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More Than Just The Twelve

February 14, 2013


Jesus said:

“All this I have spoken while still with you.  But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.  John 14: 25-26

This will be real short today, but very important.  The 12 were very vital to the early church because of the amount of time they actually spent with Jesus before His crucifixion.  They had first hand knowledge of the life and teachings of The Lord.

However, I feel the Holy Spirit was a total game changer.  Before The Spirit was given only the 12 knew all the facts and knowledge about Jesus and His teachings.  But when the Great Teacher The Holy Spirit came upon and filled followers of Christ; the 12 were no longer extra-special.  All that they had been taught and experienced via Jesus was now made freely available for everyone by The Spirit.  That equals first hand knowledge.

You either believe and confirm that The Spirit could teach everyone ALL things or you limit His power to the 12 special ones.  I boldly say that EVERYTHING in all creation, all knowledge, all wisdom, and all power is fully and freely available to ANYONE who follows Jesus.  

The Holy Spirit teaches us ALL THINGS.  Nothing at all is hidden or secret and only available to a select few in the Body.  Christ died for all and The Holy Spirit teaches all those who seek Him.  It is supposed to be the Priesthood of ALL believers and not just a select few.  It just could not be any more simple, but I will add this one thing…It is The Spirit, not the bible that teaches us and leads us into ALL TRUTH.

Love and…..

Kirk Out !



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  1. I agree that the Holy Spirit is our ultimate teacher for only as He elightens us can we truly see with spiritual eyes. That said, God has not limited the teaching of the Spirit to mere intuitive means or through some form of subjective experience. Jesus has given us those who have the function of teaching for the building up of the body. Scripturally this appears to be a, if not the primary manner in which we discover the truth. Paul beckoned Timothy to share what he learned from Paul to faithful trustworthy men so that they would teach others. There is both the spiritual gift of teaching as well as the function of teacher in the scriptures. If I’m opposed to allowing others in the body to teach me than I’m opposing the very words of scripture. Obviously this should not echo the mannerisms of religious institutions where individual men appear more prominent than Jesus Himself and the teachers sit above their fellow brothers and sisters. Jesus didn’t talk down to His disciples but taught them as one being among many. That is the proper example for us as believers.

    It is also true that the same Spirit who indwelt the apostles of old also indwells true born again believers in Christ. That excludes everyone else. This Spirit although being God and the fulness thereof, is in seed form within us. That said, what Christopher calls availability (I would likely call accessability) for we do not have free reign with the Spirit of God. Although Jesus was given the full measure of the Spirit, the degree of the Spirit we possess is dependent upon many things such as our obedience, the degree we die to ourselves and the will of God. He wills and works according to His good pleasure- not the other way around.

    Finally, I really don’t like the closing statement above which appears to diminish the importance of the scriptures for two reasons. First, the bible is the Christians greatest safeguard against error. Is it realistic to emphasize each believer’s need to follow the Spirit without any biblical guidance along those lines? I don’t believe so. We have countless millions of people today who claim to be led of the Spirit who in reality are practicing all forms of demonic spirituality, the majority of which could be prevented had these people searched the scriptures for the truth. It is the truths of God (I am sinful, judged, in need of forgiveness and a Savior etc) that eventually leads to Jesus and to Him as Life itself.

    No, we are not lacking anything we need in Jesus. We are full in Him. Let us follow the example our our Lord who often pointed to the Scriptures and daily walked in the Spirit that moved Him moment by moment.

  2. Mickey Merrie permalink

    Mike to me brings to the table that which I to understand and believe. We are lead by the Holy Spirit, and are called to test the spirits to see if they are of God. This very scripture is a 2 edge sword dividing truth from error (as does all scripture).

    On the one extreme we see folks teaching that the Holy Spirit is in effect neutered when they limit Him to prior to the cannon of scripture was complete…Then why have test the spirits?!?!
    On the other extreme we have folks teaching that in effect the Holy Spirit is preemminent over Christ Jesus who we remember from John 1 is the Word of God! Both positions are in error because neither give Jesus the preemminence.
    How would we test the spirits without the Word of God? How would we understand the scriptures and not just have a legalism like the Pharisee past and present, except that we have the Holy Spirit to lead us into all Truth?
    The key is to be Holy Spirit lead through the Word in context!

  3. Thanks Mike and Mickey for your contributions. It is easy to get lost in semantics, so I hope we don’t. I believe that Jesus is The Word of God, but that does not mean that Jesus is equal to the bible. He is so much more than that. I will try to make this a quick point…if our bibles were taken away from us we would still know what it conveys by The Holy Spirit. However, if the Spirit was taken away we would not know what the bible really says and means. It is The Spirit that gives us revelation and illuminates the bible for us. I am glad we have both, but if I had to choose I would always take the Spirit, because with the Spirit I would still have all that is contained in the written word.

    • GiaRio permalink

      excellent…wonderful read all th way thru…

  4. Mickey Merrie permalink

    I have zero problem with your statement and agree completely! This too is why we must hide His Word in our hearts while we still can.

  5. GiaRio permalink

    i always saw paul as th apostle of th resurrection…he came after th cross…completely spirit led and not knowin Christ after th flesh…

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