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Do You Have A Relationship With God Or Are You Just Dating?

March 1, 2013


“May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.”   2 Corinthians 13: 14

Wow!  The grace of Jesus, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Spirit.  It is extremely important to have all three of these at work in your life.  I think that most followers of Jesus know grace and love, but just how many of us really have fellowship with the Holy Spirit?

“Fellowship” implies a deep intimate relationship and I think that many Christians fall way short where it comes to this bond with the Holy Spirit.  Most Christians cling tightly to their bibles, but tend to know very little about relating to the Spirit.  Most spend more time reading and studying the book, than they do praying and spending close and intimate time with the Holy Spirit.  This is sad because it is the Spirit that really makes the bible come alive to us.  In fact unless the Spirit breathes on us and opens our hearts and minds to the ancient text….the bible is dead and useless.  The letter of the Law kills, but the Spirit gives life!

All this brings me to this crucial question…..Do you have a relationship with God or are you just dating?  Seriously?  Do you walk continuously with God or do you just visit Him several times a week?  Daily, moment by moment, fellowship and interaction with the Spirit is the only true way to really know and serve Him.  “….because those who are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God.”  Romans 8: 14

This is why it is so crucial to be Spirit led and not bible led.  Unless you allow the Spirit to guide you in the use of the scriptures…the time you spend in them will be for naught.  It is impossible to have a relationship with a book, even the best book.  However, when we read as led by the Spirit the words come alive to us and are totally excellent and profitable.

So I strongly encourage everyone to develop their partnership, fellowship, relationship and intimacy with the Holy Spirit.  Because in Him we have the mind of Christ available to us at all times and He will lead us into ALL truth.  He actually improves our time in the bible.  May we all surrender fully to Him and allow Him to fill us to the full measure of Christ.

Love and …..

Kirk Out !


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  1. "BK" permalink

    Interesting Paul’s list didn’t include….”and don’t forget your Bibles!”
    😉 “BK”

  2. Mickey Merrie permalink

    So true Chris! And BK many teach that the cannon of scripture, being now complete, is the perfection mentioned as to come and do away with the giftings! Nonsense! Thus they neuter the Holy Spirit, creating a receipe salvation and form of godlyness that denies His power to change them! Sad really, no gifts and no fruit either! But they can act as kind and generous and concerned as any pacifist hindu!

  3. "BK" permalink

    May I steal your line? So true, Mickey! 🙂 Someone was just telling my daughter the other day (adult child) regarding a hindu who ‘is one of the kindest people you’ll ever want to meet.” My response was, “Kind doesn’t = LIFE.” It still equals empty. Yes, sad….but I remain hopeful He will reveal Himself in time….like He did me! I often laughingly say I told poor God, “Get behind me, satan!” many a time as He meddled with my beliefs and superiour scriptural understanding 😦 until I finally heard Him one day saying, “It’s not satan, it’s Meeeeeee, God!” 🙂 “BK”

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