ever pleased God (the Father of all) The second Adam (Christ) if you will, The first brought death, the second brought life. Both by one act, Adam disbelief and ate. Jesus belief and is risen, to give us new life. And we can’t see this because. Satan has blinded the eyes of us to try to be right and by that we are stuck in sin, again and again and again.
      Sorry for posting as I did, had to, not meant to offend anyone, just enlighten to the truth that sets one free and when Christ said we will be free then it will be. Only Father can reveal the truth in what is said here. All I can do is say it like it is
      We are the creation, not the creator. Does it make any sense to create? If I create, who gets the credit?

      • Howard, when the Spirit inspires us to create God gets all the credit and glory. There is only one BIG C CREATOR, but when HE moves us to create, we the creation become little c creators too. I for one deeply appreciate how HE moves others in the Body to be creative. When we do so to the glory of God and not ourselves..HE is lifted up and praised. It brings glory and honor to God when we respond to His creative spark within us.

  4. Janet permalink

    Homeward bound, yes I believe there is “nothing new under the sun” but we are a conduit for His creativity and plans, and it is a delight for us to be used in the manner God has created us to be used. We are given inspiration to carry out His creative plan.
    We can be tuned in to His voice, but I believe sometimes God uses people who are not tuned into His voice or they’re not aware of where the inspiration is coming from but it’s still Him, and if its Him it will touch someone at just the right moment.
    Thank you Christopher, for sharing the inspirations you receive!

    • Yes so maybe view it as Paul did and does
      Galatians 2:20New International Version (NIV)

      20 I have been crucified with Christ(A) and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.(B) The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God,(C) who loved me(D) and gave himself for me.(E)

      We are not alive in the Old, but we are held alive in the new, it is not us that live anymore when in Christ, it is Christ that lives through the Old that is dead

      Acts 17:28

      ‘For in him we live and move and have our being.’ As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are his offspring.’

  5. Ramma permalink

    Of course I always go looking for the definition of the word in question and I found this:

    a person who makes something new
    one that creates usually by bringing something new or original into being

    Reminds me of an inventor or creator; etc. Not something taking the place of God, but like you stated Janet, a conduit for God’s creativity and plans. Given inspiration to carry out His creative plan. That’s awesome!

    I believe Howard that we are His creation through whom He creates. Does that make sense?

    • Oh sister absolutely, now what does the enemy try to do? what did he get Adam and Eve to do, by trickery? they became as God’s, not God, as God. And all born here on the earth, first born from the womb are born of the flesh, dead, alive in flesh and blood, but dead in Spirit to Father and Son.
      The reason Christ came was to redeem us in the spirit of God the Father. And by the cross in the finished work in his ascension and delivery of the Holy Spirit of truth this is done for us to be alive in Father and Son by the resurrected Son.
      We give up our works for his works of Love and Mercy to work through us

      Was Adam and Eve, when first born before the eating of that tree, where they born God’s?
      They were nothing more than the creation of God. Right?
      Is our unredeemed flesh to lead or God’s Spirit to lead, Father at the steering wheel?
      Are we a cohabiter in God’s mercy and love to all.
      Did not God by himself through Son tat he sent for us, by himself reconcile us, forgive us, give us a pass to get new life by belief, where we are the responders not the creators

      In Genesis 6 was not God angry at the creation and fortunately Noah had Faith and exercised this?
      What was God angry about?
      Was it man’s playing God, creating, devising plans to steal, kill and destroy others that they cared less about. Only loving those that loved them?
      I think God has every right to still be angry and just wipe us all out. For we are rotten to the core and not willing to die for Love and Mercy for all as Christ was and did. By his blood the payment for us where God does not come and destroy us in Christ by his blood once and for all, is shed Father now works with us on the basis of a new nature, not that old angry tyrant one that just killed to survive. Where as God, died to save us, yet is alive now forevermore to lead us if we are willing to be led.
      Playing God or saying I am an extension of God as God is a lie. for it brings pride with that thought of I am God, Not god himself, a little God
      God forbid 2 cor 12:7-10
      Sorry a little harsh, not meant that way, just facing reality over our emotional traumas we have, that God is showing us how not let our emotions of things we think to be lead.
      Truth verse error
      Truth is God Father of our redeemer Christ
      Error is Emotion when it leads, and by emotions leading, we make doctrine out of things that are not life in Christ
      Anyway trusting God to do what God wants in and through all of this

