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February 7, 2013


“It’s difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” -Upton Sinclair

Thanks to John C. for posting this quote yesterday on Facebook.

When I read this quote to my son Caleb and friend Bill W. yesterday we all looked at each other and said in perfect unison “Pastors”.  As long as they keep “hirelings” (John 10) the traditional “church” will never be free to grow up into Jesus, who is the only true Leader and Head of The Church. (Ephesians 4)  Until the Clergy are removed from their positions, totally free & open, Spirit led fellowship will never be the norm for any “church”.  The Clergy either don’t understand or “conveniently” forget that the Church is supposed to be all about every member ministry.  Every member of Christ’s Body should be encouraged to share their gifts openly.  However, this rarely; if ever occurs when a paid man or woman is in charge of any gathering.  Anyway, that quote resonated with me; so I thought I would share it here today.

Other than that I am in day four of tremendous pain from a tiny kidney stone.  It has not passed yet, but I am now producing the darkest, most ugly urine I have ever seen.  The Dr’s still say wait and see what happens, but if it does not pass by Friday I will need another CT scan.  Good news is I was able to get some decent sleep last night and the PTSD flashbacks have subsided quite a bit today.  I really appreciate all the prayers and notes of support I have been getting.  I am not having fun, but I am sure things could be much worse.  That’s about it from me today.

Love and ……

Kirk Out !



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  1. "BK" permalink

    It is a sad trap pastor’s find themselves in when light begins to shine that the definition religion has put on the term, and the position they created, is not scriptural. I am thankful that I never was a ‘financially supported’ pastor as it did make that part of the transition ‘out of her’ without added trauma.

    Actually, it isn’t only the pastor who has a hard time, but also congregations who believe they NEED ‘someone to be charge’ other than Jesus. One of the prophets said, ‘the prophets prophesy falsely and My people love to have it so.’ Some of the hardest feelings people have had against Ken & I is after the Lord has allowed us to bring them some truths they had not considered before, and then they want us to be their pastors (because for 2,000 people have been told it must be) and feel forsaken when we don’t.

    I realized one day that Judaism had had 2,000 years to settle into keeping law when Jesus came to bring them into grace. It was so shocking to some, welcomed by others. We have now had the same amount of time, 2,000 years (speaking approximately of course) to be ingrained in ‘Christianity’ and face the same shock waves from the religious world they had back then.

    And, as always is pointed out, we also must battle ‘Nic’ (Nicolaitan; clergy over laity) within our own selves. When he is conquered there, we become truely free.

    Great thoughts, Chris. Thank you, “BK”

  2. Martin permalink

    Exercising your freedom means letting go of what others are trapped in, and moving on. You both- BK and Chris- Are stuck in the rut of worrying about others. MOve on!

    • "BK" Zimmer permalink

      Hi, Martin. I can relate to needing to let go of what others are trapped in and moving because there was a day it was my focus to ‘get people out of Babylon’. Jesus had to remind me it is THE SPIRIT that says ‘come out’. If that means my participation at any time He will let me know. And, like Chris, I am concerned about others. I don’t intend to move on from that; just if it adversely affects me.
      Love, “BK”…..and good to relate with you again.

  3. Martin permalink

    Go grab a post from HCDL, from the 90s. You’re saying the same thing.

  4. Being concerned for others is a positive thing Martin. I am not in a rut and neither is BK. Sharing about freedom in Christ never gets old. Thanks Martin, yes I am still saying some of the same things I did in the 90’s. I find it amazing that what got me kicked off of e-lists 15 years ago is now being embraced by many. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever! But you don’t believe in Him anymore do you Martin? I still choose to follow Jesus daily no matter how you judge me or my words. I love you Martin!

  5. Martin permalink

    The same spirit I have known in my soul is still with me today, Chis. I don’t see a massive movement to something you might define as HC, btw, but that’s ok too. The energy source is amazing, and allows for many interpretations , and readings. We are here to love, to learn, to grow, and thats what the most important thing is. Peace.

    • "BK" Zimmer permalink

      I say amen to the Spirit in your soul for sure! I guess my difference with you is my car battery is an ‘energy source’ but I can’t have a relationship with it. The Energy Source Who we know in our soul can be identified and related to. Just last night my Japanese friend who was raised Buddhist and met Jesus outside the walls of Christianity was saying how thankful she was He introduced Himself to her one day so now she knows Who He is. Hers is quite an amazing story but I won’t belabor it here. Love, “BK”

  6. Martin permalink

    But, yes, I have a personal relationship(s) too, BK. With the source, and my guides- gardian angels.

    • "BK" Zimmer permalink

      Does the source have a name? I’m sure the angels probably do. Not trying to be picky here…just seems if it’s a good relationship you would know his/her name? I won’t belabor it any further after this. Thanks for your patience in advance.

  7. Martin permalink

    Oneness, or forever. I don’t feel threatened by your beliefs, and I am thinking you guys are not. Peace.

  8. Martin permalink

    Threatened by mine. and, thats cool.

    • "BK" Zimmer permalink

      Amen, this is true. I actually relate what I remember of your experience the time you saw Jesus (at least you called Him that back then so if we must remove the name I won’t quibble over that) full of spears for you instead of on a cross. Such a beautiful thing to me even today.

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