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Seek Jesus Not Church

October 10, 2014


“Seek the Lord while He may be found; call on Him while He is near.”  Isaiah 55: 6

Thursday morning I was watching Fleetwood Mac perform live on the TODAY SHOW.  They are one of my favorite bands from the 70’s.  I just have always loved their sound.  One of the things I really liked about them is that they have three lead vocalists who also sing harmony extremely well.   That morning as they played the song “Go Your Own Way” there was a red banner behind the stage that read, “SEEK JESUS NOT CHURCH”.  That simple phrase instantly struck me as a Spiritual truth and it has been on my heart and mind since I first saw it.  I do not think that the band was responsible for the banner, but I guess it is a possibility even though they have been known to practice witchcraft and abuse cocaine in the past.  Either way I will certainly be praying for them from now on.

“SEEK JESUS NOT CHURCH”, That certainly does ring very true to me.  It makes great sense because it is Jesus that defines the Church and certainly not the other way around.  In fact much of the mess that most of the Traditional/Institutional “Church” has become comes from its attempting to define who Jesus is for themselves and outsiders.  The Jesus they present is exclusive and not inclusive and many times quite angry and judgemental.  Their Jesus condemns sin and sinners instead of being the One who reconciles All to right standing with God in spite of their sins.  Their Jesus rubber stamps and approves of them isolating themselves from the world and hating those still in it.  Their Jesus divides while the true Jesus unites.  Finally their Jesus has love and redemption, but only for those who meet their conditions and criteria.  When you seek Church instead of Christ you end up with the Christ they preach and define instead of the One True living and all loving and forgiving Jesus Christ Who is Lord over all creation.

If you desire life, love and truth SEEK JESUS and allow Him to fully define and reveal Himself to you. For in that process He will also introduce you to the true Church, the Body of Christ who gladly welcomes whosoever will into its outstretched arms of mercy and grace.  The true Church is always about relationship and not dead religion.  The true Church is about total freedom in the Spirit and not rules and legalism.  The false Church is about traditions, conditions and the Law.  The true Church knows that the Letter of the Law kills, but the Spirit always gives life and more freedom.  The false Church sets itself up as judge, jury and makes God into the executioner.  I am not meaning to be so harsh, but in comparison there are HUGE differences between the true Church of Jesus and the other one out there claiming to be His, but in reality is man centric instead of Christ centric.

All I really know is this….. Jesus loves you and if you seek Him you will find Him.  When you receive Him His Spirit will fill and guide you into all truth, even the truth about Church.  So don’t put the cart before the horse and instead seek Him first and allow Him to reveal Himself to you.  The Love of Christ is unconditional.  Being in Christ is a lifelong journey of discovering the truth in love.  It is my sincere hope and prayer that whoever reads this finds Him and then at HIs leading discovers true fellowship with others in the glorious Bride of Christ which is the one true Church.  Please do not settle for anything less than His Love, Grace and Truth.

Love and……

Kirk Out !


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  1. Skylla Moon permalink

    Its powerful to realize that God cannot lie so when He says that He will be found if we seek Him with our whole heart… WILL happen. 🙂

  2. ” So don’t put the cart before the horse…seek Him first and allow Him to reveal Himself to you.”

    Exactly, Chris!!!

    Lately I have been pondering that “church” and even “being the church” is simply an event or set of events. It is what we do to walk with Christ as his disciples.”

    Live out the event of seeking and following Him!

  3. Janet permalink

    I liked what you said Christopher, about not putting the cart before the horse, and how we need to stick close to Jesus and learn how to hear his voice. The bible or church can really be manipulated or manipulative. . Yet we do need accountability with other believers to make sure our ideas are on track and sharpen us.
    I pray also that those who read this will find the true and very capable Jesus, and Follow Him to the fellowship that is best for them.

  4. Pam Smith permalink

    Good thoughts Chris. Thank you

  5. The false Church sets itself up as judge, jury and makes God into the executioner.

    This is true only in modern times. It used to be that the church leaders were also the executioners!

    Excellent post brother!

  6. 2trakmind permalink

    Love this! Thanks Chris!

  7. Jack permalink

    I appreciate the statement about allowing Jesus to define ‘church’ instead of the other way around. That’s frequently a huge oversight.

  8. The sign bearer in this video is a member of the Michael Woroniecki street preaching family. I’m not entirely sure, but there is one moment in the video where it appears the person is one of his blonde daughters, Ruth Woroniecki. The sign however is certainly and verifiably a trademark cliché’ of the family.

    You can read about MW’s alleged negative ministerial influence on Andrea Yates from the book “Are You There Alone?” by Suzanne O’Malley. Andrea Yates killed her 5 children in 2001 fearing that if she didn’t do so her bad mothering would surely doom them to hell.

    Andrea Yates was a follower of Woroniecki for 9 years, and in that time she was never allowed to believe she was headed anywhere else but hell. It’s very hard to get saved under the tutelage of the preacher. People seem to get close at times, but never quite make it, like Andrea. In fact, O’Malley reveals that Mike pretty much believes the only people he knows that are saved born again Christians are himself and his family. O’Malley believes the exclusive success of her preacher could lead a vulnerable person such as Andrea to ruin.

    As an unregenerate mother and “hypocritical” Christian (her husband’s fault apparently: he had a job and not the kind of transient prophetic lifestyle Mike said was necessary to train up children in the Lord), Woroniecki taught there was no other outcome for (her) children but hypocrisy and hell, unless of course they died before they reached their age of accountability–then God himself would train them and save them from hell.

    I have these things documented on his teaching tapes.

    Apparently, Andrea in her psychotic state seized hold of this singular window of opportunity-death of children in their innocence. He also taught, says O’Malley, that if a parent causes a child to stumble and thus go to hell, Jesus said to kill yourself. Andrea attempted suicide twice, three times if you understand her call to the police for her arrest was a suicide by certain execution by the state. Her reason was she didn’t want o damage her children and save them from hell.

    A common theme on Woroniecki’s banner signs is to “Seek Jesus, not Church” and to “Seek Jesus All Alone”. While you have pointed out the positive aspect of such a statement, one that I deduced as well at one time, there is also the possibility that it means isolate yourself from those people that can use their biblical knowledge and maturity to protect you as one of the “sheep” from destructive “wolves”.

    I believe the latter aspect is the correct one because when I followed his admonition to seek Jesus alone and not in a church several decades ago, the preacher started stuffing my mailbox with his propaganda almost immediately. That’s hardly seeking Jesus “alone”, thus the obvious contradiction and clue his implied motive is merely to isolate and indoctrinate with as little resistance from the protective church as possible.

    It took me decades to see beyond this façade to the motive I understand and accept now. I consider him very dangerous. If you study the Yates story very carefully, I think you’ll agree with my opinion.

    Some former followers of Woroniecki were also interviewed in an article still online called “Yates was one of Woroniecki’s Followers” from the PSU Daily Collegian, Krystle Kopacz , 2004, also including some insights from professionals involved in the Yates case and story.

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