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Almost Arrested

February 5, 2013


“Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.”  Colossians 3: 2

I had quite a day yesterday, while waiting for the kidney stone that still did not pass.  One thing the Doctors and I have noticed the past 13 years is that most of my worst PTSD episodes occur right when I have been greatly ill and in pain.  The stress of the illness is a definite trigger for the flashbacks.  In fact additional stress of any type is not a good thing for me at all.

Then last night Caleb, Joey, Bill and I jumped in my car to go to a great Chinese restaurant.  Then about a mile down the highway we got pulled over by the police.  They approached my car with flashlights in hand and with their other hand right on their firearm.  They raised their voices and asked, “Where are you coming from and where do you think you are going?”  I told them we had just left my apartment complex and that we were on our way out to dinner.  They replied ,  “Did you just assault someone at your apartment complex?  Because we just got a call that the 4 men who assaulted that man got into a white Pontiac Vibe and fled the scene of the crime.”  I told the officers that it was definitely not us who committed that crime.  After that they collected all of our drivers licenses and went back to the computer in their squad car.

We sat there praying and pondering our situation for over 20 minutes.  It was very stressful because the officers were quite accusatory.  While sitting there waiting I had the first troubling flashbacks of my childhood sexual abuse since September.  Then finally the officers came and told us it was a case of mistaken identity.  They gave us back our ID’s and told us to have a great meal.

After that we had a great meal and some awesome fellowship.  However my kidney pain increased and the flashbacks continued all evening.  I tried to keep my mind stayed on Jesus, but it was difficult due to the near arrest and flashbacks.  I was then able to fall asleep, but I woke up at 3 am with some very intense nightmares/flashbacks.  I have not been able to get back to sleep since then.

The kidney pain is now constant and the flashbacks are too.  I feel lost in my mind and very depressed.  I see my Doctor in less than an hour and I hope that he can do something to get rid of the stone and alleviate the intense pain.  I am glad we did not get arrested last night, because for a moment there it really looked like they may take us in to be identified in a line up.  Stress from the stone and near arrest seems to have reintroduced horrible flashbacks.  Please pray I get through this without needing to be hospitalized?

Love and……

Kirk Out !


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  1. That’s sounds quite intense Chris. It’s amazing how many ways satan can attempt to disrupt our thoughts, feelings and work for the gospel. I appreciate your willingness to keep us all informed and your willingness to help those around you. Glad to hear you are continuing to get regular fellowship there where you live- still somewhat sparse around these parts.
    We’ll be praying in relation to your specific needs brother. Love in Jesus, Michael

  2. Mickey Merrie permalink

    Lifting you up right now brother!

  3. Ruth permalink

    Praying for ya! The Will Of God will not take you where the Grace Of God will not protect you!!!

  4. Praying for you Chris

  5. Praying for you man.

  6. timbushong permalink

    Pass that stone! Praying for you, Chris.

  7. "BK" permalink

    Lemon juice & olive oil chased by warm water…..try it, Chris. Sorry I didn’t get to this site sooner but we have been praying for you! Love you, brother, “BK”

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