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The Definitive Word

April 7, 2013

As of tonight vacation is over.  Brand new blogs coming soon.  Thanks for visiting!



Jesus said:

“I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear.  But when He, the Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all truth.  He will not speak on His own; He will speak only what He hears, and He will tell you what is yet to come.”  John 16: 12-13

There we have it!  The definitive word, right from the mouth of Jesus Himself…. It is The Spirit that guides and leads us into all truth.  This is why I say that we must be Spirit led and NOT bible led.  Taking these words of Jesus into full account how can anyone say any different?

The Spirit is above the bible there is just no other way around that truth.  Now when the Spirit is leading us into this truth, the place He leads us perhaps the most is the bible.  The Spirit can and does lead us in the scriptures and that is as it should be.  However, the bible does not always lead us back to the truth of The Spirit.  Because without The Spirit the bible is nothing more than dead letter.

So I choose to yield and submit to The Spirit’s leading in all things, biblical and not.  At least I do on good days.  More human words here will not prove my case any better than what Jesus, Himself, has said about this matter.  God, The Father, The Son Jesus, and The Spirit reign supreme.  I refuse to follow or bow down to anything or anyone less than God Himself.  I choose direct revelation from The Spirit over and above secondary revelation from a book about Him on any day.

Love and …..

Kirk Out !



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  1. How interesting that I should check in on your blog as I, too, have been reading Jim Wright and another, Steve Cornell at Wisdom for Life, as they unknowingly, in my case, attack the Spirit-led methodology we hold to. I wrestled with sending a response of some sort and Jesus stopped me: there are no words that will dissuade them. I am to pray for them and those who ascribe or fall prey to their teaching. Also, quite ironically, I just had a rather profound experience with a prophetess that lent support to my own faith walk. Of course, that would just be further fodder for their argument as I have obviously opened myself to all sorts of deceptions, blah, blah,….

    Carry on Captain, neither attack nor defend, but focus on Him through and to all things were made!



  2. The Truth needs no defense. It will stand on its/His own.

  3. Jim Wright has pulled a little bit of a disappointing move on his blog, posting an entire (very long) conversation from here, and not allowing comment directly (if one wants to suggest a comment, it can be sent to him for careful filtering).

    Much to say about what he says there, but I would like to say that Wright’s system of man-made doctrine is based on insecurity.

    He does so under the filter, “Is the Holy Spirit a Liar?” The correct question SHOULD be: “Could I be wrong about my interpretation of the Scripture?” Because what Wright is suggesting is that every believer should place his current interpretation of Scripture as an Authority over what might be spoken by the Spirit. Or even the current interpretation of Scripture held by whatever community one finds himself in.

    The chief priests, elders, and Pharisees practiced exactly what Wright is suggesting on the arrival of Jesus on the scene; They correctly concluded that, in their current best understanding of their Scriptures, that whatever Jesus was, the Messiah could not be God become man. To allow Jesus or anyone else to say otherwise would have been saying the Holy Spirit could lie.

    This desire for an “objective, inerrant written authority” is rooted in the insecurity of not always being able to decide what God wants, ahead of time. It is the insecurity felt by the Israelites as they wandered the desert, bringing them back to the “comfortable bondage” of Egypt.

    But this is not the worst kind of insecurity that this theology is based in. The worst kind of insecurity is the basis of man’s religion throughout the ages: The insecurity of what God might say to a fellow believer…that MAY disagree with MY CURRENT interpretation of the Bible.

    This was the insecurity that kept Galileo under house arrest. It is the opposite of faith.

    I suppose, more frustrating is Wright’s attorney-like ability to treat the words of those who disagree with him less than honestly. He knows full well that our brother Kirk holds the Bible in high esteem; he only refuses to raise it above all other potential words from God, in a way that the Bible does not prescribe for itself.

    He describes this as follows: “To them, it comes down to this: The Bible is not the Word of God, because the only authentic Word of God is their own private revelation of Jesus. They therefore refuse to submit all opinions, doctrines, beliefs and practices to the authority of scripture, unless it conforms to their private (and unavoidably self-affirming) “revelation”. Furthermore, if their own “revelation” happens to line up with the Bible, fine. If not, then the Bible has to go.”

    He knows quite well that this a distortion of what Chris believes, but he has a trial to win.

    He says: “Unfortunately, though, Chris has informed me he no longer will allow this debate on his blog and is blocking opposing comments that challenge his views, even though he continues to promote and justify those views there.”

    Is that true, Chris? I suspect it is not, but I would understand, given his refusal to listen to what is being said, why you would do so.

  4. This is Chris’s blog ,not Jim Wrights. Why would Chris or anyone else allow a person to tie up so much time and energy in a debate that will change no one’s opinion? Wright loves to argue, the Holy Spirit leads us to peruse peace not arguments.

  5. Jim Wehde and all, Jim Wright was trying to post belittling and demeaning comments here. I prayed about it and received some needed counsel from several other people who Jim Wright has also attacked in this manner. I then decided not to authorize any more of his comments here. I find this all very sad, because I was looking forward to some quality discussion concerning how we all view the scriptures. I have not blocked Mr. Wright, but I just will not post any more condescending comments from him here.

  6. Fair enough, and I understand why.

  7. Jim, I love your analysis and conclusions. I reached the same ones back in college. I doubt any amount of discussion here or elsewhere will have much impact on Jim Wright or anyone else who holds to his views.

  8. CatherineS permalink

    May I just say AMEN! to all of the above. I could say more but…well…nuff said. 🙂

  9. Hi there,
    The Lord Jesus brought me and my kids out of the system in January of 2013 and your blog and others have confirmed what He has been showing us already. I grew up in a family that that was filled with all sorts of idolatry and the bible was included in that. The bible was used in my growing up years to control and cause fear. The Lord Jesus has done much healing in me concerning the scriptures and the scriptures will always confirm what the Lord is teaching me by His Spirit. I can also say that because of my upbringing I am very sensitive to any sort of idolatry and can discern it pretty quickly. I am so grateful for the Lord’s wonderful, powerful grace and for the blessed Holy Spirit, His counsel and comfort. I have read quite a few of your entries and have been very blessed and encouraged by them. 🙂

  10. Thanks for sharing Johanna. Glad you found us. I look forward to hearing more from you.

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