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Another Trip To Babylon

May 15, 2014

This blog post is about a year and a half old, but it felt right to post it here again today.  Might I add that it is a true blessing to finally be with a woman of great faith who also sees the deep flaws of the religious system.  She desires deep, rich fellowship in the Spirit with other free believers.  I thought I would never find a true match outside of Babylon, but the Lord does indeed reward those who diligently seek Him.



“……to open eyes that are blind, to free captives from prison and to release from the dungeon those who sit in darkness.”  Isaiah 42:7

Sunday morning I visited Babylon (the traditional/institutional “church” system) again.  The woman I have been seeing for over a month wanted me to meet some of her friends.  She came to home fellowship here last week.  So it was only fair that I went with her this week.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.  It was a non-denominational “Bible” “Church” of about 200 members.  Turns out that one of their associate pastors was a professor at the “Christian” college I graduated from 24 years ago.  We attended the 9 am service and the adult Sunday School class at 10:30 am.  True to their name they handled the bible very well and I could not find any gross errors in the sermon or the class.

The Pastor shared about Jesus walking on the water and calming the storm.  His main point was that we all must face storms in our lives, but the storms serve the purpose of drawing us closer to the Lord if we choose to endure.  The Sunday school teacher shared about different kings in the book of Isaiah.  Sunday school was somewhat interactive, allowing for comments and questions; but still tightly scripted.  The sermon was a typical monologue, but was casually delivered with a touch of humor.

So overall I had a pleasant time there and the people were extremely friendly and welcoming.  However, it still did not sit right in my Spirit and I left there feeling sorry for all who attend there regularly.  Like I said it was pleasant and nice, but it still was not total freedom in Christ.  Even with all the positive attributes it was still a prison and HIS people were being held in captivity. 

Sure it was a low security prison with free designer coffee, fresh doughnuts, and comfortable cushioned seats: but it was still a prison none the less.  The people there were not free to use their priesthood and God-given gifts to bless Christ and the other members of the Body.  It was still a one man show, even though the man was gifted, friendly and entertaining.  The Lord showed me that this “church” was like a zoo.  All the animals there were well fed and cared for, but at what cost?  They were still being denied their best habitat because they were not allowed to be totally free and open.  There were no locks on the doors, but this place was still a cage.

People have told me in the past to be happy for those who are happy in their current “church” situation.  However, I am not happy…in fact I wept greatly and was filled with much sorrow when I got back home.  Even though they had a nice and gifted Clergyman, the Clergy/Laity division was still solidly in place.  There was no true freedom in worship there.  The gifts of the many were held down while the gift of the one was elevated and given total preeminence.  Some will still say to me …look at how happy the animals are?  I say blindman it’s a cage!

Love and…….

Kirk Out !












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  1. Amen brother. God hates the deeds of the Nicolaitans. It’s not so much that the “congregation” is being held captive, it’s that they are lazy and paying someone else to do their jobs. We are all given the “five fold ministry.” Church people get lazy and rather than stir up the gift that is within them and ministering as pastors, teachers, evangelists, etc in their daily lives, they think they can pay someone else to do it. They are all partners in crime, the “pastors” that assume the elevated positions, and the “sheep” who never grow up into their own ministries. By the way, when do these “pastors” ever go to church? Who are they submitted to? Who ever corrects them and tells them they are wrong? Without holding any punches, the bottom line is that CHURCHIANITY IS APOSTATE!

  2. wow Kirk. I’m not offended. I feel in between a traditional and a house church setting. Perhaps I’m on some work release program lol. But I enjoy reading your posts as I’ve never met someone who grew up outside of traditional church. I’m learning, slowly growing frustrated with traditional church, but don’t think my family wants to leave.

    • Thanks for reading Jonathan. I appreciate your encouragement. “Work release program”..LOL

  3. Johnny Truth permalink

    1. Be led by the Holy Spirit, not controlled by men and the organizations of men.

    2. Be disciples of Jesus, not of a guru.

    3. Pursue New Testament relationships not a career path in an organization.

    4. Be ministers of the Gospel starting with your families, not neglecting your family for spiritual sounding excuses.

    5. Recognize the priesthood of all believers, not just an elite brotherhood of professionals.

    6. Be more like New Testament believers and less like the Roman Catholic Empire.

    7. Meetings of Christians should be patterned more after the New Testament than traditions of men.

    8. Proclaim freedom in Christ instead of the cult-like mentalities of the world.

    9. Be the Church of Jesus Christ… instead of controlling or “operating” the people of the Body of Christ.

  4. Skylla Moon permalink

    Be aware that religious spirits desire to invade you. Come out from among them saith the Lord.

  5. Johnny Truth permalink

    In my personal experience I have been out of the Church system now for 12 years or so. This was after spending 15 years or so jumping in head first. Bible school, full time ministry, speaking engagements, deliverance ministry, prayer, addictions counselling ministry…on and on and on Ad infinitum. When we moved to another country we visited 7 churches in the first year thinking things would be different. Surprise! Things were different…they were worse. Jesus and the Word is all anyone needs to be a follower led by the Spirit. I used to try to make pastors see thing from my point of view biblically but finally gave up. The delusion is too strong. Besides, who wants to admit that all those years of professional ministry was useless and un-biblical? Sometimes it feels like ‘us four and no more’, yet the Lord has 7,000 prophets who have not bowed the knee to Baal…The Lord has to call out…the Lord has to open eyes and ears for those who want the truth. All others love their delusion as it is all they have…Blessings…Warp speed Sulu…

  6. Janet permalink

    As a long term “captive” it can be difficult to imagine gathering and worshiping in a free environment. I agree with all the comments. It can definitely be laziness but also fear for people who have not experienced it. The unknown. The bondage is comfortable if that’s all you’ve known and experienced. I and probably many others have experienced free fellowship on certain occasions, I.e. retreats, prayer groups, small groups.
    My church home definitely encourages smaller group participation, and that fellowship is sweet. I am a bit torn between continuing to attend or beginning something new. Some in my family are committed to and don’t want to leave. Others are indifferent, or want to do something else. I am praying to be led to where our Father wants me to be.
    Thank you Chris for the work you do to be a voice in the land of captivity. I love the passion God has given you to show us how to get used to our God given, natural habitat! Blessings and love!

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