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Time Alone With God

September 6, 2014


“Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where He prayed.”  Mark 1: 35

This is just one example of the many times that Jesus withdrew from the crowds in order to spend some time alone communicating with the Father.  Time alone with the Father is very important.  We all need to spend time with Father in order to relax and recharge our Spiritual batteries so that we can face life head on and energized to face whatever challenges may lay ahead for us.  I cannot possibly emphasize this point enough.  It is an utter NEED to step back away from life and spend time alone with God.

These past few weeks I did exactly that and while I spent time with God HE met me exactly where I was Spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.  As I allowed Him to touch me in my most inward being HE blessed me with revelation knowledge that I severely needed to address the difficult problems I was facing in life.  Where I was bound up, HE set me free!  Where I was struggling HE gave me insight and strength. Where I was lost and seeking HE provided the Light necessary to lead me into total freedom.  In short HE led me away from busyness, crowds and concern; and into total peace and tranquility in Him.   Where I was overwhelmed HE took the heavy load from off my shoulders and granted me full and complete rest.

We all NEED precious quiet time with The Lord.  Far too often we allow the cares of life and the world around us to overburden us and weigh us down.  All the while HE is right there calling us to spend some time alone with Him.  Just because we are busy, it does not mean we are being productive.  We all NEED to relax, unplug and cozy up to the One who gives us life.  Every time we do so, He guarantees that we will be blessed and encouraged.  Think you don’t have time for such a thing?  Think again and please take every opportunity to withdraw and just BE with Him. Time spent with Him is time well spent.  Please yield to the Spirit in this and every other matter?

Love and……

Kirk Out !

P.s.  Wow two blog posts in a row about taking much needed Selahs in our daily life.  It really is all about BEING in Christ, instead of DOING even Godly things.  I feel Jesus is trying to teach us something very important.  Will we respond and surrender, or just keep pressing forward without the rest HE says we desperately need?





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  1. Ramma permalink

    Thank you for this reminder. Very timely as life is pressing teal hard on me and at the same time His richness is poured out. All I can do is submit to His working in my life. But, I cannot function or have any clarity unless I have some personal time with Him. You know when I finally stop and just enjoy Him, all the troubles seem do small. His desire has simply been for us to let Him be our God. Blessings to all!

  2. cool, nails pulled and see the resurrected Life in Spirit and truth

  3. "BK" permalink

    I remember when the Lord first told me He didn’t want me to ‘do’ anything…..just BE. It was a radical thought for me back then. Everytime I’m reminded of it, peace flows. Once He also told me I had “Cain mentality”. 🙂 i.e. ‘there must be SOMETHING I should be DOING’. Great reminder here, Chris, thanks and much love, “BK”

  4. Janet permalink

    You know what is the best part of testing your link twice a day? It forces me in my hectic distracted life to pause ….and reflect. Thank you for your persistent and faithful blogging!

  5. Yes, Yes and Yes!! I’ve loved this as well as your past 2 blogs prior to it Chris, just rocking with the Spirit. AMMMMMMEN! Thanks! -Glenn

  6. Dyesebel barbecho permalink

    Its true time alone with god is the most important time to spent with…when you talk to god with sincerity and honesty it purifies your soul to him and you will feel the very very good feeling!!!!God bless!!!!

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