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Giving A Reason For The Hope We Have

August 14, 2013


“But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord.  Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.  But do this with gentleness and respect,….”  1 Peter 3: 15

Please everyone be in prayer for Ben, the former follower of Buddha that started to follow Jesus near the end of our flight together a few weeks ago.  Ben is growing rapidly in Christ and now most of his friends are asking him many questions about his new found faith in Jesus.  Ben is a shy person, so all the attention he is receiving tends to make him uncomfortable.

Ben is in desperate need of authentic fellowship and I am doing my best to hook him up with friends of mine in the Seattle area.  We have been corresponding about every other day and we have been praying together and reading the words of Jesus found in the gospels.  Ben’s heart and mind are very receptive to Christ’s teachings.  I am answering all of his questions as the Spirit leads me, but he needs face to face fellowship soon.

I know that long distance disciple making is not the best choice, but right now I really feel that traditional religion would only negatively impact Ben’s faith.  Not all fellowship is good fellowship.  Institutional Christianity many times does more harm than good to those who follow it.  So I will not be the one to endorse and recommend it to my new friend.  To be totally honest, and I have prayed and sought God’s wisdom about this, Ben is better off alone with the Holy Spirit leading him then he would be being linked with a traditional “church” and being led by a Pastor at this point.  

Please join me in praying for Father’s intervention in Ben’s life?  I know that the Lord can provide anything that Ben needs right now, including fellowship and wisdom. On a plane two weeks ago Ben asked me to give a reason for the hope I have in Christ, and now others are looking to Ben and asking the same of him.  If the Lord so moves this could mean instant fellowship for Ben and his friends.  The Holy Spirit is fully able to lead them in this situation and I am not in the least bit worried for Ben and his friends.  In fact I am excited for them and the opportunity that Jesus has set before them, but in the mean time I am praying bunches.

Love and….

Kirk Out !

P.S.  Thursday through Sunday I will be near Chicago participating in a “Searching Together” gathering for organic/simple/house church folks, Please pray for me as I hope to share some original songs there and I am nervous because I think my singing voice leaves much to be desired, but if Jesus wants me to share I will share in spite of my weakness.  Blog timing may also be erratic til Monday.


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  1. "BK" permalink

    Hmmmmmmm, sounds like the same dilemma the Ethiopian eunuch had when Philip shared Jesus with him, baptized him and then Philip was translated away! The same Jesus that led Ben to sit next to you on the plane is certainly capable of leading him to LIVING fellowship. I used to join people to a ‘good’ church when no fellowship was available and lived to regret it. Praying here for the connection the Lord has in mind. Be at peace, I believe you are taking the correct steps. “BK”

  2. "BK" permalink

    Oh, yes….and on the PS… worries! On the day of Pentecost everyone ‘heard in their own tongue’ so if you really are all that bad they can ‘hear’ anointed, life giving song! 🙂 You’re singing is wonderful, brother, “BK”

  3. Praying for Ben, the HS is able of course.

  4. I think your singing voice was rich, consistent, and perfect! With all seriousness, you should not be the least bit insecure about it.

  5. Thank you Pam, you are too kind.

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