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Passing The Test

April 27, 2013


“Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.”                     Proverbs 22: 6

Just got back home from Western Michigan University where my oldest child, Amanda (28), received her Masters degree in education with an emphasis on literacy.  She has taught kindergarten here in Sturgis for over 5 years now, but she wants to become our school district’s reading specialist.  Now that she is done with college for the time being, I just might be getting another grandchild soon too!

Becca (24) is working in social services.  She started as a case manager, but was promoted after her first week to supervisor over her county’s foster care workers.  She is also a great parent to my now 6 month old grandson Kaden.  He is already trying to crawl and today at lunch he was calling me dada.

Caleb (18) was hired just this week to work over the lawn and garden department our local K Mart.  He has been living with me for the last several months because he felt he needed to make some big changes in his life and he wanted more support and accountability.  He had been hanging out with a bad crowd and it was starting to effect his faith in a negative manner.  It looks like his ship has been righted now and we pray together often.

Lydia (13) is a joy.  Last month she won a gold medal when her team was victorious in our county wide quiz bowl competition.  Softball season starts next Tuesday and she has been practicing hard to become an even better player.  At school she leads by example in her own quiet way…so say her teachers.

It is a wonderful feeling when your children are all faring well in life.  They all love Jesus even though they never went to a traditional “church”.  They were all born and raised in informal, totally open & free, Spirit led fellowship.  This has served them well in this life and they are bearing wonderful fruit because of their deep relationship with Jesus and those we have been in intimate fellowship with over the last 30 years.  They have never had a “Pastor”, a Sunday school lesson, or listened to a conventional sermon.  They all learned about God and true fellowship through interactive discussions as the Spirit led.  They fully understand that those who love and serve Jesus are their extended family and they lean upon that family whenever necessary.

 Am I proud of my children?  You betcha!  They all know how to pray and how to share, more importantly they know how to wait for the Spirit’s leading.  They are a living testimony that simple, organic, open and free fellowship works.  I feel that the only true test of a fellowship is the generational test.  The big question is whether or not your children and your children’s children follow in the ways of Jesus.  Of the many children who have been in fellowship with us over the last 30 years, I only know of one who is currently in rebellion and following the world rather than Jesus and the end of his story is yet to be written.

It turns out that you really can trust Jesus to be your only Head and covering.  You can also totally trust the Holy Spirit to lead your gatherings.  There is absolutely no need for a recognized human Leader.  Let me close with this:  It is amazing what Jesus can do when you just stay out of His way.

Love and ……

Kirk Out !







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  1. So true, but isnt it also to a childs benefit to be connected to both of their natural parents until they are fully grown….just as you have been able to do for your own kids, despite the obstacles?

  2. Yes D having a connection to both parents is a very big plus.

  3. CatherineS permalink

    We were in the institutional church while raising our children — something I regret, but also something I can’t change. While they’re now grown and have stayed in the institutional church, they understand and support the path we have since chosen to be a part of a nontraditional, open participatory fellowship, and they’ve even expressed a little interest in it. And the traditional churches they’re a part of are closer to that type of fellowship than any my husband and I ever attended. Whatever style of church they choose, we have fellowship in Christ together, and it brings such great joy to see our children loving Christ and raising their children to love Him.

  4. Wow! What a great testimony.

    • "BK" permalink

      Gary, I just read your profile. God bless you and your wife!

  5. Quite a contrast with all the stories I’ve heard about PKs (traditional pastors’ kids). Not only is being a traditional pastor a messed up lifestyle, it’s a messed up lifestyle for the pastor’s whole family.

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