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Little Children

August 23, 2014


“At that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked, “Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?”  He called a little child and had him stand among them.  And he said:”I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.  Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”  Matthew 18: 1-4

While I was away last weekend I thought a lot about my children and children in general.  I am glad to report that all four of my children love Jesus and serve Him.  Many of the questions I am asked about relational churching have to do with what we do FOR the children.  My answer is we do everything WITH the children.  Because in relational HC children are full fledged members and participants from the very beginning.  Relational churchers serve one another and are expected to interact WITH one another.  In relational church we do not wait for Clergy to DO something FOR us.  No, we step right out and do things together in His Name.

Like I said all my children, ages 30, 26, 20 and 14, love and serve Him today.  They were raised in relational fellowship and were never Sunday schooled or youth grouped at all.  They grew up in totally open and free, Spirit led fellowship without a Pastor or any traditional/institutional trappings or programs.  And I sincerely believe that they are better off because of it.  We never segregated our gatherings by age, gender or anything.  When they were very young they played at our feet and as they grew older they participated as they were able in music, singing, praying and sharing.  

I fondly recall when Caleb (Now 20) was like 8 years old and he shared at some length about Cain and Abel, and his sharing inspired the rest of us to reexamine what we viewed as acceptable sacrifice unto God.  Over the years I have witnessed many children share wonderful insights and major prayer requests.  When younger folks are encouraged to share in fellowship it is amazing how much truth and love flows forth from their lips and hearts.

Jesus said that we need to change and become like little children or we would miss the Kingdom.  To me this speaks of our need for childlike innocence and enthusiasm.  We need to encourage everyone to come to Jesus as a child would.  I say honor children and they will grow up to honor you.  If given freedom in The Spirit children can even lead adults with awesome results.

Love and …..

Kirk Out ! 



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  1. I totally agree! I’ve seen children be beautifully used of God in these settings, mine included. We keep the children with us, under the care of their own little family unit. It might be a bit difficult initially to get them to settle down to it, but it proved to be an invaluable opportunity for training in my kids’ lives.

    I like to view the assembly of believers as family that includes everyone, in all our different stages of life, young to old, simple minded to well-educated. On top of that, what older mothers have taught me is to view the different settings we walk into as different types of training grounds. In other words, unless kids are shown and told about it, they don’t realize there are different behaviors appropriate for each new place.

    So, when my kiddos were tiny and we attended any church, they could read, color, or draw without talking–or just sit on our laps–during meetings. This way, they learned to restrain themselves for a certain amount of time, and then later, learned to listen quietly. When they began listening more, they were encouraged to draw about something they were hearing in the meeting. As they grew, things changed. They are now (at 11 & 16) asked to look at whomever is speaking, to watch and sing along whenever we’re singing, and to participate wherever it is possible and fitting.

    • "BK" permalink

      This brings to mind a time when there were about six or seven children ages 7 to about 12. Our meetings could go long (discussion can do that!) and we always met together, no age separation, so we would let them go out and play after awhile. It got to where there would be much interruption with them asking if they could go outside that one day we told them THEY could hear from Jesus and to ask HIM if they could go out. It really did work well, and they actually didn’t just ‘cut out’. One day one of the little girls was there after all the others had gone outside so we finally asked her why she didn’t go out too. She responded, “I asked Jesus and He said not yet….”.
      So very cool, “BK”

  2. Ramma permalink

    And, I think we should never underestimate the understanding of a child. The more they hear at a young age they become comfortable with expressing themselves. When my kids and I were getting acquainted with my now husband, Danny, he would talk with my son about the Lord. All of a sudden I was witnessing my 21 year old son explaining scripture that I had no idea how much he knew. I know it came from being with us in our services ( we were still churched st the time ).

    • Ramma permalink

      Keeping children occupied or entertained falls on each parent. Many parents want to drop the kids off like a child care place. Ours also played on the floor, fell asleep on the floor until they were older. That is about the only thing that church that we were attending had right. Blessings

  3. Dyesebel barbecho permalink

    Its true he who humble himself will be exalted…a good child is depend on the parents.if the parents is a very good example/model to his/her child..a tree that you plant and takes good care of it,it will bear good fruits….so i salute to a father/mother that set as a good example to their child and teach them whats gods word is..its worth it!!!

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