      Romans 14:1-4New International Version (NIV)

      The Weak and the Strong

      14 Accept the one whose faith is weak,(A) without quarreling over disputable matters. 2 One person’s faith allows them to eat anything, but another, whose faith is weak, eats only vegetables.(B) 3 The one who eats everything must not treat with contempt(C) the one who does not, and the one who does not eat everything must not judge(D) the one who does, for God has accepted them. 4 Who are you to judge someone else’s servant?(E) To their own master, servants stand or fall. And they will stand, for the Lord is able to make them stand.

  6. "BK" permalink

    Wow, Howard, that was alot! I’ll just pick a few things that struck me as I read and put it on the ‘other side of the table’. 🙂 I don’t believe I am rotten to the core. Paul said ‘in me, THAT IS in my flesh, dwells no good thing.” But in me, joined to me, saving ME dwells something good. His name is Jesus and He came to save ME, not destroy me. Amen that error is when my emotions lead, but they no longer have to, and often no longer do. As I allow that life He made possible to me to flow His life to me, HE is the leading one. And I have to admit, I have ALOT less of the trauma you speak of since I have found His Spirit alive and well within my soul. Paul starts out in Romans 7 stating he is speaking to those still under the law and what it is like for them….we are no longer under the law or that hopeless state so often quoted of ‘what I want to do I don’t”, etc. I have found my sabbath rest and His name is Jesus. Love, “BK”

    • Thank you, you got my post in essence to it all. Motives is what is the most important, and I am thankful that God knows each one’s motive. the only good in me is Father and son in me. I give no credit to me as you said you do the same, Amen. Thank you today learned to for me to not live and see and watch Father live through me as just like in the day of Pentecost. Father used the disciples, that willingly waited for his coming to speak through them, and Father did. Has anything changed?
      I see me the old me as dead, the new me as alive in spirit and truth, where I just trust for God to what God need done through me onto others in Love and Mercy to all

    • Sister in your response about flesh yours you are in right now, is it redeemed? what did Christ redeem, where in the world does it say our flesh redeemed. In Father’s view who’s flesh pleased him, ours ever or Christ’s alone?

      We wait and wish for the redemption of our bodies that we are in, and is not as of yet a done deal. So in the meantime reckon thyself dead to sin in this flesh of yours and be alive to Father in spirit and truth, serving Father a bond servant. for it says we God is not pleased by our flesh nor this world and its ways. He is only pleased in son, the second Adam, which is our restoration as Sons of God not God’s
      No flesh in his sight pleases Father. There is no condemnation for those that seek the spirit over the flesh desires to be loved by others, with oh you are so cool God must just love you from our places we gather together to hear good things and be boastful and proud over it, with pats on our backs walking away feeling oh so good about ourselves, when Jesus was very clear on this to that rich man in Matthew 19, saying to him, why you call me good. For ONLY MY FATHER is GOOD
      To each their own though. I am just so elated to know that God just love us all and that God will straighten me out from any errors I am putting out in and of me being a little God that is
      Thank you Father talk to me tell me, I know not to judge others, I know to discuss and communicate, and it is only by you that this can be done in truth,
      Seeing that you can only be worshipped in Spirit and Truth as John 4:23-24 state tis. Please teach me to keep me out of the way of your truth that sets one free

