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Two Extremely Important Things The “Church” Has Forgotten

May 19, 2014


26 “What then shall we say, brothers and sisters? When you come together, each of you has a hymn, or a word of instruction, a revelation, a tongue or an interpretation.Everything must be done so that the church may be built up.”  1 Corinthians 14: 26 NIV 

1 Corinthians chapter 14 is perhaps the only passage in the entire New Testament that gives us any sort of loose pattern or prescription of how the Church should function WHENEVER it meets or gathers.  Yet, the vast overwhelming majority of “Christian” gatherings either purposely ignore or forget to allow for two key elements whenever they meet.

Element number one:  Each and every member of the congregation has the opportunity to share their gift and contribution openly with the entire Body gathered that day.  The truth is clear cut in this matter…WHENEVER the Church comes together each member gets to share what the Lord lays on their heart as led by the Holy Spirit.  In fact this MUST BE DONE SO THAT THE CHURCH MAY BE BUILT UP.

29-30″ Two or three may prophesy, one at a time, if they have the gift, while all the others listen. But if, while someone is prophesying, someone else receives a message or idea from the Lord, the one who is speaking should stop. 31 In this way all who have the gift of prophecy can speak, one after the other, and everyone will learn and be encouraged and helped.32 Remember that a person who has a message from God has the power to stop himself or wait his turn.[a] 33 God is not one who likes things to be disorderly and upset. He likes harmony, and he finds it in all the other churches.”  1 Corinthians 14: 29-33   The Living Bible

Element number two:  The Lord has given the Church a very great and precious gift to help with the overall flow of ANY gathering.  That gift my friends is the blessed gift of INTERRUPTION.  That’s right in a true Spirit led and dare I even say biblical church gathering there are no sermons or monologues.  No ONE person gets to dominate what should be a totally free and open sharing time.  EVERYONE can share their message or idea from the Lord with the entire Body.  And when we do begin to share our portion for the day we should be acutely aware that others may have something to add or subtract from what we have offered.  We can do this by pausing often and yielding the floor to others as needed.  This will take a great sensitivity to the Spirit Who should be the one and only true leader and director of each and every gathering of the church.  This takes much practice and self control, but it is entirely worth doing if we really want our gatherings to reflect and glorify Christ.

If what I am sharing here today is true and trustworthy… why do we rarely, if ever, see a gathering that puts these two all important elements into action and practice?  I have been meeting in this simple, organic and profound manner in homes for over 35 years now, but I have NEVER witnessed or heard of a Sunday morning service/show in a “Church” building that followed these God ordained practices.  The ONLY times I have seen the Pastor interrupted in such a manner was the few times that I was the one doing the interrupting.  I am not all that special folks.  I just have a deep passion to see the Body of Christ set free to operate according to the ways of the Spirit, instead of the ways of mere men.  God’s way is rarely as neat and tidy as the typical Sunday show, but then again family life sure can be messy at times.  Real true conversations among family and friends are naturally given to an ebb and flow and give and take that many times includes interruptions and redirection.  If this is true of real life… how should the Church be ANY different?  I also know that asking these type of questions can sometimes get you kicked out of some “churches”.  However, if authority is never questioned it will never change and there are many dear sisters and brothers out there just dying for a change.  Change starts with one person just trying to follow Jesus as best as they can.  I have been that person and hope to always be.  Perhaps today is your turn?

Love and…..

Kirk Out !





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  1. Janet permalink

    Very well said Christopher! We all know this verse, it’s so clear! Occasionally a church will open things up for this to happen, but it is not the normal operation as it should be.

  2. Jim Wehde permalink

    Excellent. If once in a long while God speaks through one, and the others are hearing Him, interruption does not Have to happen… But should always be an option.

  3. Michelle Lynne Koen via Christopher Kirk

    Yeah not to be judgemental against any well meaning churches…but i personally do not think that i can tolerate anymore of the one-man show that most churches have become..

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