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How We Make Disciples

April 23, 2013


“Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.”  Ephesians 5: 21

I quote this verse today because Jorge made a thought provoking statement in a comment on yesterday’s blog.  He said this…..”Without submission there is no discipleship.”  I believe there is truth in that statement, but not in the way Jorge intended it.

 When Jesus gave “The Great Commission” He made it very clear that a primary purpose of the Church was to “make disciples” or to help others develop an deep relationship with God.  The traditional “church” is failing miserably at this because they think it can be done by right preaching, teaching and correct doctrine.  Few, if any, disciples can be made from a pulpit; but that is their main plan.

 The only way to make true disciples is via personal relationship.  If you open up and share your very life with someone, you then are given the opportunity to share the gospel too.  In healthy relationships there is always mutual submission and a free & open exchange of convictions, thoughts and ideas.  The key is that we come alongside each other and never seek a place above someone else.  We should never forget that in Christ we are all peers.  Differently gifted at times, but still mutual peers at all times.

Jesus desires that His Church would operate in total unity and love.  This can never happen where a human hierarchy exists.  Because when there are offices and positions that place some Christ followers over and above other Christ followers there is no true unity.  How can we ever be ONE in Christ unless everything is mutual and shared?  Never forget that everyone in His Church is gifted and called.  If we would truly submit to one another out of reverence for Christ…. the Church would be transformed and new disciples would be made every day.  The way we overcome and grow is brother to brother and sister to sister, and NOT Pastor to congregation.  We need each other in the Body of Christ.  Cast down all your crowns and titles and seek His face today in one accord.

Love and…..

Kirk Out !





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  1. Tav permalink

    Here in America, we have a very hard time differentiating talent from authority. Our culture worships people who are talented – rock stars, celebrities, politicians who are great speakers, etc. Being able to recognize, appreciate, and be blessed by someone’s talent (or gift, as it were) does not automatically mean that we are supposed to be submitted to that person. Submission is truly only valuable and precious when it is offered – not demanded.

    And, any mature person knows that you only submit yourself to people who have skin in the game (the game being your life). People who invest in your growth, who are there for you in the good and the bad, and people who will tell you the truth no matter what are people to consider as elders to submit to. Now, obviously they should be mature and tried and tested. If they have some dynamic gift – even better. But, they might not have a dynamic gift.

    The modern church is just as hung up on its celebrities as the world is. We need to stop doing that and start seeing people as brothers and sisters. Remember, putting someone on a pedestal isn’t doing them any favors either.

  2. "BK" permalink

    And even when someone has skin in my game, it is still necessary for me to hear the Lord in their sharing and/or advice. I might add that if I hear Him in even a stranger I will submit to Him there too.

  3. The submission comes through love and respect, not authority.

  4. Gianna Rio permalink

    th making of disciples (of Christ) isnt outwardly, its an inner work by the indwelling Holy Spirit of God–Christ in us…john had disciples and they followed him; many ppl have had followers and their followers recite and tryna be like who they follow…i mean, every religion got follwoers who follow in the flesh…

    but in Christ, discipleship is internal not outward…its not a physical cross, but a spiritual one, not a physical walk but a spiritual walk, not a physical path but a spiritual path, etc…without th indwelling Holy Spirit, its impossible to ‘make disciples’ bc we no longer know Christ (or any man) after the flesh…if anyone speaks of his own, then he isnt of Christ…bc the Holy Spirit dont speak of His own but only what th Father say–what He hear from th Father…if we are to interract at all wit eac otha, its by Christ in me to Christ in u, or its all flesh and wont last, since all temporal is destined to fail and end…

    consider this: th potter IN the believa, conforming us to th image of Christ…not by human words and ideas and slogans and cliches and whatever else man can devise (not in man’s wisdom), but only by whats heard from the Father…and we are bein shaped and conformed to th image of Christ from th inside out…not by our works but by our submission to His work…Christ alone has conquered us, conquered sin and death and submission isnt voluntary as we call ourself submitting to other ppl, its th ‘natural’ response of the new creation to our conquering King…

    its a big misunderstanidng over words…submit, respect; we see this as something possible in flesh…in fact th only way ppl can submit to other ppl is by perceiving the other as greater or something desireable, by being somehow conquered by em…maybe they are perceived wise or skilled, or whatever…God isnt a respecter of persons and neither are we to be…but the Christ in me will always hear the Christ in u and respond to Him…desire Him alone and find no communion or fellowship with any who speak outta their own self…knowing no man after th flesh but walkin after the Spirit…


  5. I see God has began to stretch our minds even more. I propose the stretching has hardly begun. To see Christ/Spirit at all, is to see Him with the eyes of our heart. This kosmos system, and these frail bodies are not equipped to “know Him” through our 5 senses. But our hearts know, our hearts hear, when our hearts lead, we are being led by the Holy Spirit within us.

    People who have gone to heaven and returned, often report that words were of no use. They just knew, they simply understood, they perceived all that they needed to know, understand, and perceive.

    Learning to walk by faith in this way, requires some time and experience. Jesus, as the son of man, is our example. How can we gauge our maturity? The beginning point for us all, is a picture of the Pharisees, religious, proud, controlling, legalistic, with Bible bound thinking. Then the goal to be like Christ, doing the Father’s will, innocent, pure love, humble, Spirit led and Spirit taught.

