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The Only Hill To Die On

March 14, 2014
Hello everyone,
I am very sad today.  Once again someone apparently has chosen to break fellowship with me because I do not agree with him concerning the doctrine of the Trinity.  I feel it is a MANufactured doctrine and man’s feeble attempt to describe something that is a profound mystery.  I believe in one God who expresses Himself in three very distinct ways.  He is The Father, The Son Jesus, and The Spirit.  I am just not certain that the Spirit is a person.  I do not feel this topic is an essential doctrine and feel that it has nothing to do with salvation or the Deity of Christ.  Belief in the Trinity one way or the other does not affect us in matters of faith or practice in my opinion, so I do not feel it is necessary to divide over this issue.  So today I am re-posting a newly revised blog from last year that addresses, in part, this issue.
“May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you a spirit of unity among yourselves as you follow Christ Jesus, so that with one heart and mouth you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Accept one another, then just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God.”  Romans 15: 5-7
Unity, or oneness in Christ, is something extremely vital to the entire Church.  Unity is not something we can manufacture in our flesh.  It is a great gift, something that we are granted by our Lord.  We just need to recognize and accept it, and then choose to walk in it daily.
The fact is that we, the Church, are already one in Spirit.  Our oneness is something the Lord has already provided for us. Problem is that many in the “Church” actively choose to divide rather than come together as one.  The word denomination means to divide and there are many divisions and denominations in the “church” world today.  Most divide over matters of doctrine or teaching.  This is a very sad thing indeed, because if we could just agree together about who Jesus is and what He accomplished, we should be able to work through any other differences or obstacles with relative ease.
We are supposed to accept each other as Christ accepted us.  When we fully accept one another there is unity in Spirit.  We all need to remember that when Christ accepted us we were all lost, unclean, sinners, without hope or direction.  Our attitudes were often hostile to the truth.  We thought that we were unworthy, undesirable and unlovable.  In spite of all of this Christ loved and accepted us just as we were with all of our blemishes.  Even though our behavior was much less than Christ-like He still loved us and looked past our shortcomings.  The big question is are we willing to do the same for all others that the Lord brings to our lives?  Will we look past their apparent sins and shortcomings?  Or will we instead sit in judgement and deny people equal access to the cross and His Body?
There is no true unity without total acceptance of those who seek Him and also those who are already found in Him, regardless of what their sins and shortcomings may be.  As followers of Jesus we are to hold the door of acceptance and fellowship wide open to those who seek and love Him.  God is all about relationship and we should be too.  I feel that relationship with Jesus and one another is the one and ONLY hill where we should plant our flag and be willing to live and die.  The quest for purity of doctrine should NEVER be that hill.  The “Church” tried that in times past and the result was only death and destruction in the great Inquisition.  I do believe that we can be iron sharpening iron even when we may disagree on doctrine or practice, but we should always approach one another with faith, hope and love.  Let us not be as some others majoring on the minors and neglecting the truth in love.  Love, acceptance and forgiveness are where unity is found and that is exactly where God commands His blessing.  I will not divide from others on the sole basis of doctrine.  Remember there is one Lord, one faith, and one baptism.  So always seek to unite instead of divide!
Love and …..
Kirk Out !



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  1. 2trakmind permalink

    The trinity is something I’ve spent a fair amount of thought on, too. As you said, I think God is one being, but expresses Himself in various forms. He’s God; He can do that. The only way I can think to describe it is to compare it to our own bodies. Our bodies have many parts, but none of them can do anything unless our mind tells them to. I think that when Jesus talks about His relationship to Father, it is more metaphorical than literal. He puts it into terms that we can grasp, because we simply can’t comprehend being able to present ourselves in more than one form. When Jesus says that He doesn’t do anything unless He sees His Father do it, much like our own hand cannot pick something up unless our mind tells it to, Jesus (the physical representation of God) couldn’t do anything unless the Father (His mind) tells Him to.

    Like you said, though, regardless of what one believes about the trinity, it has no eternal implications and should be something we are able to discuss and maybe even disagree on, without allowing it to divide us.

  2. Good post brother. One day we shall know as we are known.

  3. Ramma permalink

    Well said by all of you. Amen!

  4. Chris, you have been in my heart and prayers. As I was reading T. A. Sparks this morning I came across this paragraph that seems to apply to what you are going through:

    “What is true of the Head, is to be true of the members. If we are joined to the Heavenly Man [Jesus], we become parts of that corporate Heavenly Man, and that same life is in us, and we shall walk by the Word. We shall be governed by the Word, and the Spirit of life is all-knowing, all-intelligent. I wish that all the Lord’s people lived on that basis. It would save us from all that deadly heresy-hunting kind of thing; from always being suspicious, little, doctrinal watch-dogs, keeping a look-out for anything that is erroneous, and producing a blight of death over everything. If we were but living in the Spirit, we should know in our hearts whether a thing were right or not, without projecting our analytical minds into things; the Spirit would bear witness in our hearts. That would be life and salvation. The other is a miserable existence for everybody.”

    I would say that Sparks nailed it. I used to partake in “house church discussion groups.” But no matter where I went there was at least one of what I call, “the duty hallway monitor,” who made it his business to correct everything that was said that did not line up perfectly with what he believed. He was “the brother with the more excellent word” in his own eyes. This made any fellowship very difficult to say the least. I finally gave up on those lists because of these self-appointed watchdogs that were more than happy to tear into a person that did not live up to their doctrines. But as it was with the Master so it is with us. “The servant is not greater than His Master.” They were ever present there with Jesus 2000 years ago and they are ever present here with His servants today. It goes with the territory or is it “tare-itory”?

    Love you my brother,

  5. "BK" permalink

    Hi, Chris. This reminds me of an experience I had some years back. I was in a fellowship meeting where there was so much difference of doctrinal persuasion. At that time I believed ‘unity of the faith’ meant ‘everyone believes the same thing’. I was feeling discouraged and overwhelmed in the ‘how will this EVER happen, Lord????” when He spoke to me and said, “Until My people learn to love in their differences, they haven’t learned to love at all.” It was life changing for me. Another memory was way back in the 1960’s when a brother was speaking about his beliefs on a certain subject I felt ‘enlightened’ on 😦 I couldn’t help but smirk and try to not chuckle at his ridiculous belief on this subject. When I thought, “How could he believe such a thing!!???” the Lord quietly said, “You used to believe the same thing. Would you have wanted to be laughed at?” I felt VERY small. Often over the years He has corrected my own attitudes over and over, teaching me what you often say, “relationship trumps doctrine….”. Amen, “BK”

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