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Once Again THE Command is To Love

August 24, 2013


“We love because He first loved us.  If anyone says, ‘I love God,’ yet hates his brother, he is a liar.  For anyone who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God whom he has not seen.  And He has given us this command: Whoever loves God must also love his brother.”  1 John 4: 19-21

His great love fills and overflows from my heart.  I can not restrain it.  In my inner being I have been completely apprehended by His all consuming love.  When you allow God to use you as a conduit of His love for others, it completely changes you from the inside out.

In the last two years the love of Christ has done a complete renovation within me. Now my first instinct is to love others regardless of past experience or how they present themselves to me.  Because of His enlightenment I now seek my nourishment from The Tree Of Life; and the fruit of that tree is Love.  In the past I visited the other tree very often and my first instinct then was to judge all things and people as either good or evil.  Now my heart is capable of love without judgment.  There is only one Judge and I do not sit on that throne.  Instead I am totally free now to love everyone right where they are at in life with no exemptions.  

Love sets people free from the Law of sin and death.  When we accept and love our brothers and sisters without passing judgment people get set free and Christ is uplifted and glorified.  When I choose to walk in His life, love and light instead of my own carnal reasoning; His love then is able to flow freely through me and I am blessed and then in turn can be a blessing unto others along the way.

In fact I feel that the reason Jesus has been using me to bring so many others to Him the past two years is that I am walking in love like never before.  Love is very attractive to those who need Him in their lives.  The supernatural fruit of abiding in the vine of the tree of life is Love and His love sets people free.  When you are able to freely offer the Love of Christ to others out of the abundance of your heart… miracles happen.  Several weeks ago I was able to share the truth in love with followers of Buddha and Islam.  In the past I may have shared the Gospel with them, but it would have been a gospel contaminated with my judgment of good and evil, and the fruit of that encounter would have been tainted.  However, since I now no longer walk in judgment and instead walk in Love and life those men were set free from their religion and now are my brothers in Christ.  

Living in His Love is awesome.  It is also very contagious.  If those in the Body of Christ would just receive that simple message we would change the very world around us. Jesus is waiting and the choice is either Love and Life or judgment and death.  The future of many depends on the choices we make.  Two paths are set before everyone of us.  One path is narrow and the other is wide.  So choose wisely my friends.

Love and…..

Kirk Out !


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  1. Oswald’s Chambers had something to say about seeing people as they really are and loving them just the same: The Teaching of Disillusionment.

  2. Hi Captain 🙂 Great post. I know what you mean about sharing the gospel out of the ‘other tree’. 😦 *regrets* What you speak of is true life, and true ‘evangelism’. It is also very dangerous. As one said, “The problem is that the Love of God is so great that unbelievers think it’s not possible, and believers think it’s illegal.”

    And if we are going to love like Jesus loved, we also will be ‘reckoned among the transgressors’.

    We love the glow and effect, but lest we be discouraged it’s good to count the cost to remain steadfast in this love, ahead of time.

    Be blessed my brother. You are a blessing.

  3. Meredith Hunt permalink

    Thanks for a good Word!

  4. Kat Huff permalink

    Excellent sharing word, Captain! Pam’s comment goes well with your post. “And if we are going to love like Jesus loved, we also will be ‘reckoned among the transgressors’.” This “Love will get you killed” because all the world, especially the religious world, will see this Love as criminal and scandalous. It sets a part all agendas of every kind. This is a dangerous Love, and the cost is everything.

  5. Pam Smith permalink

    Good blog. Jesus himself said that by this, (love), people will know that we are his disciples… if we love another. I think way often we as believers forget that the first and foremost thing that we are to do is exemplify God, who is love. THanks Chris. Good stuff.

  6. The fruit from the Tree of Life, makes me light as a feather, and eating of the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is as weighty and heavy as a stone. The power of God through redemption is a return trip to the Garden, to innocence, to nakedness, to freedom, and yes to grace and love without bounds.

    Unfortunately we have been lied to, by the church establishment. The institution of church has nothing to gain personally from our freedom, and maturity, and much to loose.

  7. "BK" permalink

    Well said, Chris. It’s such a slower way to be willing to wait for the Spirit to ‘click’ within someone but my oh my when it does, and the reality of His love comes into view, there is just no turning back!
    Slower, but surer. I struggled with my “Bible knowledge” of ‘ya buts’ for years and years but when He brought the focus into clear site, then I count it a privilege to suffer ‘without the camp’ with Him. In fact, there’s more than meet the eye out here! 🙂 And, should the Lord ask us to participate ‘judgement’ at any given time, it will bring for the fruit of VICTORY just like His did. It’s a good life, walking in this good news! “BK”

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