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When Sparks Fly

April 13, 2013


“To this you were called, because Christ suffered for you, leaving you an example, that you should follow in His steps.  “He committed no sin, and no deceit was found in His mouth.”  When they hurled their insults at Him, He did not retaliate; when He suffered, He made no threats.  Instead, He entrusted Himself to Him who judges justly.”  1 Peter 2: 21-23

In times of confrontation and accountability we can either choose the high road, the way of our Lord; or we can choose the low road..the way of our flesh.  In my desire to follow only Jesus sometimes I stumble.  I do not want to stumble this time.  This ongoing conversation (If it can still be called that?) concerning Jim Wright’s false accusations against me and some others in the Body has reached a crucial point.   Witnesses have spoken and the case is being made.  From here on out we need to leave it all in the hands of God…the one and only just Judge.

If we are to truly follow the example of Jesus, we will not sin by piling on or overstating our case.  Even if the accusations and insults continue we should not retaliate.  Now we either trust Jesus and let it go, or succumb to the weakness of our flesh.

It matters not if the other party will not relent.  It is now fully up to the Holy Spirit to convict all of us in matters of sin, righteousness, and judgment.  All involved and watching on should be praying that the Lord’s will be accomplished in the hearts and minds of those embroiled in this matter.  Because how we treat one another, even when we disagree, is extremely important.  God loves each and every one of us and we should love our enemies too.

I am not suggesting that any of us should bury their head in the sand and ignore conflict.  I am saying that we should continue to face this situation in a manner that glorifies Jesus.  If you are given something to share in this matter simply speak your peace and let it go.  In the process of iron sharpening iron there will be sparks and that is a very good thing.  Let us proceed with honor as we continue to seek His will together.

Love and…..

Kirk Out !




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  1. Gianna Rio permalink

    wonderful post…love how u point us to Christ, and to forgiveness (which in the flesh is impossible but thru Christ we can do all thangs bc its Him doin and not us) …

    but instead of sayin i stumble it should read, we stumble, bc we all do stumble…thre was a reason paul spend so many years wit th Lord b4 bein among th ppl of Christ and moses too bein in the desert –twice i think–and david was under saul b4 bein seated as king, and u know th Lord told me saul and david were th same man and what we think is saul walkin after the flesh (which it is), is also david’s flesh bein exposed and killed off, bc david felt every insult and every arrow and every slight and yet was kept by th Lord and not released until the Lord say so…so its not that saul wasnt fleshly, but that so was david (as we all are) until the Lord deal wit him, which is how we are all like that…anyway…all ur bros and sis in the Lord are in exactly the same place u are right now…bc if any of th body is somwhere, we, being one body, are there also…thank you jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus comin to where we are to get us out…

    we were just havin similar conversation on fb today about forgiveness and how its nothin like we think it is and nothin like the world say it is and a sis in Christ was sayin how we mostly tryna forgive outta our flesh but we cant…but in true forgivenss th offense really is gone…no hurt, no memory, not anytihing but forgiveness which pours outta the Christ in us and we walk in it as th newness of life and tho it was foreordained as a work we should walk in, and its how He cause us to walk in His ways…but its impossible wit flesh but the Lord do it in us and its His work entirely and again we reap where we dont sow and gain Him…

    love th revelation of Christ in us and what th world would count as loss, we count as joy bc we apprehemd Him who is worthy…

    love covers a multitude of sins…is this cloaking? hiding? protectin someon in they sin? nah…sin is covered (covered, covered over, as buried, as in dead)… covered in forgiveness poured out from the throne of th Most High who has made His home in you; like th rain from above in t flood of noah time cleansed th earth of wickedeness … our sin is never to be looked upon again….not bc God ignores it, but bc its out of His sight forever…actually gone…and all that remains is the peace of our Lord in the place where the enemy use to shoot his arrows by day and his terrors by night…

    before Christ came, there was no man to till th soil…

    Christ is the [last] man who [always was but now is come] to till th soil, which we are, and we are the [new] earth… He is come now and we rejoice in the presence of teh bridegroom…

    when u saw the rocks bein thrown, as surely u musta seen em comin like peter saw the storm on the water where he was standin on…oh yah…WATER…u just stood there and let em come and its why u cried out…as paul musta cried out with every stone and rod…we sometimes think our weakness is in our response, which is really just normal response …our weakness is that we cant do what only Christ can do…and in our weakness (this body of death), His power is made perfect…

    be bless brotha…and thanks fa standin in hard places…

  2. to know the love of Christ is to urge that we seek reconciliation with those we have offended; with those who may have offended us.
    It would be shameful to re-label offenses as sparks of iron.
    though their be what seems a whole crowd of people telling me you will not be able to obey Christ in this… even so…
    May God grant to work reconciliation in you, Chris. We wish none be lost.

    • "BK" permalink

      Hi, Marshall. I just wondered if you had read all the posts in the dialogues with Jim here? It doesn’t appear that you did by your post. It isn’t that there’s a ‘whole crowd of people here’ against reconciliation, on the contrary. I suggest you read through them all. Respectfully, “BK”

  3. Marshall,

    I have reached out and tried to talk with Jim Wright concerning this matter and he will not budge. He is holding fast to his accusations just like he has with many others. I have tried to clarify his misunderstandings of me, but he still is judging me wrongly. I am not an existentialist or false teacher.
    What do you suggest I do at this point?



  4. CatherineS permalink

    It’s difficult when those who take issue with you are unrelenting and unwilling to say their piece and then set differences aside and come together in the Lord. It’s tempting to want to respond in kind, but that just keeps the focus on the disagreement and causes the conflict to escalate — neither of which is edifying to the church or glorifies Jesus Christ. Even Paul sometimes found it needful to warn the church of individuals who were causing trouble, but he didn’t dwell on it or them. While there’s a time to speak up, there’s also a time to let it go and move on. Good post.

