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Along The Way

July 4, 2013


“……… I hope to visit you while passing through and to have you assist me on my journey there, after I have enjoyed your company for a while.”  Romans 15: 24

Yesterday evening I arrived back home in Sturgis after my most enjoyable 2,396 mile road trip.  I have spent today praying and reflecting back on my time down South this past week. I found myself incredibly blessed by tremendous fellowship at each and every stop.  The hospitality I was shown was truly remarkable.  I have rarely been treated with such love, care and respect.  It is my sincere hope that I was a blessing to my hosts as well.

Traveling with no agenda other than to meet and have fellowship with those you encounter along the way is always very exciting and fun.  We broke bread with glad and sincere hearts and our conversations were seasoned with salt, grace and love.  Our fellowship was totally open and free with everyone sharing deeply from their hearts.  We were able to flow in the Spirit and every question that was asked received an honest and sincere answer.

We shared dialogue concerning how the Lord brought each of us to our current understanding of what “church” really is and how each of us has experienced fresh and new life outside of traditional religion.  Our conversations reflected upon how we each had found true freedom in being Spirit led rather than bible or Pastor led.  Most of all though we spoke of Christ and all He had brought us through.  

On this trip, no matter the location, I was given unconditional acceptance and love.  After dinner one night I was the recipient of a most simple, sincere and profound prayer.  Jeanne embraced me and prayed that I might be made fully whole and healed from the violent events of my childhood that still affect my life today.  There are no words that could ever express how much that prayer meant to me.  Jesus touched my life greatly in North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee.  All my sisters and brothers there now hold a special place in my heart.  Each of them gave me love and a piece of themselves.  What more could a brother ask for?  

Love and………

Kirk Out !





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  1. Jeanne S. permalink

    You blessed us as well Chris…our privilege to spend time with you.

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