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April 11, 2013


“Alexander the metalworker did me a great deal of harm.  The Lord will repay him for what he has done.  You too should be on your guard against him, because he strongly opposed our message.”  2 Timothy 4: 14-15

I have been praying about this for the last 10 days and feel I need to say something before it can be fully released from my heart and mind.  So I will say this for the sake of others and then move on…

Do not believe what Jim Wright says about others.  Over the last several months he has attacked many of the voices of the simple, organic, relational, house-church “movement”.  Mr. Wright has been smug, condescending, and less than honest; while deliberately twisting and turning the words and meanings presented by others in various online forums.  Jim Wright seems totally determined to undermine and damage some dear sisters and brothers in the Body of Christ.  In short, Jim tells outright lies about what others believe and practice.  He has tried to hurt and damage the reputations of many who I know, respect and love.  Because of this I wrote today’s blog.

I care very little, if at all, about my own reputation; but let me state for the record…that I affirm that the bible is Divinely inspired, authoritative and God’s Word at all times.  I also do not believe that personal revelation is greater than scripture.  I do admit that my views are not fully orthodox, but I think that is because of the blessing of being born, raised and re-born, outside of traditional religion.  Because of this I have much less to unlearn than the average Christ follower. However, I am fully human and because of this I do not doubt that some portion of this problem could be my fault do to poor communication.  For this I apologize.  May the Holy Spirit always be our guide.

Love and…..

Kirk Out !









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  1. Ron White says “I have the right to remain silent”….I just don’t have the ability…(grin).

  2. CatherineS permalink

    I love your comment, Debi! Well said!

  3. CatherineS permalink

    Cap’n, I’m sure this was difficult for you to write, since your heart is to share about Christ and not to point fingers or put the focus on a man. Having also been on the receiving end of Mr. Wright’s tongue — albeit in a much smaller way than you and others in “the simple, organic, relational, house-church ‘movement'” have, I can attest to what you’ve said. I can only hope that at least some small measure of this will speak to Mr. Wright about the hurts he continues to cause and the harm he continues to do to the Body while claiming to do it in the name of Christ. Unfortunately, I doubt that to be the case, since he seems to love notoriety and attention, even if it’s negative….

  4. Gianna Rio permalink

    debi…i loved ur comment on crossroads…i actually posted a reply…twice…bc i wanna make sure my reply was to your comment and not in general…make no mistake…Jesus said His sheep hear His voice and not listen to the stranger’s voice…those who worship the bible and consider it a ‘blueprint fa life’ and other such foolishness, also dont hear the Spirit of God speakin thru it…


  5. Gianna Rio permalink

    when it pleased the Lord to reveal HImself in me…

    all scripture testifies of Christ…and what is revealed in the ppl of Christ, th born again believas, is Christ…and it will always agree wit scripture which testifies of Christ…bc the Word of God is one…not many words strung togetha like adam’s thoughts, but One Word, Christ Jesus…and we know in part and prophecy in part, but that is bc of our weakness as earthen vessels, not bc God is fragmented…we see how the river from the throne of God is ONE river, all that proceeds from the mouth of God…and all is Jesus Christ…

    an example that comes to mind is the fruit of th Spirit…it is actually ONE FRUIT–JEsus Christ–not many fruits which are divided among the body…but one fruit that is seen in part and prophecied in part…we all have all of Christ, but we dont know all of Him…but we will as we come into maturity of Christ …but religion presents the fruit of the Spirit as countable thangs, not as one fruit, Christ Jesus…so its taught that some have this fruit or some have that fruit but the true is all who are born of th Spirit hae th fruit of the Spirit, what is worked and visible and manifested is according to Him workin in us, but its not many fruits, its one fruit…the fullness of Christ…

    however…we are led into all truth by the Spirit of God (whether Hes revealing Christ in the Scripture or Christ in us without use of the book, it is th same Christ that is revealed…seeking Christ apart from the Holy Spirit is what leads to false doctrines which, btw, come straight outta the written revelation of Christ without the Spirit of God…i mean how many religions claim they are in the bible, yet have no communion with Christ at all…

    Jesus told the pharisees they had scritpures but they didnt know Him…and its the same today…many have the scriptures but dont know Him…and every false doctrine is based on some scripture which wasnt revealed by the Holy Spirit but was gotten thru adamic scholarship and an understanding of english…

    the Holy Spirit is the authority of Scripture…everyone who wrote what the Lord revealed did so by the Holy Spirit, as when the apostles preached in the street by the Holy Spirit, its the same…whether wrote or talked, outside of the leading of teh Holy Spirit its just words (adam), not WORD (Christ) and it wont give life…


  6. For a year I have tried to point out to Jim the spins he weaves, but so far to no avail. Here is what I have said to him on at least five occasions.

