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Six Hundred Eighty One

October 17, 2013


“What then shall we say, brothers?  When you come together, everyone has something to share.”  1 Cor. 14:26 paraphrase

Wow!  This blog is now averaging over 500 views a day and yesterday set a record with 681 views.  Thanks everyone for reading and following this blog.  I enjoy blogging, but I long for more dialogue and interaction with those who read my musings.  I have always hoped that my blogs would provoke and stimulate more conversation and questions than they have so far.  Normally we average under 5 comments per blog.  However, I am glad to report that my most recent offering generated over 20 comments.  If you know me you know that I am all about mutual participation and I crave the give and take of a healthy conversation.  I NEVER want this site to become just another monologue online.  There are already plenty of those out there.  Perhaps silence is agreement on most things, but I would much rather have healthy dialogue with some disagreement than blogs that prompt little or no response from their readers.

I don’t mean to complain, but as a proponent and advocate for totally free and open, Spirit led fellowship; I just expected more dialogue in this online environment.  Perhaps I set my hopes too high?  Then again when I factor in facebook messages, comments and private emails concerning my blogs …I guess I am getting plenty of participation after all.  I just love it when everybody shares and had hoped that online fellowship would mirror more closely face to face fellowship than what it apparently does.  In our times of home, simple, organic fellowship we expect everyone to share and are blessed when they do.  Of course we never force participation, but we purposely create an open environment that welcomes everyone’s portion to the table.  We take very seriously the Priesthood of EVERY believer.

In closing I would just like to encourage everyone out there to actively participate in this blog, their fellowship, and life in general.  Sure there are times for silence, but I also believe that we are created to be more proactive than passive in this life.  We have all been given a voice by God and He expects us to use it to encourage, rebuke, and bless others.  God Himself said, “Come let us reason together”.  He wants us to interact with Him and all of His creation.  Without your voice His song is incomplete.  I look forward to hearing from you, and so does He.

Love and …….

Kirk Out !



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  1. Tavisha permalink

    Hi Chris! I love your blog and read it faithfully – finding myself nodding in agreement often. However, I do have one bit of correction, brother (since you’re fishing for comments). The entire site is your blog. The topics you write are called posts. You are not writing blogs. You are writing posts to your blog. Love you and keep writing, brother. I’ve been enjoying reading your comments for almost 2 decades now. Can you believe it’s been so long???

    • Tavisha, thanks for setting me straight on blogging/posting. We have known and interacted with each other a very long time.

  2. Thanks bro Chris for encouraging us ALL to participate!


    John boy

  3. "BK" permalink

    “Without your voice His song is incomplete”…..oh, I like that line! 🙂 Your encouragement for participation is excellent. Every now and then I post similiarly to our fellowship site, with the same longing for interaction I hear from your heart here. I think the lack of dialogue is for a couple reasons. One, is it is longer and harder to converse via posts (Tavisha, thanks for your input on the difference between posts & blogs….I had no clue!) and many don’t have the patience for it; and two, we leave the language and world of pastors, pulpits and sermons, but the mentality is harder purged. The ‘receiving from the gifted speaker’s insight’ remains for a long time….not intentionally, usually unconciously. So keep on encouraging interaction, Chris, we’re all getting better as we walk along the way. Love, “BK”

  4. Hi, Chris. I’m following your blog and read it as much as I am able. I often don’t have time to respond, but I do appreciate what I read. Love your voice in His choir. 🙂

  5. Shelby permalink

    Hi Christopher, congrats on the high volume of hits. Most everyone i know on here is a writer & sadly lag behind & cant possibly read everything. But know i love you & cherish your heart.

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