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The Show Must Not Go On

May 15, 2013


Jesus said:

“Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites!  You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.”  Matthew 23: 15

Jesus did not hesitate to call out and denounce the religious leaders of his time.  Because instead of being beneficial servants and guides they had actually become stumbling blocks to whoever sought to follow the faith they represented.  Rather than helping others find and walk in the ways of God they ended up hindering those who followed after them.  

Can we really say that most leadership in the modern “church” today is much different?  Are we really making disciples after Christ today?  It seems to me that most folks are being taught to follow a religious system instead of Jesus today.  The Laws of the false “church” system are…go to “church”, pay your tithe, and follow the Pastor.  None of which are a true and necessary component of serving and following Jesus and His ways. 

The western “church” in particular is in a sad state and its Leaders are not satisfied with the damage they have inflicted here.  No, they even send missionaries to inflict american greed and other damage to the natives of foreign countries.  I have been to Peru and witnessed first hand how “Christian” american’s have tried to bring western churchianity to the masses.  Just like McDonalds they seek to multiply their business and create franchises in other lands.  They preach something other than Jesus and attempt to build on a foundation other than Christ alone.  I have had friends go to Africa and see how sincere native “pastors” are turned into greedy traveling fund raisers instead of remaining true to the real call on their lives.  The American brand of Christianity is a poison to all who swallow their weak and watered down gospel.  

Whenever money becomes a NEED of a church everything else gets tainted.  Everything!  When you come to the point of “needing” to pay a Pastor, build a building, or heat, cool and maintain an edifice..true ministry and servanthood are quickly thrown to the side in most cases.  True disciple making doesn’t have to cost a dime, it costs only your time and devotion to Christ and those who are seeking Him.  

Wisdom cries out….Return to Jesus…your first love!  Throw off all the things that hinder and distract you from hearing His voice.  It is not about the Pastor, the buildings, the programs and the offerings.  It is simply about Christ and Him crucified.  It is time to follow Jesus and expose the hellish “church” system for what it is……When Jesus called the religious Leaders “hypocrites”…He was saying that they were ACTORS and not sincere about their call.  In the “church” today we lift up the actors because we want to be entertained.  Those who act best become Leaders and Pastors because they can appear to give a grand sermon, but is what they are acting out what we really need to hear?  I will say it one more time and then I am done…… Forget the actors and the show, and return to Jesus your first love!

Love and ….

Kirk Out !









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  1. Eli permalink

    amen. the commercialization of christianity is so rife and damaging. i can just imagine jesus trying to sell product during his meetings or demanding a salary. Although god is gracious and blesses out of his loving nature… i do think the love of money and pride of life are two of the biggest hindrances to gods working.

  2. I can confirm the same about Peru. By grace we had planted an indigenous fellowship in the high Andes, which is bearing fruit that lasts. We met a group from Alaska in Ayacucho who thought you could change Peru by showing their particular brand of videos (electricity supply is very sporadic in some parts in any case!), and all would change for the better in the Peruvian Church. They also had no clue about the situation in Africa, where we hail from.

    But, positively, let’s do what we can to turn the situation around for good in the particular situation the Lord has placed us in. Personally I am all for NT style organic ‘house churches’ (you can meet anywhere, in fact), with maximum participation and commitment to the community (the young and the poor, which constitutes approx. 80% of the world’s population) and the discipling of the ‘nations’ (‘ethne’) (Mt. 28) in the power of the Spirit (Acts 1:8).


  3. Chris, Yes…being 1,900 years into this systematized Christianized church franchise scheme is enough. Most fear to speak out against the worlds largest business. I am not, and I love that you are not as well. If judgement does come in the West, it will not because of homosexuality, or even abortion. It will because of the Christianize business system we call church. We would do well to remember the last time judgement came upon those who called themselves by His name for their own benefit, it was the Jews in 70 AD.

  4. "BK" permalink

    Years ago Ken & I were going to buy some property with housing and a meeting hall on it so we could have meetings there and train people 😦 It was all set to go through when the seller changed his mind and didn’t want to sell. We could have forced the issued as things had progressed that far but we opted out at his request. I went to the Lord, “Why????” That was the first time He asked me the question, “When did I ever tell you to own buildings and property? Once you own something, you have to maintain it and ‘pay’ for it….and you become a slave to it.” It would be a many years journey before I really came to understand what He meant. Revelation 18 includes ‘the souls of men’ in the ‘merchandising’ of Babylon. How sadly true that has become. One day ‘no more will a man say to his neighbor, do you know the Lord’ because they’ll all know Him from the least to the greatest. What a blessed day that will be….let us lend our strength and lives to work WITH Him as Babylon falls and people discover life outside the walls. “BK”

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