    “Again, Jim, I ask you to consider my observation — for months you have been contrasting your concerns about various topics with ‘those others’ who you paint as Gnostics, Pietists, Existentialists, Post-Modernists, etc., etc., etc., etc. I just scratch my head, and ask, Who is he talking about? Who does he have in view? What does he base such notions on? How is it that he twists the words of the saints into something they don’t mean? And why or how, in his mind, does he come up with these ideas? To me, it appears that ‘those others’ are creations and projections of your own mind, not actually existing persons. They are straw-people that you set up to use as a dart board. Are you aware of what you are doing to your sisters and brothers in Christ, who are a part of Him?”

  7. Excellent, Jon. His half-dishonesty has been frustrating to me, enough that he has blocked me in every venue. Won’t even respond to requests to publish about him elsewhere.

  8. CatherineS permalink

    Jon, I don’t which is sadder: The possibility that his perspective really is that twisted or that he’s doing it intentionally for the attention it brings him. I used to think it would matter to him if he was made aware of the damage he’s doing to brothers and sisters in Christ, but he quickly made it clear that the only thing he’s interested in is making his point, no matter who it hurts. I should’ve known, since there’s one vital element missing in everything he says: Love. “By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” (John 13:35)

    • "BK" permalink

      I so appreciate the way the Body of Christ has stuck together in this….both for Chris’ sake and for Jim’s. The words and warnings may seem to fall on deaf ears and hard ground, but they are all seeds and if just one of them slips through a crack and makes it in down deep, it has the potential of cracking things open deep within him and working it’s way up and outward. That’s the hope.
      Again, I have appreciated so much the way the saints have not sunk to wall slamming, but kept things to the issues at hand. This one has one of the best chances of ‘judgement unto victory’ I’ve witnessed in a long time! “BK”

      • CatherineS permalink

        And I appreciate your reminder, BK. Our Lord is certainly able to slip a seed into a crack so it can take root. It’s difficult, though, to see the damage and division that’s wrought in the body of Christ as a result of all this, but He is so much greater than anything that can divide us and will use seemingly impossible situations for the good of Chris, Jim and all of us who are His church.

  9. Kat Huff permalink

    “Love one another, just as I have loved you”

    Love how? What kind of Love? What does this Love look like? Jesus suffered, carried his cross and died, not for just friends, but for His enemies, and it is THIS LOVE for one another through which the world will know.

    • "BK" permalink

      Kat asked, ‘What does this kind of love look like?” I think it looks like many things….which is why it is so necessary to see what the Spirit is saying or doing at any given time, in any given situation. It is soft and gentle as is often quoted and pointed out; sometimes it is saying “Get behind Me, Satan”…but always for the same purpose; victory in all concerned. That’s my take. “BK”

      • Kat Huff permalink

        I say, that’s a fine definition, BK. Well said.

      • "BK" permalink

        Thanks! 🙂 “BK”

  10. Moving right along…;~)

  11. Jim Wright I know you are following this blog because you just tried to post here. I have not blocked you, but I will not approve any comments from you that are not in the right Spirit. If you want to have a true open dialogue we can do that. It’s up to you.

  12. Reformed by the Spirit permalink

    This whole thing needs to stop and everyone needs to move on to the next thing….we are stuck in a bad place…..

  13. Chris – I am recommending to those saints whom Jim has decided to try and damage, that it’s time to just ignore the guy. Like a good attorney, he will only hear and state the things that help him WIN; people with real flesh and blood are of no matter in this pursuit of his.

    Marginalization in the house church community would likely be best for him; while none of us can make that happen, we sure can make that happen in our own lives.

    Jim lacks some key element for living body life, but it is definitely a flaw I can pray for.

  14. Pam Frazier permalink

    Jim, I agree that is the best approach. Ignore him. We have seen he will not hear and he will not stop, so just don’t engage. I know that has been the way many of us deal with him and the only way to peace for us all who have been on the receiving end of Mr. Wrights comments. Peace Chris!

  15. After some examination of Jim Wright and Fulcrum Ministries, this is what I found. Hopefully it will put his comments into perspective.

  16. This is an old issue but there’s new information and evidence coming up as to the complicity of Keith W Smith with Jim Wright in the continual smears being made by both of them against many in the Organic Church Movement.

    Keith W Smith, who Jim Wright cites as a source of many of his accusations has been claiming a PhD from UCLA that the UCLA Registrar’s office does not confirm.

    Jim Wright claims to be operating in the capacity of an attorney representing unnamed people who have been brought to him by Keith W Smith and apparently hasn’t been doing due diligence, instead choosing to repeat gossip and hearsay from Smith and claiming that Smith’s “credentials” and Wright’s credentials should suffice on their own as assurance of their truth.


    More importantly, the time has come for the Christian Community as a whole to stand against these dishonest and incompetent men.

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