  5. Jeanne S. permalink

    Jim Wright is not your judge, he is just a man with a very rigid point of view. You don’t answer to him. do what the Lord has called you to do and move on.
    It saddens me to know that some do not consider the importance of Body life and the “oneness” Jesus desires. Some think that oneness can only happen when we are all on the “same page” theologically-which will NEVER happen. But if we would only recognize that the very same blood flows through my veins, as in all those in Christ, maybe we could get past all these doctrinal wrangling and realize we need one another and are brothers and sisters in Christ.
    The world is not waiting to come to Christ till all our theological ducks are in a row, but they are waiting for a quality of life that reflects His love that will draw them like bees to a honey.

  6. here’s the thing…that line in the sand between “sheep” and “goats” is being drawn. Sheep and goats look a lot alike, until you get down to the nitty-gritty. When someone cannot, or will not, see “the Christ in you” (Christ IS (NOW) come in the flesh of humans, just as He said would be the case), this is the blasphemy of those old goats masquerading as sheep. I know many say that the “anti-christ” is someone who denies that Jesus ever showed up before in human flesh, but that verse I’m talking about says “is” which means NOW, not “previously” or “before” in the past. I’ve done a thorough word search and study on that, and I’m convinced that those who “say they are jews, but who are not” are being revealed in this day. By their fruits you shall know them (not their works, or their intelligence), and by the love displayed. I believe, Chris, that you are 2 for 2 on those points, and someone else has either fallen, failed or forgotten that their old man is supposed to be dead, and that it is CHRIST IN US, which is the hope of glory. I say let the dead bury their dead, and God will sort ’em out.

    • Gianna Rio permalink

      debi…wonderful comment –its truth…its not my blog but i had to say it…its the presence of the Holy Spirit indwelling His ppl that is Christ in us…Jesus looked like a man but He talked like God and they hated Him fa it… -g-

  7. This is a summary of an ongoing investigation that I’ve been doing on Jim Wright who lives in the same community as I do. The accuser mentioned in the summary is Wright. The accused doesn’t matter as it speaks of Wright’s patterns over the years.

    If anyone else has engaged and been attacked by the internet-troll like tactics of Wright or the organizations he claims to represent of others that he won’t name, then please contact me and I would like to get your history and experience with Wright.


    Guy’s I’m making just a final statement on this because I said I would. More may need to come out if the libel on the accused, which unfortunately is an established pattern of the accuser, continues.

    I don’t really need to add too what I’ve said above. The accusation has been refuted by multiple witnesses at the old church who were there, some of whom watched the accused address the real issues at that time, which were far less serious than what the accuser now, who wasn’t there, is claiming.

    The accuser was attacking the accused long before this 13 year old dirt was dug up. It never should have been posted and if the accuser had any integrity it would have been given to a neutral party so that the accuser’s bias against the accused wouldn’t enter in.

    The accuser claims fellow elders who have reviewed the information but refuses to reveal who they are. Anonymous witnesses are no witnesses at all.

    The accuser has a record in local churches, and I’ve spoken personally with representatives about him and there is a record there of slander, division and in at least one case he was disfellowshipped and removed from a church.

    No other blogs or new media sources have picked this up because it is not credible and the simplest examination of the accusers background and prior public statements make it easy for any due diligence to reveal the reliability of the charges.

    I have attempted to meet with the accuser by visiting the claimed home fellowship and after being told I was not welcome, by asking to meet in person with the accuser in accordance with Matt 18 and there was no response given.

    It is my recommendation that any further discussion about these past accusations or any new ones that are made by this accuser be ignored and if anyone wants to copy and paste my comments here to anyone who asks they are welcome to do so.

    Pray for the one who has been falsely accused. This is not a pleasant thing and it affects his family.

    Pray also for the accuser. He is clearly a very unhappy person who has a history of conflict within churches, within his own family and is attempting to present himself as a public figure by attacking others. In almost every instance I’ve examined there is prior contact and interaction with his targets and then it builds and escalates to where he then makes accusations of gross sin and tries to portray himself as something of a crusader. There can be a role for people like that. What is sad is that by using this type of action to target people he personally wishes to harm, he’s actually doing a great deal of damage to the voices of legitimate victims who are out there and need to be cared for and helped.

    Anyone is welcome to contact me personally about this matter if they have a need to do so. At this point, I’m inclined to let what I’ve found stand. People can say whatever they want on the internet and even when it is libelous, certain people who have the legal skills can make it hard to make them accountable by hiding behind limited liability corporations and claiming unnamed victims and fellow “elders.” The accuser has numerous “unnamed people” and clearly, in my opinion, simply took it that because he disagreed with some of the teachings and doctrines of the accused and begrudged his influence and success in the Christian community, he engaged on a scorched earth policy attempting to do everything he could to destroy him, including timing this public attack just before the release of his next book in order to try and damage him financially as well.

    In this case, the person lived in my community and it was easy to look at the blogs and people mentioned in the past and with very little effort, reveal the patterns by contacting those names, checking court records etc.

    Before you accept something that is being said on the internet, slow down, stop and ask yourself who that person is, what integrity they have and what might be motivating them to make the statements they are making. It’s pretty clear in this case and I recommend the accusations be ignored and the accuser not rewarded with further attention for his actions.

  8. After some examination of Jim Wright and Fulcrum Ministries, this is what I found. Hopefully it will put his comments into perspective.

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