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Overcoming The Obstacles

August 10, 2013


“The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe”                Proverbs 18: 10

Earlier tonight while driving home from a great third date I was praying and taking personal inventory, and I realized that I have not had a PTSD episode since February. Sure I have had some flashbacks here and there, but nothing severe whatsoever.  Last week in Washington I did have one PTSD related nightmare, but it subsided very quickly and I was able to fall right back to sleep.  This is definitely the best six month period I have had since 2001.

Right now every area of my life is going very well and I sense His Love, grace and mercy, perhaps, like never before.  In my weakness HE has made me strong and I now have this deep appreciation for HIS tenderness and care.  For most of the last 14 years Jesus has had to carry me because of the frequency and duration of the PTSD flashbacks.  Today I feel totally able to stand and carry my own weight.  I find that I can not only walk, but I can also run now with HIS assistance.

From where I stand that is a major miracle my friends.  The Lord is now my strong tower and I, for the first time since 2001, am safe.  I thank God for all the people who have been helping to carry me through this long season of affliction.  The prayers of many have helped bring me out of the darkness and into His glorious light.  I know the battle is not entirely over and I will always have memories of the abuse I endured as a child, but today I know and fully accept that I am no longer a victim. Today, in Christ, I am an over-comer.  Because of this fact I am now able to travel and be used by Him in significant ways.  My trips South and Northwest bore much fruit, and day to day I am now here for my children and my siblings in the faith.  Jesus has made me a whole person again and I do not take that for granted.  This one thing I can say with all certainty……Do not give up on Jesus, because HE NEVER gives up on you!

Love and…..

Kirk Out !



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  1. Dear Chris,
    In weakness we do find Jesus as our strength, for without significant trials how else could we ever know experientially that the Lord is my strength and my song, that He is willing and able to save to the uttermost. I cannot recommend Jesus enough to those who have yet to met Him. I cannot recommend Jesus enough for those whom have met Him but have yet to fully trust Him, to just go all out, and fully trust Him, He will not let you down.

  2. Reformed by the Spirit permalink

    These life battles sometimes seem endless…as well as a view towards destruction. I know you have endured much more than can be written down in a blog. However, in your lowest of lows, God used you in your weakness and proved that He is able and strong. What I find excellent in this is that you were used outside of plans, programs and platforms. What God uses you in is outside of the four walls of the church as it is known in Western Contemporary Culture. This shows that God uses us and not organizations. Organizations seem to be used because God is using the ordinary people in the organization. You are a great example of how God works in reality. I can only hope to find myself in a similar place as you are.

    Until then, we continue to look to His Kingdom…

  3. "BK" Zimmer permalink

    Reminds me of the verse in II Cor 4 “But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.” Whether weak or strong, the excellency is because of Him.

    I liked this statement, “Organizations seem to be used because God is using the ordinary people in the organization…”. I have believed that a long time, but that sentence is the most simply put I have ever read. Amen, and amen.

    In Him we really are complete; in Him what the varied ‘worms’ have eaten IS restored….praising Jesus with you, Chris, “BK”

  4. Dear Bro, You have made my day. I am so happy for you. God used that same verse for me once when I was depressed over my son’s sickness. I added the lines “In that tower, I will hide, where that evil one can touch me not. In that tower I will hide. God bless! But I won’t stop praying.

  5. Wow Curt! You made my day too! I hope and pray you and Dawn are well. Love you both!

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