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A Future And A Hope?

October 5, 2013


“Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.”  Proverbs 31: 30

Well, I am just now home from spending a wonderful day with a great woman.  We played games and cards with her parents and watched a movie together before getting all we could eat at a fish/chicken/tenderloin fry.  I can hardly believe how well we get along.  We even have the same taste in movies and music.  So far we have had seven dates and haven’t found anything major we really disagree about.

Laura is quick to pray and I admire that very much.  Yesterday she prayed me through some very tense PTSD moments.  She really enjoyed and appreciated the “simplicity and authenticity” of our open home fellowship here last week.  My friends and folks from fellowship all love Laura.  This relationship seems to have a HUGE upside.  She admits that the modern “church” has many problems and dislikes one man shows.  Are we 100% agreed on all things Church?  Probably not at this point, but she is willing to grow and learn, and I am willing to be patient.  I flat out refuse to push, pull, or drag her to the truth in love.  I strongly believe that relational fellowship is something that is “caught” rather than taught.  At this point all I can do is pray and be a loving, truthful and honest friend to her.  Do we have a future?  I most certainly hope so, because I am totally enjoying our friendship.  Plus she gets along with my dog and our dogs get along with each other.  Which to me is very important.  I just really like the direction all of this is heading.  To me Laura is a beautiful blessing and God willing we will be in each others lives for a very long time.  We love and appreciate each other for who we are in Christ at this stage in our lives, and truthfully what else really matters?

Thanks for allowing me to share my life and musings with you here on this blog site.  To me relationships are the very most important things in our lives.  The Church needs to return to Christ, her first love, and put aside programs, Pastors, buildings and all other things that derail us from true relationship and community.  We need to reaffirm that all things Christ begin and end with relationship and how we accept and treat one another.  Jesus needs to come first in all of our lives.  If Jesus chooses to give me a wife again, she will have to understand that I am HIS first and foremost.  That I will never compromise.

Love and ….

Kirk Out !


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  1. Chris, I really rejoice with you in your new relationship with Laura! God is good amen! I also want to say how you encourage me with your desire to be real, honest and open with others. That is an example of Christ in you, one which I hope to always be growing in. Thanks for being an encouragement for me to do so!

    Dear brother, it is so refreshing to read the things you shared above, “I am totally enjoying our friendship, even our dogs get along, your respect for Laura being quick to pray” etc. is fresh like a spring breeze!

    That’s one thing I always remember about Jesus, when we first met, I wanted to tell everyone, and everything was so fresh and new, ahhh first love is something we should never have to return to, because we should never leave her to begin with. But sadly the vast majority of us do for varying times and degrees in our lives.

    Chris, I am sorry we have not had the opportunity to spend much time together, having only briefly met perhaps a few times at regional type fellowship. I wanted to take this opportunity to get to know you more. We all need the other parts, and I need that part which you supply. I wish to see you prosper and for your borders to be enlarged, so that the name of Jesus will be exalted.

    In closing, (I can not say this is a word) other than my own, but wanted to share that I get a little warning flag from one statement you made. Just pray and ask Abba Father about it, is all I ask of you.

    Are we 100% agreed on all things Church? Probably not at this point, but she is willing to grow and learn, and I am willing to be patient.

    To me, when you ask “are we agreed 100% on all things church” I felt my first concern. While you enjoy real open and honest communion with those gathered with you in fellowship, I can guarantee no one you fellowship with will ever meet those requirements.

    Although you function together as a real organic body, “agreement” on any certain teaching, or right or wrong way to do anything, is a deception and a diversion from our head, Lord Jesus Christ. Who simply commands us to LOVE one another. In that simple expression you find real church. Apart from that there is no form, right or wrong way, because “Church” is not a list of things it is an expression of God’s love flowing from one member to another as they lift up Christ.

    So how does love look one might ask? Just soak and meditate on the definition given to us from above. 1 Cor.13 This is the form we look for and no other. It matters not where it’s found. It could appear in the hassock of a catholic priest or be found in a child resting in their parents arms. This form is practiced when we visit our friends and those who are ill, when we slow down to listen, really listen to some one else’s hurt and pain. Or to rejoice with them while our own needs go apparently unmet. Church is like gold, it’s where you find it.

    Then you continue here with “Probably not at this point” and “she is willing to grow and learn, and I am willing to be patient.” As though you had some future expectation that Laura will one day accept all the teachings, ideals, concepts, right ways and wrongs ways to do or not do “things” you may or may not call church. In closing I’d like to leave you with this thought. Would you be willing to grow and learn, while Laura is being patient?

    Ok, bro I am not gonna keep on pounding on this horse, till I give you a chance to reply. I often misread things, and those that know me and love me have a great deal of patience with me….Smiles!

    I hope that includes you dear brother Chris.

    Why not read this post with Laura and both of you share your thoughts on these topics?

    With Love in Christ,
    Your fellow laborer in the really good news!
    JESUS CHRIST has redeemed us from the curse, & restored us to the bosom of Abba Father.

  2. I hear what you are saying John and I agree. It is not at all about a list of do’s and don’ts. And I do not want to come across that way. All I want is to grow and learn together, and that will require patience for all involved. However, it is also true that some ways of being Church are more excellent than others and Jesus will guide us in those ways as we surrender more and more of ourselves to Him. Glad you shared John! Made me think twice because I have another JOhn Boy in my life too.

  3. Ahh thanks dear bro, I hope all the best for you!

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