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Strong Love And Strange Peace

October 13, 2013
“You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in You.”  Isaiah 26: 3
Jesus said, “I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have peace.  In this world you will have trouble.  But take heart! I have overcome the world.”  John 16: 33
Recently I have been experiencing a season of remarkable peace.  I feel so peaceful within that I struggle to find words to even describe it.  Not much has changed in my everyday life to warrant such a peace either, but here I sit fully enveloped in His peace, grace and love.  I am still having some flashbacks, but it is like they just bounce off me and have little to no effect on my well being.  I feel like a captive in the process of being totally set free.  A sense of deep gratitude is welling up from within me and all I can do is sing….”It Is Well With My Soul”.
Is this the miracle I have been waiting on for 14 years?  Many dear friends have been telling me lately that my deliverance was coming soon and this certainly feels like an amazing breakthrough.  All I know is that God has been totally faithful and granted me much grace to survive these last PTSD affected 14 years.  We serve a very kind, long suffering, and patient God. The immense peace I am experiencing now is something I have never encountered before in all my 51 years.  I want to ride this wave wherever it may take me.
How wonderful it is to know that Jesus has overcome the world for us.  Yes, we may need to suffer at times due to the trouble that the world brings us.  But how awesome is it to know that all our suffering is temporary?  The world system is out to take captive and destroy everyone in its path.  It has taken over the institutional, traditional “Church” and turned it into modern day Babylon.  Jesus is crying out today…”COME OUT FROM HER AND BE SET FREE!”  The message of Babylon is poison to all who follow her.  Truth mixed with lies is no truth at all!  In the true Church Jesus is the only recognized leader and no “man” holds power or position over other “men”.  We are called to be a Body of peers.  Different parts and functions, but equals under only Jesus.  All equal sheep following the one true shepherd Jesus Christ.  Babylon follows the twisted written Word and its laws, while the true Church is led by the indwelling Holy Spirit.  For “the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.”  I don’t follow a program or a book, I follow a Person and today His peace is flowing through me like never before.  Today I am free!  Who else wants some of this?
Love and ……
Kirk Out !

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  1. If peace is a feeling, it will come and go. But there is a peace that passes all understanding because it is in another person’s identity, in another person’s experience, in another person’s peace having become ours.

    I am rejoicing with you Christopher!

    He is our Solomon, the ‘Prince of Peace.’

    • Pamela, well put! Chirs, good to hear about your victory over the world and all it throws at you.

      I also have been coming into a place of rest and peace, but mine was kind of forced on me. I was all stressed out over a large building project that my wife and I were trying to complete and put on the market and ended up in the hospital with atrial fibrillation. They asked me if I had been under stress. They got my heart back to normal and released me, but I took it as a warning from the Lord to cast all my cares upon Him, for He cares for us.

      Love to you all, Michael

  2. "BK" permalink

    Amen again. A breakthrough, indeed. Love, “BK”

  3. I rejoice with you Chris! Amen good word, Pamela. Thanks for sharing your struggles Michael, it helps to know we are not alone in our trials which are similar for all of us. Now in the midst of them, I need to remember, Cast ALL my cares on Him, for He cares for me! I often tend to forget when I allow busyness to enter my life. Thank you Lord for being so patient with us, and always beckoning us to come and dine with you!

    Blessings of grace & peace be on all who trust in Him!


    John boy

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