    We will be like Him, because we will see Him as He really is.

    • "BK" permalink

      This reminds me of a personal experience some years back. I was worshipping the Lord, arms raised, eyes closed. It felt like someone took me by the wrists and began lifting me higher and higher. The higher I got, the greater the peace was. I began asking questions from my spirit, He would answer every one and my reaction everytime was “It’s SO simple! It’s SO simple”, over and over. I had the thought, “This must have been what Paul felt when he was caught up to the third heaven and heard things unlawful to utter.” He answered, “This is true. It wasn’t that it was against the law to utter what he heard but that it was so simple no one would believe him….”. Suddenly I ‘returned’ to my body. I have to tell you I don’t even remember any of the questions, let alone the answers 😦 but I do remember the PEACE and how SIMPLE it all was….and the part about the third heaven. I simply understood; just as you said here. The simplicity never left me and it changed my life being a ‘prove it from Genesis to Revelation’ girl before that. 🙂 “BK”

  6. Paul wrote, “The head of every man is Christ…” Earlier in the same letter he wrote, “But I, brethren, could not address you as spiritual men, but as men of the flesh, as babes in Christ. I fed you with milk, not solid food; for you were not ready for it; and even yet you are not ready, for you are still of the flesh. For while there is jealousy and strife among you, are you not of the flesh, and behaving like ordinary men? For when one says, “I belong to Paul,” and another, “I belong to Apol’los,” are you not merely men? What then is Apol’los? What is Paul? Servants through whom you believed, as the Lord assigned to each.” (1Co 3:1-5 RSVA).

    The trouble with “discipleship” as it is taught today in systemitized religion is that it always puts one man over another. “Who is your covering” is the often asked question among them. Paul makes it clear that only Christ is our covering and that anyone who prays or prophesies with another covering on his head dishonors Christ. He is not talking about wearing hats here!

    Paul continues to by saying, “For no other foundation can a man lay than what is laid, which is Jesus Christ.” (1Co 3:11 KJ2000). In many of today’s churches men are seeking to leverage thier power by taking on titles like “apostle” and “prophet” and boldly tell everyone that they are the foundation the church has been missing. This is anti-christ. When men seek to take the place that belongs to Jesus alone they are opperating under the anit-christ spirit. Take the title “Vicor.” It means “instead of” as in “vicarious”… “vicor of Christ”… “instead of Christ,” the very deffinition of anti-christ. Then there is the title “Reverend.” This word is found only once in the entire Bible, “He sent redemption unto his people: he hath commanded his covenant for ever: holy and REVEREND [is] his name.” (Psa 111:9 KJV). Men so freely take this title that belongs only to God to themselves and the people love it so. Men seeking preeminence over the saints of God have been doing so in the church since Diotrephes (3 John) while they cast out from their churches the true saints of God who put Christ first in their lives.

    Paul finished this chapter saying, “Therefore let no man glory in men. For all things are yours; Whether Paul, or Apollos, or Cephas, or the world, or life, or death, or things present, or things to come; all are yours; And ye are Christ’s; and Christ [is] God’s.” (1Co 3:21-23 KJV). Oh how carnal Christians “babes on milk” love to heap up to themselves to tickle their ears. This is an open door to the anti-christ and John addresses the problem by telling the believers, “These [things] have I written unto you concerning them that seduce you. But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.”
    (1Jo 2:26-27 KJV).

    Dear saints, true teachers can only do so by the Holy Spirit and what they teach will not contradict the Spirirt in you. All they can do is confirm you in your ability to hear the voice of the Good Shepherd. If we seek men to do what only the Spirit can do we are under the influence of deceivers. In this hour when “evil seducers are waxing worse and worse” we need to learn to follow only one Voice and not the voice of the hirelings and strangers or we will be constantly falling into the ditches dug deep by our blind guides. Our sufficiency is always in Christ and never in men.

  7. Bill permalink

    I’m throwing this out…….from James chapter 3….”not many should become teachers, my brothers, knowing that we will receive a stricter judgment; for we all stumble in many ways.

    If anyone does not stumble in what he says, he is a MATURE MAN WHO IS ABLE TO CONTROL HIS OWN BODY.

    I italicized portions of the above scripture to perhaps bring attention to the ONLY ONE who can aptly teach…

    Yet there is another side I do believe. For several years I believe the Lord allowed me to walk in delusion. The delusion that there wasn’t any leadership in the ekklesia. He wanted to kill that thing in me that wanted to rule. Since then I’ve seen there is leadership. But more like a father and mother leading their offspring. Being an example.

    It’s really quite simple. It’s a family affair.

    • "BK" permalink

      “A family affair” indeed! Well said, Bill. Like the natives in Alaska say, “it takes a whole village to raise a child.” My delusion was that I could fit this type of leadership into the pattern of the Nicolaitans. The Lord had to resist me, resist me and finally tell me “You’re just trying to build a better mouse trap” 🙂 So many believe we say ‘there are not leaders”, “there is no leadership” when in fact, what I am saying is “we are ALL leaders when Christ shows up within to lead.” We are a KINGDOM of kings and priests. When asked, “Then who are you accountable to”??? I respond, “To the body of Christ.” He is the head and when I recognize Him, I follow. I say all this to agree with you, not disagree, Bill. Hoping it came across as such. “BK”

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