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What “Share” Really Means

June 28, 2013


“Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise-the fruit of lips that confess His name.  And do not forget to do good and to share with others for with such sacrifices God is pleased.”  Hebrews 13: 15-16

I now find myself at a dear friend’s house in Augusta Georgia.  Doug O. and myself have known each other since 1984.  We went to Spring Arbor college together.  We fought the system and the powers that be way back then and we continue to do so till this very day.

Just now together we discovered something awesome about the passage quoted above.  When it says “…share with others..” It actually means to communicate, to have koinonia with mutual participation, to have social intercourse or dialogue together.

Sharing the things of Christ with one another is NEVER about monologues or sermons.   It takes mutual conversation to really partake of the heart of God and share His truth in love.  So far this trip has been all about mutually sharing our lives, heart, and vision with one another.  It is going so well that I actually think I am overdosing on koinonia and all of us are just loving it.All we are doing is sharing our very lives with each other.  No topic is taboo and we are just communicating the truth in love as the Spirit leads us.  We have no agendas other than true and open fellowship in Christ.  If your “church” experience does not have the component of free and totally open fellowship….I suggest that you seek Him directly and ask Him to bring people into your life that are closer than family. 

Doug and I have known each other a very long time, but I just met Marc Winter face to face for the very first time on Wednesday. And I am telling you that now we are tight for life.  All because of facebook and this little blog.  Don’t give up!  The Spirit will connect you with others like never before, just trust Him like never before?
Love and…..

Kirk Out !


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  1. Chris, Indeed just as we discussed (shared) the Spirit is directing koinonia among the non-institutionalized believers. God is NOT bound by distances, time, or space, and neither are His people. The Spirit, like the wind, blows where He will, people hear the sound but they do not understand where He is coming from or going to. May the Holy Spirit spread the love and freedom of Christ around this world though all who will hear and heed His loving voice.

  2. koinonia with mutual participation. I don’t think you can ever overdose.

  3. "BK" permalink

    I agree, you can’t overdose….but you CAN have withdrawal pains! 🙂 Ken & I lived on the road for nearly 13 years, traveling and meeting those we were meeting online (Chris was one) as far away as Africa & Australia; as near as ‘in our backyard’. We stopped three years ago to purchase a big ol’ house in a ghosttown in Eastern WA but with only about 300 more days to retirement we are looking forward to following Jesus where He may allow to ‘connect’ with those cybernet has made it possible for us to meet. Nope, you sure can’t overdose on koinonia. T’is a fact 🙂 “BK”

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