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January 15, 2014
Hey there, today I feel the Lord wants me to re-post something I wrote about 6 months ago.  It fits well with Kevin’s guest blog post from yesterday concerning radical grace.  When I wrote this I was still basking in the afterglow of a wonderful time sharing the Love, Grace, and Mercy of Jesus with a Buddist and a follower of Islam on a plane.  I am still in contact with Ben and Joseph.  They both seem to be growing in Christ every day, but are still seeking more relational fellowship in the Seattle area.  Please continue to pray for them?
“……  God is love……”  1 John 4: 16
From the amazing plane trip to all the wonderful face to face fellowship, my time out here has been totally blessed.  And yes I have heard back from Ben.  He thanked me for taking time to share Jesus with him.  Seems I have gained another true brother in Christ and now he is telling all his friends about Jesus too.
The last several days in my heart and mind I have been pondering some wonderful mysteries.  I have come to several conclusions and I thought I would share them here with you today.
“….  God is love….” that is an undeniable fact, and His love is also unconditional. He loves everyone at all times and nothing we can say or do can change that.  At our very best or very worst He continues to love us no matter what we have ever done, or what we can ever do.  His love is constant and unchanging.
I was pondering His great love and then it hit me….not only is God’s love unconditional, but because of His love and great character God’s grace must be unconditional too.  The best definition I have ever found for grace is…unmerited favor.  Grace cannot be earned, it is something freely given to us by our Lord.  Just take a moment and think about it?  Unconditional grace; that is a total game changer.  Jesus fully bought and paid for everyone of us on the cross.  His total sacrifice means our complete freedom in Him for eternity.
Still hanging with me?  The rabbit hole goes even deeper.  I will now close with one life changing statement.  Because of who God is…His mercy is totally unconditional too!  I am coming to understand these things and it is completely rocking my world.  Unconditional love, unconditional grace and unconditional mercy….truly walking in HIM means we will practice these things in our daily lives, towards ALL people and all the time.  If the true Church would rise up and grasp these simple concepts the whole world around us would be transformed.  The early Church in the book of Acts turned the world upside down by walking in love, grace and mercy.  Now is our time to do the same.
Love and……
Kirk Out !



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