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Spiritual Pride

June 22, 2013

Hey everybody, the following was written by a dear sister named Kat Huff.  I appreciate her giving me permission to post it here.  I think it is spot on.  Next week I go on a southern road trip to meet and visit with some of the folks I have met because of this blog.  I am really looking forward to this trip.  I do not know how often I will blog during the trip.  I may rest and not blog at all, only HE knows.  Love and……  Kirk Out !



Spiritual pride is extremely damaging to the body of Christ, something in which the afflicted walk so confidently. The nature of spiritual pride is to work in a false self-confidence that is utterly undetected and unsuspected to the afflicted.

The thing about spiritual pride is that it hides from its victim within the guise of a thought to be “righteousness.” Though, it can be identified by its fruits or effects upon others who come in contact with it, which is altogether contrary to the fruit of humility, kindness, edification, gentleness and esteeming others higher than oneself. 

Spiritual pride is known as the great fault finder of the saints, the accuser of the brethren. The spiritually proud person shows it in his/her finding fault with other saints as he/she is quick to “discern” and “take notice” of any hint of a perceived deficiency, and leans toward words that, in their essence and conclusion, comes down to having others emulate him/her, or they receive sharp and harsh reprove. This reprove always comes gift-wrapped in “love” and “it is for your own good.” 

It is spiritual pride that ministers in a harsh and haughty spirit. It is often a habitual recurrence of spiritual pride to speak of almost everything they see in others in a most harsh, hurtful, bold, belittling and severe language. It is common for him/her to say of others (about their opinions, words of faith and/or knowledge) shocking and devastating remarks, all the while, cool as a cucumber, and this is done to the other children of God. It is only among the people of God where it can search out a throne upon which to sit.  It is not an uncommon opinion of spiritual pride that other believers are in self-deception and/or are demonized, and that they need a human authority to set them straight.

Spiritual pride is one of the greatest means of devastation to the body of Christ throughout all of history.




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  1. Kat Huff permalink

    Have a great road trip, brother!

    • "BK" permalink

      A great article, Kat. Well said. Thank you for sharing, “BK”

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