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Bright Light In Darkened Corners

April 27, 2014


“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.  Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.”  Galatians 5: 1

We are free in Christ everyone, but do we live like we are really free?  Far too often we trade God given freedom for religious bondage.  We are no longer under the Law.  So why do we live and act as if we were?  

In Christ the only law is love.  To love God and love your neighbor as yourself.  If this is true, then why does the “church” have so many rules, laws and regulations?  Many “churches” have by-laws and sometimes unwritten rules about how to dress, how to act, and what we can or cannot watch in movies or on television.  Then there is the whole dancing issue.  Some “churches” even forbid men to swim in the same place as women.  In the past “churches” even banned books and told people what they were and were not allowed to read.

As followers of Jesus we have the Spirit dwelling within us to guide us through our daily lives.  Because we have The Holy Spirit we no longer require or need an external written code to follow.  We do not need lists of rules or regulations anymore, because we are now led by the internal witness of the Spirit.

The big question is do we trust God to lead us from within in all things or do we want things in the world that we can see and or touch to be our guides?  Do we trust the invisible God or man written rules and documents to show us the limits of our freedom?

I say whom the Son sets free is free indeed!  We need to trust God to internally set up the parameters of our freedom.  We are no longer under the law or rules of men.  Men and traditional religion seek to confine our freedom to religious standards.  God wants us to break free of human constraints and to serve Him freely while abounding in His love.  The only way to reach those who are on the fringe of acceptable behavior is to be free enough to live out on the edge of societies norms with them.  We are supposed to be bright light in the darkened corners.  It is impossible to lead others to freedom when those leading do not totally walk in freedom.  Living inside a religious box is not freedom.  In Christ we should always be free enough to press the envelope of freedom to its outer most limits.  Freedom vs Law can be a constant tension in our lives, it is just like Relationship vs Religion.  However, when I am in the Spirit I choose freedom and relationship every time.

Love and …..

Kirk Out !

P.s.  I am just home from an excellent second date with a wonderful woman of faith.  Janet and I actually attended the same “Christian” college for several semesters in the mid 1980’s.  I hardly knew her if at all back then, but we reconnected at a mutual friends 50th birthday party in January.  To me our connection in the Spirit was undeniable.  It took me two months of thoughtful prayer before I could ask her out and I was pleasantly surprised when she said yes.  I know that two dates and substantial electronic communication does not a solid relationship make, but we are most definitely connecting in a very deep and meaningful way.  Spiritually she understands where I am coming from like no other woman has and that is perhaps what I look for most in a woman.  To me Janet is beautiful inside and out.  As we move forward together we would deeply appreciate your prayers.  Three years ago I thought I was finished and had no hope of ever being in a meaningful relationship with a woman again.  Jesus does work miracles my friends and my life is a testament to that fact.  PTSD had me shipwrecked for nearly 15 years and now I am not only free, but also in love.  Dare I say life is good?  It sure is!






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  1. Wonderful news, my brother. Walking in the light together as HE is in the light… is “true intimacy” by any other word. IN Him there is no darkness or shadow of turning. True unity in the Spirit and love for one another. The Spirit has been pouring these things into me as of late and it is wonderful… No more religious fig leaves, naked before Him, yet envelopes in His great love and clothed in HIS righteousness. I love you, my brother!

  2. Brother Kirk, I have read your blog for awhile but have never commented until now. I just wanted to say that you have an awesome testimony of the great things that Jesus has done in your life. God has done so many great things through you and I know that He will continue to do so. Thanks for continuing to share what God is doing.

  3. Janet permalink

    Chris, our Fathers ways are such a mystery. His ways are higher than our ways. Through your blog you have shined the light of Christ into some dark corners of my own assumptions. You have provided a stream in the desert. Even through the dry times I know that the Father is close and I continually talk to Him, but I didn’t have intentional times of study or time with Him in a long time. I had to really think about some of your thoughts, so I cracked my bible to check things out. Much of what you share really resonated with my own train of thought.

    I really love and respect my pastor and many in my church have a true and active relationship with God, and I believe He still works through broken people and diseased churches. However, despite the believers good intentions and The Fathers infinite ability to work, churches degrade and cause hard feelings among members. Even house churches as you said a few blogs ago, can have more ego than unity in the spirit.

    That being said, your graciousness, humility and strong desire to follow Christ alone has captured my heart. I too had given up the search for love. I asked the Father, if He wanted me in a relationship, He needed to make it very obvious! I was done looking! And ((PLUNK)) there you were!

    I want to thank those who have prayed for this relationship, and welcome your continued prayers!

    Yes, life IS good! And love is good, HIS way!

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