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No Sermons Here

June 18, 2013

Hey everyone,  spent most of today at the hospital undergoing many tests.  The test results will hopefully rule out any potential major problems.  As always your prayers are appreciated.  After praying about it, I am re-posting this blog from an earlier date.



“Come now, let us reason together, says the Lord…….”  Isaiah 1: 18

Did you know that the word “sermon” is NEVER used in the whole bible.  Well, at least not in the actual text.  When men later added descriptions and titles to certain passages somehow the word “sermon” was used about the times Jesus shared on the mount.  However, it was NOT a sermon being presented to the crowd.  It was actually a long conversation or dialogue.  

Jesus didn’t give sermons and neither did Paul.  Usually folks will point to Paul’s talking on and on in Acts 20 and use that to justify sermons in the “church” today.  However, where translations call Paul’s sharing there “preaching”; in the Greek it actually says it was interactive dialogue and an ongoing conversation.  This is a HUGE error in translation and in fact it has crippled the “church” in many ways over the years.

There is a HUGE difference between speaking WITH someone and speaking TO or AT them.  The Lord tells us to “come and reason” WITH Him.  He did NOT say COME LET ME REASON AT YOU!  The Hebrew word used for “reason” in this text can mean to argue, decide, convince or discuss.  God Himself wants to dialogue and discuss with us.  If this is indeed God’s chosen route of communication…why does the “church” use sermons and monologues as its chosen way of communicating the truth and love of God?

It is insane!  We best learn through interactive dialogue with GOD and one another.  One more point I want to make is that even if Jesus did actually give a sermon on the mount, instead of a dialogue/conversation.. it only takes about 3 minutes to fully read through that entire passage.  So why do most “sermons” on the average take over 30 minutes?   Jesus could be conversational and brief, so why can’t we?  I think it is damn shame that the centerpiece and focal point of any “church” meeting/service is an un-biblical monologue.

The big question is…do we want to follow God’s chosen ways or man’s?  The sermon/monologue is man’s way and not God’s.  So who are we going to serve?  To me it is a simple choice, but with HUGE ramifications.  The sermon is a tradition of men, a tradition that nullifies the Word of God and keeps the body of Christ captive in the pews.  I have said much more than a mouthful today.  Please feel free to share your portion with us also.

Love and….

Kirk Out !




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  1. I agree with this! The sad thing is that when I try to tell some of those sweet little senior church goers who have been doing the same thing for 50 years, they can’t understand me at all. They say, “Well that’s what God wants, for us to sit and listen.” I just had that said to me the other day by a sweet elderly retired pastor’s wife. She wanted to be my friend, but the only way she could think of us getting together was meeting at church for sermons! What is with this?

    What happened to really getting to know one another and discussing the Word? What happened to perhaps disagreeing with what an “elder” says, and searching the scriptures to see if indeed it is true? This is all taboo today. People gather around a man they pay to play “pastor” and then their obligation is to support everything he says no matter how heretical. Like the tithing doctrine. That has caught on like wildfire, and who in the churches calls it heresy? I have called it heresy in the church and out of it. Right now I am out of it for good as far as I can see! Such a good place to be.

    I am tired of sermons where I want to raise my hand and say, ‘But what about this scripture?,” while the pastor goes on an on to one objectionable opinion after another. This is no way to teach and it is no way to learn! Thank you for posting this Kirk.

  2. "BK" permalink

    Amen, Chris and Debra! I was shocked when I first learned that about ‘sermons’. A brother that I loved alot always talked about the sermons God gave him. So, I went to the scriptures to see what they had to say about sermons. That was when I found out the word is not even in the Bible! So, then I took a look at pulpit….another shock. It is mentioned only once and 13 men stood on it and corporately spoke. Whew! Keep sounding the trumpet, it’s slowly heard by those whose ears the Spirit illuminates to hear! “BK”

  3. we been speakin th same thang in our fellowhsip–how sermons came outta th doctrine that one person (pastor or whatever) has a Word for all…u know???? in Christ we all have th Word IN us and share as th Lord gives us to share bc He feeds us all…

    th whole idea that one person has an audience and everyone else just obeys has no place in th felloship of believas…but u kjnow…apart from Christ theres only sermons and no fellowhsip bc its outside of Christ…th harlot system is built on such thangs as sermons…years ago th Lord showed me how sermons are bought and sold between pastors…u knwo? they dont even have to pretend they hear from th Lord…they just share stuff and sell stuff to each other…sad really…but th Lord wont lose one so any of His who are yet trapped in th harlot system, th Lord will def lead em out…

    i will say my experience that th fellowship of th Lord between believas is much more than can be accomplished online…theres real relationship in th body of Christ and not leaders and heirarchies but i dont really see that as possible online; a shadow of it, sometimes, but not th complete…bc dialogue is stunted here–not here in this particular blog but online in general…however we are all free to share as th Lord gives us and to know He settle it in each one’s heart…

    • "BK" permalink

      Definitely face to face is THE BEST! I do believe online ‘fellowship’ is attainable but it certainly takes more effort and looking to and listening for the Spirit. I was actually thinking about this yesterday…what makes for ‘online fellowship’….the true, uniting kind? We have an online fellowship where discussion is free and open, like here, but most have their agenda and are geared toward Bible discussion/teaching/and-or debate. I realized that is such a SMALL PART of fellowship; a ‘part’ yes, but only a part. Fellowship is the sharing of lives together….the sunset that touched you, the walk on the lake, the spontaneious discussion in the grocery store….the things that TOUCHED you along the way. Those things are missing from almost everywhere online. But, I am thankful for what we do have….and this blog is one of those things. A good word, Gianna, thanks, “BK”

  4. Face to face is always best, but what is also great is finally meeting face to face because of the online fellowship and relationships you have forged. Because after you have met face to face it changes your online fellowship for the better and deeper. For example when I read BK’s postings I now can hear her voice as if she is really here talking with me and when I close my eyes I can see her face too. What began online made us seek each other out in real life and now we are totally family. In fact I fly out to Washington State the end of July for more face to face with BK, her husband Ken and several others I met via the net. It is amazing really. God has used the net to bless many with fellowship they might not have found otherwise. Next wednesday I start a road trip on which I will face to face the very first time with Marc Winter, who comments frequently on this blog, and several others I met online. I can hardly wait.

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