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It Only Takes A Spark

September 27, 2013
“So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.”                          Genesis 1: 27
This week our local fellowship began the process of recording and producing our original songs.  We have talked about creating CD’s for other fellowships to use for many years and now seems to be the right time to make that happen.  This process is going to take some time, but we are willing to be patient in order to produce quality songs.  Tuesday Robert and I laid down 6 and 12 string guitar tracks for 2 songs.  It took several hours and my fingers nearly bled, but it was well worth the effort.  We just prayed and allowed the Spirit to guide us through the creative process.
God is the Creator and He created us in His image.  I feel that being made in His image means that we will be like Him.  To me that means that we are also meant to be creators like Him.  That He will work through us and inspire us to create and be creative in many ways.  I feel that we all have a creative spark, His mark within us.  That is why the whole concept of spectator Christianity goes directly against God’s will for His people.  Instead of always sitting and watching “church Leaders” showcase and use their creativity when the church gathers…the whole Body should be about sharing their creative gifts with one another.
This whole idea of us all being creators goes far beyond the Sunday morning shows.  Our entire lives should be filled with His creative spark and His creativity within us should flow forth in everyday life for all to taste and see that He is Good. EVERYONE has gifts from God that they should be using every day.  The gift of creativity can manifest in a great number of ways and I do not even pretend to know them all.  Many times His spark within us can create various kinds of art including, painting, singing, dancing or playing a musical instrument.  Others are gifted in sharing the written word in poems, stories and songs.  Songs and poems can often be written with help from other members of the Body.  Our gift may just be sharing a single line of prose, a single idea, or a simple tune that can be built upon by others unto completion as He directs.  Our fellowship here has written many songs together with each member sharing a small piece of the puzzle.
Cooking is also an art through which our creativity can flow.  Developing recipes that others can share is a great gift.  Our fellowship takes great care in creating meals that we can share when we gather together.  Hospitality is a fantastic gift through which our personal creativity can shine.  Others are gifted and create by knitting, sewing and crocheting.  The possibilities are endless.  Some are great at wood working and building different things.   Finally, others are very creative at sharing the Gospel and teaching, even through blogs and non-traditional means.
The point is that EVERYONE is born with His creative spark within them, and that spark can and should be used to glorify Jesus and bless the Body of Christ.  When the Body gathers to worship their Creator and break bread… everyone should have the opportunity to use their gifts and share their creativity.  In 99% of Sunday morning “church” services across the world only 1% of the people get to share their creativity, portion and gift with God and the rest of the Body.  Instead of freedom and opportunity to share, most receive oppression and bondage to a system that serves only itself and NOT God. The Body is meant to have the opportunity to build itself up in Love as EACH PART does its work in Him.  If your “church” experience is dominated by a few “men” called Clergy and a precious few others ever get to share there…It might just be time to run away, far and fast!  
Love and….
Kirk Out !

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  1. Hey Cris! Trying to do a little catch up here. I like this post – surprised there are no comments yet 🙂 Just a thought that came to me, in light of the divine romance we are in, through Christ, is that creativity and ‘first love’ are very synonymous. When in love, creativity naturally just flows. We paint pictures of our lovers, we write crazy poems no matter how dumb they sound, we see their faces in our eggs and in the clouds. We plan romantic things to do. Solomon and the Shulamite were sure creative too 🙂 I’m all for examining my heart in this area. It’s one thing to mature in this love and I think that’s vitally important, but it’s another thing to lose that spark altogether. And unlike the chemistry of the flesh, this fire doesn’t go out, if we stay in it! 🙂

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