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An Amazing Response

December 8, 2013


Jesus said:

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.  For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.”  Matthew 7: 7-8

Wow!  I am thoroughly blessed and overwhelmed by the response to my latest blogs.  On Saturday a record setting 850 people viewed my blog; smashing the previous high by 72 views.  The public comments were few, but excellent.  However, I also received two dozen private messages via Facebook.  In which 12 men and 3 women told me of their struggles concerning having been sexually abused during their childhood years.  Of those 15 people 12 of them had never told another soul about the abuse until today.  Being able to tell someone else about childhood incest and abuse and then ask for help is HUGE!  Many times it is the very first step on the road to wholeness and healing.  To know that going public with my personal story has helped others who have been molested as children confirms to me that being totally open and honest concerning my 14 year struggle with PTSD was definitely the way to go.  One person wrote to me, “You write some really heavy stuff here.  I love how honest and raw you get.”  My only response to comments like that is ……that I really do not know any other way to be.  The Lord has called me to be totally open, honest and raw concerning all things in my life including The Lord and His Church.

Now I am in the process of helping these folks begin to navigate their road to recovery.  That includes much prayer, support and helping them to find counseling and other resources that fit their particular circumstances.  I will advocate for them all I possibly can from this distance and hopefully connect them with other open and free Christ followers willing to accept and love them as a fully functional family does.  The Body of Christ plays a HUGE role in my life and recovery.  Without the support and love of my siblings in Christ I doubt I would have survived these past 14 years.  These folks need real truth in love, gut level, dialogue and fellowship.  The songs, sermons and indifference of the traditional “church” just won’t cut it.  

In the last 14 years I have done a whole lot of asking, seeking, knocking and inquiring of the Lord for the strength and healing just to make it though another day.  Coping with, and overcoming, memories of childhood abuse take a whole helluva lot of perseverance and grace.  I do not always have those attributes, but Christ does for me every single day.  The key is never giving up on Jesus or yourself.  I wish I could say that I never gave up in 14 years, but that would just not be true.  For 11 years the flashbacks were relentless and I was suicidal nearly every day.  I attempted suicide 3 times and was nearly successful in 2001 and 2011.  However, Jesus forgave me and because of Him I was able to also forgive myself.  Everyday I ask, seek and knock for His deliverance, truth, love, grace and blessing.  Constant communion with Jesus is what it takes to keep me alive.  Jesus was there with me the first time I was molested at age 4, to comfort and embrace me, and now I am 51 years old and He has never left me even once in all those years.  Healing is often a process that takes some time to achieve.  So if you are out there and reading this blog post please cast all your cares and concerns upon Jesus and I promise He will carry you, emotionally, physically and Spiritually, until you are able to stand and walk again on your own.  Please, no matter your circumstance, don’t give up?

Love and….

Kirk Out !





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  1. Ramma permalink

    Thank you for all of your messages and your raw open honesty! It is very rare to find. Jesus has so much to offer our wounded souls. Prayers for your ministering to them.

  2. Skylla Moon permalink

    We have not because we ask not. We don’t receive the blessings of deep fellowship because we don’t HAVE deep relationships. This has been my stuttered lament for years. We diddle around with meetings and get togethers but avoid the awkwardness of actually sharing messy life, as it comes with all its warts. Whats the point of getting together in the first place, if we’re not going to “be Jesus” in the trenches. If it’s really all about Him, let’s let Him out, let the Holy Spirit release so we can be healed, so we can be loved, so we can grow and become transformed. I’m speaking of “we” here meaning the Bride, the called out ones, those of us who know Him but we haven’t figured out how to share Him with each other yet. Maybe its just me?

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