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Horrible And Shocking

March 10, 2013


“A horrible and shocking thing has happened in the land: The prophets prophesy lies, the priests rule by their own authority, and my people love it this way.”  Jeremiah 5: 30-31

Wow!  I find it amazing how this Old Testament passage just pegs most of the modern Traditional/Institutional “church”.  Much of what is being taught and “prophesied” in the “church” at large these days falls way short of the truth.  Nowadays we see “The Purpose Driven Life” being lauded as the way to go;  instead of the Spirit led life.  We see the extremes of works righteousness and total, ultimate grace being presented as the truth with very little balance to be found.  As always the three fold mantra of “Go to church, pay your tithe, and read your bible” seems to reign supreme.  Along with “submit” to the Pastor’s authority.  Reading the bible can be an extremely productive thing except when they say it must be read always and solely through the lens of proper “church” leadership and doctrine.  To them the top down hierarchy of leadership must always be preserved and by doing so they cripple the Body of Christ.   They teach primarily the things that lead only to being in bondage to the modern “church” system of doing things.  Sure there may be some exceptions, but on the whole many lies are being shared and propagated in the “church” today.

Priests, Pastor’s and others who rule by their own authority are holding the Body Of Christ back in numerous ways.  Ruling is a major problem in the “church” today.  Because in the New Testament those who God calls to help lead the church are supposed to do so by serving and NOT by ruling.  And they should serve only by HIS authority and NOT their own.  The only chain of command found in the New Testament is that JESUS is the ONLY Ruler and Head of His Church and we all should follow Him.  True servants serve in the Body of Christ and we should only follow them as they follow Christ.  I will not follow a human Leader, but I will follow the Christ I find in other sisters and brothers in the Lord as they go about following Him.  

Does God ever get sad?  I know that Jesus wept and was a man of many sorrows.  I think it is very sad that God’s people love that prophets prophesy lies and that Leaders are doing so by their own authority.  How dysfunctional is that?  A church that fosters co-dependency on it’s human Leaders instead of full and total dependency on God and God alone; is a very unhealthy church indeed.  I often weep for the Church and pray that it shall one day return to Jesus who is it’s first and only true love.  Don’t settle for human substitutes!  Claim only Jesus as your King and follow Him first and foremost.

Love and …..

Kirk Out !



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  1. Mickey Merrie permalink

    That my friend is the heart of the matter…

  2. Indeed, ‘control’ is a huge issue in the contemporary Church, and as you have pointed out, Chris, has been around for a long time!

    In my experience it can vary from mis-led and ‘charismatic’ (powerful and persuasive) leaders manipulating trusting members, to godly leaders (‘elders’) being manipulated by immature members who rule by ‘democratic vote.’ Both extremes usually resort to a church constitution which is often given more authority than the Bible itself. Of course, once money is involved, such control can become intolerable. A good friend of mine who left his denomination to plant organic house churches has often put it this way, ‘They (the leaders) won’t support what they can’t control (read ‘micro-manage’).’

    In order to be accountable ourselves as organic church facilitators, my wife and I once a year ‘release’ our participants to follow the Lord’s leading as they perceive it and pray God’s blessing on them, should they feel constrained to move on. Not saying everyone should do that, but that’s what works for us in checking selfish control in our small groups.

    And if you look up the word ‘control’ in the simplest Bible concordance, it more often than not denotes ‘self-control’ under the compulsion of the Holy Spirit (Gal. 5:23) and the love of Christ (2 Cor. 5:14-15).

    Chris, we continue to uphold you in prayer, brother.


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