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How Far Is Too Far?

March 28, 2013


“Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”

Two years ago when I was praying and seeking the Lord concerning the possibility of starting this blog, He showed me several objectives.  The one I want to talk about today is freedom.  This blog is supposed to be a free and open place where non-traditional followers of Jesus can share the things the Lord has been showing them.  In large part I feel we have accomplished that goal.

However, today I am in the process of being rebuked by some who feel I have allowed too much freedom these past several days.  Words like heresy and false teaching are being used.  Some people say that by allowing different unorthodox comments and posts concerning the validity of certain parts of scripture….that I am somehow endorsing and promoting gross error.  As always, with everyone, I will prayerfully consider what is being presented to me as my sin.  If the Lord convicts me of said sin I will then surely repent. However, right now I do not see things that way.  I have also been told by one to reject, avoid, and break fellowship with one of the people who recently shared a difficult, unorthodox series of comments here.  

I will not break fellowship with anyone unless the Lord, Himself directs me to do so.  I am totally serious about my relationship with Jesus and those who follow Him.  Rejecting someone on the basis of several internet comments on a blog that was designed to foster dialogue concerning difficult problems in the Church today is not at all the way of Jesus.

Just where are we supposed to talk about what scripture really says?  Some are fortunate enough to have fellowships free and open enough to handle such discussions, but the sad fact is that in most “churches” you would be condemned and judged for even questioning what scripture really says.  I firmly believe that the best way to deal with real or imagined heresy or error is to get it out into the open and expose it to the Light.  Then dialogue over it until some point of agreement can be made, even if that agreement is to end the discussion and possibly part ways for the time being.

Well, here we are now all out in the open.  I now willingly and publicly ask for your accountability in this matter.  To anyone who reads and follows this blog:  Did I allow things to go to far?  Have I sinned by giving questionable theology some free air time?  Or does all of our theology need to be questioned and pushed to the limits at times?  I say QUESTION EVERYTHING!  GOD IS MORE THAN BIG ENOUGH TO HANDLE IT!  If Luther and the other so called reformers did not question the church and its theology we might all still be Roman Catholics.  What does everyone have to say?  Please encourage or rebuke me with all authority?  I give you all free permission.  Please be free and share whatever you feel led to?

Love and …..

Kirk Out !






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  1. Morning, Chris…

    I see you being a Berean, and following the example of Jesus, as well as being led by the Holy Spirit. But since it is apparent that I’m the one that dared to kindled this ‘fire’ with my “outrageous” hermeneutics, of course I would say that, right?

    It’s funny…I’ve never challenged the validity of scripture, nor what it “says”. The only thing I was challenging was the accepted MEANING, or interpretation, of what the written word says.

    When presented with numerous, seeming contradictions of exactly what the roles and positions of women are within the ekklesia, as written in several different books in the NT, there has been no one….NO ONE…who offered to take on the task of reconciling ALL the various scriptures on the topic. Repeated requests to those who believe they “know” what the scriptures say “concerning women”, to answer hard verses were either ignored, brushed aside, or turned into stick-measuring contests.

    Years ago, you and I met with resistance of this same kind when our understanding of what the scriptures actually MEAN by what they “say” was challenged by some “good old boys” who were sure that they had all the answers. And we found out that they didn’t have all the answers, and time proved us right.

    Nothing new under the sun, my friend. Ecc. 3 says that what has been before, will be again, and what is going on now has already taken place in times past. 15 years ago, I think I shared with you the “spiritual re-run” understanding, that the same thing that happened to Jesus around 30 AD with the Pharisees of “then” will repeat itself again to those who have Christ actually in them as a fact, and not as a religious idea. Jesus’ “doctrine” was just as offensive to those serpents then as mine are to those of today, and He didn’t mind calling a Viper a Viper to their faces.

    There was a serpent in the garden who tempted Eve to eat off of that tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and it’s been downhill ever since. Modern serpents are no different today…they use their MOUTHS to bite, infect and devour and inject poisonous venom with EARTHLY, carnal, literal understanding, and the only remedy is to look to the One who can heal that bite.

    I’m sorry you were put in this position by giving me “air-time”. I seriously thought I was helping to reconcile the whole subject into something liberating for the body at large, not just the girls. But apparently neither that time, nor my time is come yet, to turn that water into wine. So I can just go down the road kicking rocks and my feelings won’t be hurt in the least. I won’t apologize for what I believe, but until the kiddies grow up and stop whining about the spinach, I can take my buffet elsewhere. Not a problem at all, and be blessed where you are. Love you bunches, and even love your constipated buddies, though not in a sloppy-agape way. I won’t force you to take sides; it isn’t time for that yet.

    Be blessed in whatever encampment you happen to be at, everyone…it’s all a wilderness journey.

    • "BK" permalink

      Hi, Debi! Haven’t had the chance to read what you posted but I would like to say I sure hope you don’t pick up your ‘blocks’ and go elsewhere with them as they are an important part. It isn’t a matter of choosing sides for Chris, but of freedom (as you well know already). Those who so oppose something we feel the Lord has given us really aren’t whining or children or constipated…I have found they are as sincere with their thoughts as we are with ours. So, put your portion on the table, Debi; there are building blocks in your portion that need to be here. May we all learn to stay together regardless of the heat. All that fire does is burn up the impurities. So good to hear from you again after all these years! “BK”

      • Appreciate your remarks, BK. On this blog and the previous blog.

        Grace and peace,


  2. Fear is the basis of judgement and condemnation. If God be God, there is no reason to fear. Fear is the reason we reject new ideas and new information, we are constantly in a state of “What if?” followed by whatever negative thought, as if God is not powerful in out midst….unless He is not.
    Chris my brother, I applaud your fearlessness, and your heart for our Lord. Let the nay says sharp words never harm you, my the truth be held in the highest regard always.

  3. I’ll make this simple…too far would be denying God and/or the truth we have been shown about him.

    If something stinks, then it simply stinks…call it out.

    I recall hearing Walter Martin, author of The Kingdom of the Cults, saying something like, “Rock the boat? Absolutely not…I want to sink it!”

    Asking these questions is the most sane thing we can do.

    Rock on, bro!!! ;~)

  4. Reformed by the Spirit permalink

    Keep offering the challenging thoughts…..I am not offended if I see something I disagree with….it makes me think, pray and search the scriptures for truth that the Holy Spirit leads me to. I don’t see you denying the cross of Christ or the Holy Spirit….and that is good.

  5. I have seen people offer answers that I strongly disagree with, but not allowing open discussion of issues seems morally wrong to me. I never question whether or not someone is a true believer if they question traditional beliefs (read: assumptions) or have an open mind. I DO, however, question whether or not someone is a true believer if they refuse to question traditional beliefs or have a closed mind.

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