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Heretic? Another look

April 3, 2013

Hey everyone, this blog is over a year old but it fits my circumstances today and I have been so busy fellowshipping that I haven’t had time to write today.  So please excuse this re-blog and perhaps enjoy it?


Well, I am being accused of heresy again.  For the first time in over a decade the kind of things I post here on this blog have been brought into severe question.  I have been rebuked and told I need to stop “Bible bashing” and “leading people astray.”  Apparently I also have a “low” view of scripture and those who follow this blog are my “prey.”.  The main accusation is that I am “trying to encourage the ways of Chris Kirk and not the Word of God” and I am the kind of person the book of Jude warns people about.  Read Jude if you get the chance?  Pretty heavy stuff in that little epistle.

I will admit that my view of scripture is not traditional or mainstream, but I think I have a very high view of scripture.  I just refuse to give it the same place as God Himself.  Father, Jesus, Spirit are at the top of my list on who to follow and I refuse to give the bible the position of the 4th part of what many call The Godhead.  After all it is The Spirit Who leads us into “all truth” and without The Spirit’s illumination of The Word it is all just dead letter.  In fact I read and use the bible all the time, but I won’t bow to it and give it the place of being a God in my life.  I encourage people to be Spirit led and not bible led, this is true, but I also admit that much of the time what the Spirit is leading us to do is read and follow the bible.

As far as leading people “astray” and those very same people being my “prey” goes…. I just don’t see it and neither do the people who I am accountable to.  If anything I encourage people to break free from human leadership, including my own, and to be led by The Spirit in all things.  I don’t want people to follow me.  I want them to follow Jesus.  I don’t have any minions and no one has given me a cent.  However, in following Jesus we will also begin to recognize that some of the teachings of traditional religion are not all that biblical and that we often times need to UNLEARN what we have been taught in order to truly follow HIM.  Taking into full account that human tradition nullifies The Word of God.

I am not going to dig my heels in and defend myself concerning this matter beyond what little I have written here today.  I encourage everyone to QUESTION EVERYTHING, including every single thing I share here in my blog.  Some of you have questioned some of my posts in the comments section of these blogs and I appreciate being called to account.  In fact I love accountability.  So please feel free to interact, discuss and question anything I may say here in blogville or anywhere else.

So what do you think?  Am I a heretic?  Have I said anything I need to recant?  Do you know of any sin that I need to repent for?  Like I said, I know I color outside of the lines of traditional religion, but have I gone too far?  Do the warnings in the book of Jude currently apply to me.  Am I immoral or worse?  All these things are up for discussion all of the time.  I really don’t mind being labeled a heretic by mere men, as long as Jesus does not view me in that way.

Love and….

Kirk Out !


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  1. Cap’n….When I was doing my research about the furnishings of the Tabernacle, I ran across something interesting that I’ve never heard from any of the party-line theologians.

    In the outer court, right after the brazen altar where the sacrifice was “roasted”, was the brazen laver. It was in this basin that the priests were supposed to wash their hands and feet after offering the sacrifice, and before they entered into the Holy Place.

    This laver was constructed from the (brass) mirrors of the women of Israel. Odd, isn’t it? One has to wonder why it wasn’t made of something else, like the beaten gold lampstand, etc. But I will tell you why it was constructed of those “mirrors”.

    It contained water, and when he bent over it the priest would be able, (through the water) to see his own reflection through the water.

    Paul told us that we would be transformed, changed, etc. “by the washing of the WATER of the word”.

    Many people will tell you that means “read your bible and you will be changed by reading that” because the bible is the word.

    But here is a secret to that laver.

    Of all the pieces of the furniture of the tabernacle, only the brazen laver had NO OTHER INSTRUCTIONS about the construction of it. No size, no shape, nothing. Everything else was told to be constructed down to the ‘nth’ degree of exactness, but this laver had no instructions other than it was to come after the sacrifice, before the inner court, and to be made from the mirrors of the women of Israel.

    Wouldn’t you think, if that laver was to be representative of that which contained the water/word, that it would be a certain size, etc.? Certainly men have sought to completely contain God in SIXTY SIX (66) books that were chosen by a group of men (man=6) who couldn’t even come to a unanimous vote on the canon!!

    Oddly enough, the priest couldn’t see the reflection of ANYONE ELSE BUT HIMSELF through that water in the laver. It was to cleanse his HANDS (works) and FEET (ways).

    In the days of Solomon, when the temple was built and there was no more tabernacle in the wilderness, it is said that he made the laver so much bigger than was required for the simple washing of hands and feet. (Solomon pretty much acted on his own in this regard, this was not an instruction from God).

