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Down And Out In Augusta Georgia

February 14, 2014


Our house lost power at 9:30 Wednesday morning and we are still without power now.  A severe ice storm hit here from Tuesday night though Thursday morning.  The weather channel said Augusta was the “epicenter” of this storm.  This place looks like a war zone with trees, limbs and power lines down and dangerous everywhere.  I am currently sitting outside Starbucks on very slow and sketchy WiFi.  The indoor temps at the house have dropped as low as 44 degrees, but so far many blankets have kept us warm.  WE are soon heading to a friends house with power for some much needed showers and warmth.  Had to cancel my trip to Charlotte THursday and getting to Valdese North Carolina tomorrow might not be possible.  I really need to make it to Chatanooga Sunday afternoon.  So your prayers are greatly appreciated.  Even though the weather and other conditions have been rough, the fellowship in Christ has been wonderful.  I do not know when I will be able to be back online again.  Looks like the break I felt I might need to take from blogging has occurred.  I hope and pray all of you are safe and warm.

Love and…..

KIrk Out !


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  1. Skylla Moon permalink

    Thanks so much for the update bro. We here in Chattanooga are still without power too. There is a very large tree teetering on the live wire in the yard next door. It will be a major challenge to remove. Course the cable company put a generator on the same pole -no matter the danger- so those with power can be entertained. Hopefully power soon but Lord willing..see you sunday! Sposed to be warmish all weekend.
    Be safe, looking fw to hearing about your family adventures!!

  2. Jill Blovits permalink

    Brrr…praying for you, and that all goes well, and you are able to make all the connections that the Lord wants you to make at this time. Praying for safety as you travel down there.

  3. Glad you are okay. Nothing like an emergency to get people pulling together. We just watched the movie “The Impossible.” It was about a Spanish family that went through the tsunami in Thailand and managed to survive. It is a real heart-wrencher watching them searching for one another and all the hardships they went through and the love that pulled them all together in the end. Watching it made me wish I could have been there doing whatever possible to help people out. I think that we will all get a chance to do that before the end comes. Love you, my brother!

  4. Glad to hear you’re OK. Thought about you and your travels when I heard about the storm going through the area. I hope you are safe and warm by now, and that you’ll be able to make it to Chattanooga tomorrow as planned. Praying for safety for the rest of your way home.

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