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Warning Graphic Content Ahead!

May 24, 2014
There Is A Huge Difference Between Praise And Worship……..
 “Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise—the fruit of lips that openly profess his name.”  Hebrews 13: 15
“Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God-this is your spiritual act of worship.”  Romans 12: 1
To me it all simply boils down to this…. praise is what you say with your mouth and worship is about what you do with your very being and entire life.  You can praise the Lord in word, prayer and song, but worship is much more difficult and comprehensive in scope than merely speaking well of our Creator.  It is easy to open your mouth and give God complete honor and credit for all the wonderful things He has done in your life, but worship is literally laying down your life for God and His Holy purpose.
On Sunday mornings all across the land traditional/institutional “churches” host what they call “worship services”, but that is really not an accurate description of what they actually do is it?  True worship rarely, if ever, occurs during these gatherings.  What they really do is praise God for a bit, receive tithes and offerings, and then get a pep talk from a professional Pastor.  That is not worship my friends…it is “Christians” paying for and receiving a performance and show that is hopefully somewhat about God.  I contend that a group of Christ following volunteers building a home for Habitat For Humanity is much more worshipful than what occurs in “church” buildings on Sundays and Wednesdays.  
Much of what passes for praise and worship on Sunday mornings is nothing less than manipulation of the masses.  Praise leaders and bands many times use music and song to control the tempo of the service and the emotions of the congregation.  When you have fast songs to get you up and going and slow songs to get you in the right mood…what usually happens is a sad sick form of back and forth spiritual masturbation.  The music is there just to get you off at the right time.  So that you give well and listen intently while sitting in the afterglow of the sermon.  How does any of that truly exalt Christ and give Him true praise or worship?
Worship is NOT a prayer, some songs, an offering, and a sermon……  IT IS A LIFE LAID DOWN for the sake of God, His children, and His purposes!  It is about being a living sacrifice while serving only Jesus The One True King!  True worship is difficult to find in the modern “church”.  Most of the church is unwilling just to be inconvenienced for the sake of God and others.. and they flat out refuse to die in any sense, form , shape or method for His higher purpose.  You can’t be selfish and worship God at the same time.  It is just impossible.  Has His glorious Church really been reduced to a bunch of spoiled rotten, crying brats?  I hate it, but I have to honestly admit that this is me on some days.  Many of us are driven by feelings rather than being led by the Holy Spirit.  Lord Jesus please help me to die daily so that You may be glorified through me.  We all need your help and guidance Lord.  Please help us to worship you in Spirit and in Truth?
Love and……
Kirk Out !

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  1. Debi Buck permalink

    I swear sometimes you live in my head, Chris. Just about a year before I left the building, I got to a point of sometimes getting nauseous in the so called “praise and worship” time. I literally could not stomach the MAN-ipulation of the soul by the hands of men, using music to touch the emotional button of people and call it “the Spirit”. More later if you want me to do so.

  2. Sure Debi….bring it on!

  3. Randy Blair wrote:

    I agree with about 80% of what my friend Christopher Kirk writes on his blog, but this one is probably the best one I’ve seen.

    It takes a LOT of bravery to write the bare, honest truth about modern “christianity”, but it really needs to be said.

    I will add to his treatise that the form of control has a name. It’s called Covert Hypnosis. It’s used in marketing, televangelism, politics, and many other forms of persuasion.
    I also want to add that I personally don’t find those people “evil” in the sense that they even know what they are doing. I think that the “system” is so ingrained, that the practitioners and the laity have no idea that they are eating McDonald’s as opposed to the Supper of the Lord.

    • "BK" permalink

      “I also want to add that I personally don’t find those people “evil” in the sense that they even know what they are doing. I think that the “system” is so ingrained, that the practitioners and the laity have no idea that they are eating McDonald’s as opposed to the Supper of the Lord.” “BK” here now: which is why He died for all the PEOPLE but the system called Christianity (and any other religion displacing Him) is set for destruction. I thank Jesus there are ‘points of light’ spreading through out the world to be able to espouse those coming out to Christ and find there IS ‘life after Babylon’…..pure and free. “BK”

      • I hear you BK. Even though the system is wicked and evil that does not make every person held captive there evil.

  4. Janet permalink

    Wow, Christopher! Brutally honest but I’d say accurate commentary! I literally laughed at the “graphic” comparison. Manipulated feelings of praise and adoration can also be addictive. It is pleasant, it feels good.

    I appreciate your boldness. I’m glad you are calling us out, we need our eyes opened to the truth.

  5. Another spot on post brother!

  6. Jayne Otterson permalink

    Good points you make brother. The Institutional Church is soooo big on WORSHIP but….does He really call us to worship ? In the NT….I don’t see this word used much but what I do see is a gospel message that is un-perverted and it is this message that HE calls us to BELIEVE in. This message calls us INTO a REST that is not ONE bit about what we DO but about what HE has DONE. Real worship is a life of BELIEVING…a life of FAITH in the finished work of Christ….PERIOD. Nothing is more awesome than that!!! 🙂

    • Ramma permalink

      Amen. And not only does the religious world” ingraine this mode of “worship”, they even do it on a day that the church of rome decided we should worship on. It’s all MAN-IPULATED from the get-go.

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