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My Near Death Experience

January 25, 2014


“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven:  a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot…….”  Ecclesiastes 3: 1-2

I almost died yesterday.  I was driving East on the interstate and I hit a patch of ice while going about 70 mph.  The car in front of me spun out and violently rolled over in the median.  In an instant I saw a white robed figure flash before my eyes and say “pick your feet up.”  I spun out 360 degrees and my car stopped just off the left shoulder of the road.  The semi trucks beside and behind me just missed wiping me out.  It was a terrifying experience, but I remained calm and collected. My poor dog Rocky got tossed around a bit and was shaking, but when I checked we both were fine and without physical harm.

I immediately called 911 and then went to help the woman trapped in her upside down car.  I got her out and then the State Trooper and EMS arrived.  She was bumped and bruised, but seemed to be alright.  While Trooper Smith took my account of the incident I told him that I thought Jesus appeared to me and told me what to do.  His eyes got really wide then, but he affirmed that keeping my feet up off the brakes and gas likely saved my car from flipping over and putting me at risk of death or serious injury.  We spoke for about 10 minutes and then he told me he wanted to know more about this Jesus who might have saved me that day.  He then had to respond to another accident, but he asked if he could contact me at a later date.  I told him sure and gave him my phone number.

Trooper Smith called me about an hour ago and he had many questions about Lord Jesus.  I answered his questions and shared some of my own testimony of saving grace, abundant love, eternal truth and extreme forgiveness.  He then told me that he wanted and needed those things in his life.  Moments later he surrendered to the truth and love of Jesus.  He shared with me that he had been searching for Jesus for many years.  He had attended numerous “churches” over the years, but found no life in them.  He wanted relationship, but all they offered was “stale religion”.

Today Trooper Smith entered into full relationship with Jesus and I was glad to play a part in it; even though it almost killed me.  Now he needs real relational fellowship so he can be loved and grow in Christ.  Problem is he lives 100 miles from here. I have a few friends who live in his area that I can connect him with, and he knows he can always call me.  Now Trooper Smith is family.  He is our brother.  Please be praying for him?

Love and……

Kirk Out !

p.s.  It was not my time to die.  However, God used this incident and gave me a chance to plant some excellent seed in Jeff’s heart and mind.  I was also able to uproot some dead religion that had been planted in him by the traditional “church” system.  Jesus clearly prepared Jeff’s heart for this day.  I am glad my heart was prepared and in season also.  I sit here amazed at how Jesus still uses me in spite of my fractured life and many flaws.  All is grace, only grace.









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  1. nancy permalink

    Our God is so interesting in the ways He chooses to use us. May this trooper truly know and understand the power of His transcending grace in his everyday life. Praise His Name!

  2. Powerful. Praise Jesus for His wondrous deeds!

  3. Skylla Moon permalink

    Speechless! !! but let’s just say H A L L E L U J A H ! ! ! ! Jesus you ARE the MAN! ! ! ! We love love love you! Hubby and I just prayed for Trooper Smith, the anointing was powerful in praise of our Jesus!

  4. Ken Blake permalink

    Oikoskirk, God called my wife and I out of a home fellowship we were attending to learn to hear His voice. He is teaching us! It is encouraging that your responding to His voice not only saved your mortal live, but also helped give new life to the police officer! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Larry Kemp permalink

    I could hear the southern twang in your voice as I read this testimony. It was like being in a Southern Baptist church 🙂

    No, really thanks for sharing a great story. G-D’s Blessings 🙂


  6. AWESOME CHRIS!! All things do work together for the good ……

  7. "BK" permalink

    Wow, that is awesome on every side. Warmed my heart tremendously. Who says ‘things don’t happen like in the days of the book of Acts’? The work of the Spirit has obviously not stopped! Love, “BK”

  8. David England permalink

    Being a funeral director I KNOW there is a time for everything including death. But when a family member tells us it is a matter of days and yet MONTHS go by we know for sure things are NOT in our control. Chris and I have known each other for only about 40 years and he remembers my close call with death when we were 18. The doctors were all amazed and could not believe I was still alive yet my mom who sat on my bed at the hospital told me she KNEW why I was still alive. In her words, “God isn’t through with you yet”. So Captain Kirk I say the same thing to you. God uses us in the strangest ways and at the strangest times. As I was once told if we REALLY want to make God laugh, tell Him what OUR plans are! HA! Thankful you are still with us as you have always been very important to me. See you on February 10th?

  9. That’s really awesome, Chris! Love how our Father orchestrate such events to bring people together at just the right moment in time. Rejoicing with you!

  10. Wow! our God is real. He sees and cares about us. Thank you so much for sharing this Chris – this TRIPLE blessing. You were kept safe, you able to help the lady whose care flipped and you were used of God to lead that trooper to saving faith in Jesus Christ! The word “awesome” gets thrown around too much sometimes; but this really is “AWESOME”

  11. Ramma permalink

    Wow, this is an amazing, awesome account of our Lord’s love and Mercy and ……..shall we say.right on time? Bro Chris, you’ve been feeling the need for a little rejuvenation, the trooper was needing Jesus too, I’m certain the lady recognized the Lord’s saving hand that day too. And praise the Lord that you recognized Him when He appeared and you listened and acted. That is exactly what He wanted. I hope my eyes and ears will stay open in my dry times as well. You are a blessing brother. Keep on keeping on!

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