    There is a lot of speculation about why he did this, but if that laver represents the “water” of the written word, it was fairly small, at least portable,anyway, compared to the one that Solomon constructed, which was NOT portable, and way too big for simply washing hands and feet. And no doubt that in the bigger one, the priests would have been able to see much more than just his own reflection.

    When we make that “laver” bigger than it should be (elevating the bible to extreme exaggeration over the things of god?) and when it becomes big enough to see the reflection of anyone but ourselves, then I think we have a little problem, no?

    All your detractors seem to be able to judge YOU just fine by their ‘MOLTEN SEA” sized water containers, but seem to have missed seeing the image of THEMSELVES first.

    I could go on for days about all of these man-made doctrines that are bible-centric instead of God centric, and I will, at some point. But the bible has been made into an idol of “wood and stone” by men over the years, instead of the simple laver it was originally intended to be.

    Idols of wood and stone, because of what they are made of, are “doctrines of men” and “law of stone”, NEITHER OF WHICH HAVE ANY LIFE RUNNING THROUGH THEM.

    They are stagnant, dead, static, non-living objects which men want to claim have life in them, and men are the onese that cause them to “speak”. “The bible says”…..and they proceed to tell you what their little wood and stone god is speaking (and this according to either their own power, or, as Gideon and Rachel found “the gods of their FATHERS”.

    A so-called Christian would never sit around his living room and bow down and pray to, or serve or worship some kind of sculpture fashioned from wood and stone materials, in the literal. But every single time they elevate the book to the status of God Himself, they do it in the spiritual!!

    The pharisees did it, all the while proclaiming they were innocent, and just “following the law”.

    nothing has changed, Chris….nothing. it will be your ‘friends’ that will betray you when follow after the true Jesus, and not the fake one they have made in their own image. it will be the religious Christian realm that will demand your life and blood when you follow Jesus instead of them (and not the government as much as the church).

    Sorry dude, but among those fearful and hypocritical, those judging YOU first by their “water” instead of first judging themselves, you are always gonna come up short. Let Jesus alone be your measuring stick. If He needs to use scripture to do it, He will make it come alive for you, not them.

  2. Who has called you a “heretic”, Chris? Citation or quote, please…

  3. "BK" permalink

    This is good, Debi. I see the water a little differently, but it sure fits the picture you gave of not being measured. I believe ‘the water of the Word’ to be the Spirit, not the word itself. When the Spirit anoints God’s word it washes us. It is spirit so cannot be shaped or measured to any specific shape or size. One other thought was once when a friend of mine was listening to a sermon 😦 he was mentally acknowledging, ‘yup, that’s this one; yup, that’s that one….’. The Lord showed him a glimpse of himself holding a mirror and looking at everyone behind him. The Lord told him he needed to look at HIMSELF in the mirror, not use it to focus on others.

    Not wanting to detract from what you said, just thoughts as I read it. Love, “BK”

  4. Jim, you have alluded to it and stopped just short, but someone else in a private e-mail has said it directly.

    • I would disagree with anyone who said that to you. I have publicly disagreed with you on the question of scriptural integrity and authority, and explained my reasons. But there s no need for anyone to use the H word on this issue.

  5. chris gearhart permalink

    I’ve never heard you bash the Bible, I have heard you say it’s the book of life an to live by the word… perception is the worst drug on this earth… Don’t let others opinions Dictate your understand of life or how we should live it.. If you only help or change one person you’ve done you job… The TRUTH will set us FREE..!

  6. bill wood permalink

    better a hairy tick than a wooly wolf !!!

    I thought perhaps we needed a little comic relief….

  7. @Chris…Yes, you are most definitely a Heretic (with a capital “H”)…to the establishment!!! ;~)

    @Jim…if you don’t want to use the “H” word, what would you call it? Heterodox? Further, if it is not heresy, then why are you so uptight? Seriously…

    You talk of “interpretive communities.” Have you considered that in “our” interpretive community we happen to see things differently?

    As such, if we are heretics, then don’t hang out with us. If we are simply “heterodox” or less, then chill out and show some brotherly love and grace.

    • John said: You talk of “interpretive communities.” Have you considered that in “our” interpretive community we happen to see things differently? ” Now there is a man who understand’s God’s purpose in the rich diversity of the body of Christ.

  8. Words that really, truly build unity, instead of unanimity: “Interesting, you feel God told you that? I hadn’t heard that, please tell me what that means to you?”

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