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November 30, 2013


“Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus,.. Romans 8: 1

I quote this passage today because I have some dear friends who are very close to me that are having a lot of trouble walking in this truth.  They love Jesus, but are living in a perpetual state of self condemnation.  Because of this they feel they are unfit and unworthy to serve God or to be in relationship with those who are serving God.  This is exactly the lie that the enemy wants them to believe.

When we condemn ourselves for our shortcomings instead of receiving the grace that Christ’s sacrifice provided for all of us, we are playing God with our own lives and calling God a liar.  We are saying that the blood of Jesus did not fully cleanse us and that we know ourselves better than God does.  When we deny Christ in this manner it always leads us to be angry, hurt and resentful towards not only ourselves, but also towards God.  

Whom the Son sets free is free indeed and we should not pass harsh judgment on ourselves and deny ourselves of His grace, mercy and love.  Sometimes I am very critical of myself and when I put myself in that frame of mind it always leads to me condemning me.  When I allow that mindset it also always leads me to withdraw from relationships with others who are serving Him.  

Guilt and condemnation NEVER come from The Lord.  NEVER!  The only cure for self condemnation is to take our eyes off of ourselves and our shortcomings and to instead focus totally on Jesus and all He has done to set us free.  Then we must accept His unconditional love and grace, knowing full well that no one is worthy on our own merit and that we all need Him to be our redeemer and Lord.

If you get anything out of this simple blog today let it be this:  NO matter how many steps we take away from The Lord, it is always only one small step back into His loving arms.  He never leaves or forsakes us.  Not even when we choose to have a bad attitude concerning our own walk with Him.  It is by grace we are saved!  I know you give grace freely to others, but how about giving yourself some today?

Love and…..

Kirk Out !





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  1. Excellent post, Chris! This is a huge “struggle” for me. I grew up feeling like a huge disappointment to my father, who eventually left our family, and rarely made any attempt to contact us kids. My grandfather was a workaholic, and felt that we were worthless if we didn’t work like he did. Then, as so many have been; I was told in church that I was just a filthy sinner, and that nothing I could do would be good enough for God. What it came down to was that if the person (or deity) was a man, there was no hope of ever pleasing them. It’s hard to get past that kind of stinkin’ thinkin’. As I get to know God as a loving Father, rather than brutal dictator, I am beginning to believe what He says about me, and am living freer that I ever have!

    I would add this affirmation to your last statement, as well. Not only is it only one step back to God if we happen to “walk away” from Him, but we need to be reminded that God never walks away from us, no matter what! (Hebrews 13:5). We are secure IN Him! Hallelujah!

  2. Nee put it something like this: What was the basis for coming to the father in the first place? That precondition never changes and we cannot improve upon it.

  3. Skylla Moon permalink

    It always comes down to religion or religious lying spirits that attempt to enslave us to lies. He reveals the deep truths to the weak and humble and confound the worldly wise. He has a plan here.

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