      • "BK" Zimmer permalink

        I don’t believe the flesh is redeemed….He redeems my spirit, soul and body. And I don’t believe it’s ‘only Jesus’. He mingled His Spirit (joined Himself) to my natural spirit (not flesh) and I have become eternal because of that. He is a Saviour, not a destroyer. He came to save “BK”, not destroy her. Only my flesh; and that sets me free to be “BK” ben with Jesus.
        And by the way, Janet, did I say how I have enjoyed your comments? I have. Love, “BK”

      • You got it Sister you see it, and you understand it, Thank you. You got it you are his, he bought you with a price, you are his servant in agreement with Father and Son. That is right God is not a tyrant, and we are not in charge. Just be a mini God go ahead, I bet your unredeemed flesh just love that? We as people don’t desire to hear the truth that all our works are as like filthy rags

  7. Ramma permalink

    Reread the article…..nothing is taking away from God the Creator. It is simply showing the ways He expresses His creativeness through our yielded vessels. This discussion is going way off track. No one is making themselves equal or above God. I think your ending comment is what sends Howard into a tizzy because he doesn’t agree and does NOT have to agree with it. What we all have to do is walk together in love, allowing expression of thought and not shove it down one another’s throats. Ok? Say your thoughts in love and let it be. If it resonates in your spirit accept it. If not set it on the shelf and consider it at another time or never again. When I constantly repeat myself, then I’m not trusting in the “sowing of the Word”, nor the “watering” nor the One who gives the “increase”. Plant seeds and then let God do the rest. Blessings

    • Ramma permalink

      Sometimes we are so full of our learning that we can’t see the simple things in Christ.

    • Thank you, you are right, Not actually in a tizzy, but on edge, I have seen others in this I am a god attitude and thank you for getting me to stand down. I do not know the motives of anyone else, God does and I pray we all have humble hearts and we can all learn from one another, shelved

  8. "BK" Zimmer permalink

    I have to agree with Ramma on this, Chris didn’t say ‘we are god’….at least not what I read. I, too, have met the ‘for ye are gods’ people and didn’t like the flavor either so I understand where you are coming from. I will say, there is a huge difference between the taste and feeling of the flesh in control and flexing its muscles, than when “BK” ben Jesus, mingled with Him, with His nature now within me is the leading One. I was listening to a song once, ‘It’s all about You,Lord….” and loving it so much when He spoke, “That’s a lie. It’s NOT all about ME….it’s about US. If it’s only about Me then I’m like a husband with no regard to the satisfaction of His wife, just My own. It is about US” and then I saw two ballroom dancers in beautiful harmony, moving together like professionals, except it was He and I, moving and gliding together, in perfect sinc.” and He said again, “It’s not all about Me, it is about US.” Don’t know if that just still sets wrong, but it was so beautiful as He corrected the ‘I’m nothing but a filthy hunk of flesh’ mentality. Love, “BK”

    • That filthy rags is how we are first born in and of the flesh in need of the new life in Christ. Once one has this it is done and we are anew. We rely no longer on self to do. we rely on God to tell us what he wants us to do, and we do it willingly as servants yet in Father’s view we are his Children. This is exactly what Christ did while on the earth here, In total dependency on Father. He did and said what Father told him, and never took the credit for himself. he is God and yet humbled self not to be God. He only praised Father, and Father only praised Son. Christ never came on as the center of, never tried to make himself as the Center of. He only possessed the Father that he always pointed to for us to be humble the same way, walking by Faith in Father’s lead only. He was and is God in the flesh, yet did not make himself as better than anyone else. Otherwise he would have called a league of Angels and fought those that came to put him to death, and not restored Malchus’s ear that Peter cur off with his sword.
      Humility is what I see as incredibly important to Love and Mercy given. hope this helps us all communicate better, knowing the enemy is at work trying to stop healthy communications, as told to us in Eph. 6:12
      Love you all, for all and everyone’s view to see clearer and deeper, ad wider and higher as in Eph. 3:16-18 tells us
      Thanks everyone for sharing peacefully
      I pray I have and will as well

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