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God’s Chosen Way Of Communicating The Truth In Love

May 21, 2014


“Come now, let us reason together, says the Lord…….”  Isaiah 1: 18

Did you know that the word “sermon” is NEVER used in the whole bible.  Well, at least not in the actual text.  When men later added descriptions and titles to certain passages somehow the word “sermon” was used about the times Jesus shared on the mount.  However, it was NOT a sermon being presented to the crowd.  It was actually a long conversation or dialogue.  

Jesus did not give sermons and neither did Paul.  Usually folks will point to Paul’s talking on and on in Acts 20 and use that to justify sermons in the “church” today.  However, where translations call Paul’s sharing there “preaching”; in the Greek it actually says it was interactive dialogue and an ongoing conversation.  This is a HUGE error in translation and in fact it has crippled the “church” in many ways over the years.

There is a HUGE difference between speaking WITH someone and speaking TO or AT them.  The Lord tells us to “come and reason” WITH Him.  He did NOT say COME LET ME REASON AT YOU!  The Hebrew word used for “reason” in this text can mean to argue, decide, convince or discuss.  God Himself wants to dialogue and discuss with us.  If this is indeed God’s chosen route of communication…why does the “church” use sermons and monologues as its chosen way of communicating the truth and love of God?

It is insane!  We best learn through interactive dialogue with GOD and one another.  One more point I want to make is that even if Jesus did actually give a sermon on the mount, instead of a dialogue/conversation.. it only takes about 3 minutes to fully read through that entire passage.  So why do most “sermons” on the average take over 30 minutes?   Jesus could be conversational and brief, so why can’t we?  I think it is a damn shame that the centerpiece and focal point of any “church” meeting/service is an un-biblical monologue.

The big question is…do we want to follow God’s chosen ways or man’s?  The sermon/monologue is man’s way and not God’s. So who are we going to serve?  To me it is a simple choice, but with HUGE ramifications.  The sermon is a tradition of men, a tradition that nullifies the Word of God and keeps the body of Christ captive in the pews.  I have said much more than a mouthful today.  Please feel free to share your portion with us also.

Love and….

Kirk Out !






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  1. Ramma permalink

    Wow, Chris, that is a mouthful! I grew up(until about age 17), in a church system that didn’t have a “pastor”, but it had a board of ministers and a board of deacons. They took turns and were on a rotating schedule as to who was going to “preach there sermon next”. Nothing was led by the spirit as we know it today. You could not share openly during a service, etc. In that same system are some of the most beautiful, loving people…….yet very, very full of mans traditions, as they have been taught. Through it, somehow God was taught and preached………good, bad, or indifferent.

    The last church that we attended, men would get up, and like you say a 3 minute passage was drug out into 30-45 minutes and NOTHING WAS SAID!!!! I was the one who was putting the scriptures up on the screen via computer. They would jump around trying to make scriptures connect, that just didn’t make sense. You would leave more confused than you came! That drove me to seeking the scriptures for myself and WOW! What an eye opener! So, so thankful that Jesus is patient and kind to us. He does understand right where we are and only expects from us, what we are able. But, once HE teaches it to you, then you are responsible. That responsibility is what this world doesn’t want to accept. Regardless it is there.

    Much love and respect.

  2. This pattern represents pagan religion. It is the worship of man. Monologues aimed at the masses, the pawns, the low class, while the “priesthood” remains untouchable. Who can correct these pastors when they spew out error, such as tithing? It is all set up to separate the masses from the elite and quench the power of the Holy Ghost in the true church. Anyone who is comfortable with this format is lacking in a depth of relationship with the Lord. So many times I have heard heresy come out of the mouth of a “pastor” and wanted to say right then and there it was heresy! I have tried to lovingly confront some at times, only to end up having to leave their organization. Now I only attend if I am on assignment by the Lord, and I know it won’t last long before I will have to either confront or turn them over to Him as apostate.

    To God be the Glory! To Him be the Praise. It won’t be long before we are united with Jesus!

  3. Yes, there is a war is against conversation. Thousands of instructors, very few fathers (and mothers). As Jay Ferris used to say, “You can’t take up an offering for a conversation!” Neither is it take up in a family. Thus sermons, books, words, etc… fill the void where there is relational bankruptcy.


    P.S. I’m on Twitter now, Chris, if you are:
    Also, so is Jay/Loving Like God at:

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