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When Is A Church No Longer A Church?

September 18, 2014
“God sets the lonely in families….”  Psalm 68: 6
“..for we are members of His Body.”  Ephesians 5: 30
“…for the sake of His Body, which is the church.”  Colossians 1: 24
Today’s blog post is going to be very short.  The Lord gave me these words one night and then told me not to add or subtract anything.  So here it is…..
The church becomes an institution instead of the living Body of Christ when it runs like a business instead of a family, when some members are elevated with titles, offices or positions, when someone starts making money by “serving” it, and when it desires tax exempt status from the state.  The Institutional “church” system is wrong and perhaps at times even evil.  When one follows traditions instead of the Spirit’s leading things go all to hell very quickly.
Love and….
Kirk Out !

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  1. Sorry about the spacing. It would not allow me to edit it.

  2. Truth, Man messes up as God picks up the messes man makes, kind of like when we have a puppy and the puppy, well you know and we just love that Puppy, and clean up, that mess, teaching it not to do that again. We have two choices by Love to teach that Puppy or force, I see God preferring Love, as I am sure you do as well
    Thanks for the post

  3. Brother you really nail it good with this blog! Well, you seem to always nail it! Thank you for your faithfulness in what you bring to the Table, good solid Y;shua centered meals!

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