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Pimping A Gift From God?

August 28, 2013


“Now I commit you to God and to the word of His grace, which can build you up and give you an inheritance among all those who are sanctified.  I have not coveted anyone’s silver or gold or clothing.  You yourselves know that these hands of mine have supplied my own needs and the needs of my companions.  In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus Himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.'”             Acts 20: 32-35

Seriously, I do not understand how anyone can read these words of Paul and still support a “church” system in which ministers get paid for sharing their gifts with the Body of Christ.  Clearly Paul’s example was to work a regular job in order to provide for one’s needs and living expenses.  In the New Testament there is no such thing as a professional Minister.  The Levitical Priesthood has been done away with by Jesus and now every follower of Christ is a priest before both God and men.  

Ministry was never meant to be a full time occupation.  The Lord wants us all to work hard in the communities we live in and serve, so that we can develop relationships with others and be good examples to all who view our lives.  In the true Body of Christ there is no Clergy/Laity system and everyone is a minister, not just a select few.

A true follower of Jesus is a servant to all and is not a seeker of position or power over others in the church.  Jesus is the only true Head of His Body and the only Leader we should be following in this life and in the church.  Every other member of His Body serves and functions under His Headship in order that we may grow and build up the Body in love, as each part does its work.

Paul lived and worked among the Ephesians for three years, sharing the gospel free of charge and taking no money or support from the church whatsoever.  He held a full time job during this time and was never a burden to those he served.  In fact taking money for loving others has a name…it is called prostitution.   If Paul, who was an apostle, did things that simple way then why can’t the modern “church” do the same.  If we took the money that we pay Clergy and gave it all to the poor and needy, boy what a difference the church could make in numerous lives.  Add that to the money spent on “church” buildings and I bet we could easily feed the world.  I know some are now saying to themselves, “What no Clergy, no buildings…what else does this guy want to do away with?”  My short answer would be sermons, traditions and programs!  You want a strong church?  Go with simple every member ministry and totally free and open Spirit led gatherings….and I am just getting started!  Am I stark raving mad or just totally in love with Jesus and His bride?

Love and …..

Kirk Out !



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  1. As you know from my blogs, Chris, I am firmly committed to all you have said above.

    Here’s another angle. I served the system as ‘paid clergy’ for many years, and I tell you what, that system controls you. Paid clergy give the paying congregation an opportunity to control the ‘pastor’ and his family, sometimes with traumatic consequences. I am wondering this morning how different my life and ministry and family life might have been if I understood so many years ago what I came to understand 7 years ago. But then I rest in the Lord and his wonderful plan and purpose for my life. I am more content and fulfilled and hopefully used of God than ever before!

    Grace and peace…

  2. Erroll, Thanks for sharing! Seems that both sides of the coin of paid Clergy are negative. I agree whole heartedly.

  3. you cannot sell Love, you cannot preach Love, you cannot threaten with Love, you cannot rape with Love, you cannot pip Love

    Love will always have His way, in His perfect timing, and HIs Love will fill the earth as the waters fill the seas.

  4. Kat Huff permalink

    Hello Captain,

    Yes, Christ is not for sale. The merchant tables were turned over by Jesus because the currency in the Kingdom of God is Love.

  5. Hey man… would you have time to chat about this today. I think this is the first blog I’ve read of yours, and I’m not a hater but as I’m just reading you for the first time I don’t want to pretend to be a fan or a follower…. I’m just a guy on the journey and I’m wanting to just think it through out loud. I’m still in the ministry, but I’m coming to some similar conclusions as you are. I’m not sure what the future holds, but I’m brainstorming these things and trying to figure them out as I go.

    I feel a bit trapped because I love what I do, but at the same time I’m not willing to lie, manipulate or control to continue the path I’m traveling. I’m trying a few options to see where this will take me… I’d love to discuss this blog entry by phone. If your don’t mind I’d like to record the phone chat and put it up today on my iTunes account as a podcast for my audience and yours to listen to.

    I have no idea if we are congruent theologically or if we are totally opposite, but I don’t really care. I just want to chat for a few minutes about this blog, and today if possible. Perferably before the Carolina v/s south carolina game. 😉

    If you are interested, shoot me an email at with a potential time and I’ll shoot you back my phone number. We could talk for 15 minutes or as long as an hour that would be up to you. But I’m not looking to take too much of your time.


    • "BK" permalink

      Josh, I so relate with your journey. I, too, was a ‘pastor’ when the Lord first spoke directly to me and asked, “In the New Testement when did I ever tell anyone to own and maintain a building?” We were in the process of securing a grant for property with living quarters, dorms, & meeting hall and plans to build a gym. I was stunned but my journey has led me much farther since then and it has been worth it all the way. My prayers are with you as you listen to His voice, “BK”

  6. Josh, Sending you an email right now. I would be happy to talk with you about anything.

  7. CatherineS permalink

    Yes and amen! I call all the time and money given to keep the church organization, buildings and programs going “feeding the beast.” And my husband and I are so thankful that we are no longer feeding that massive, voracious business built on the backs of God’s people.

  8. Podcast #29 of 2013 – Pimping from God with Christopher Kirk: I saw this blog earlier today, Pimping a Gift fr…

    Weekly Talks » Blog Archive » Podcast #29 of 2013 – Pimping from God with Christopher Kirk
    I saw this blog earlier today, Pimping a Gift from God. It isn’t that I took offense, but rather it made me think more about the things that I already think about a ton. Will there come a day when I need to work a different job so that aplacetotalk can be all that God wants us to be? I don’t know.
    Find the podcast at:

  9. So great that Joshua Michael McDowell was open to discuss this. Looks like the Holy Spirit is leading him out of bondage. We are each on our own path yet somehow corporately headed in the same direction. I believe that once he hears God clearly, he will be able to finally rest in the love of Jesus. Christopher, your love & humility came thru clearly. We are all in this together…one Body. One Bride. Love you, brother! Keep getting the word out that when Jesus sets us free, we are truly, completely free!

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