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Stepping Stone

February 3, 2013


“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.”  Romans 8: 28

Well yesterday was quite a day for me.  Caleb, Lydia and I are on a little weekend getaway vacation to a nice hotel with an indoor pool and hot tub.  Let me tell you there is nothing quite like soaking in a 109 degree hot tub while watching the snow blow outside where it is only 7 degrees.  However, at 11:30 am, I started having severe pain radiating from my left kidney area.  By 3 pm I knew that I needed to get checked out at the emergency room.

They got me in very quick and started a battery of tests.  They also started an IV and gave me some drugs to address the pain and jump start some rapid urination.  The great news was I have actually lost enough weight that I could fully fit into the CT scanner.  While going through the CT prep and scan I got to talk to a nurse about freedom in Jesus.  I noticed she was wearing a Celtic cross and I asked her what the cross meant to her.  She told me she loved Jesus and that her calling was to be a nurse that ministers to all the needs her patients had, including Spiritual.  We prayed together and I told her about relational fellowship and see seemed quite interested.

The scan did show that I had a 3mm stone that had almost passed through my bladder and into the urator.  The Dr. told me that it should pass within 24 hours.  They gave me some other prescriptions to get filled, but due to the later hour the local pharmacies would likely be closed by the time we could get to them.  Then the same nurse from the CT scan conversation stepped forward and volunteered to break ER rules and policy by calling my scripts into the Walmart pharmacy.

We left the hospital and rushed to Walmart.  When we got there it was 6:55 and they were getting ready to close at 7 pm.  Thanks to my sister in the faith nurse we were able to get the meds filled and they only cost 7 dollars.

This morning after a rough night of semi-sleep I now feel much better.  The stone has not yet passed, but the pain is tolerable.  All in all things are working out pretty well and I should be fine in a few days.  The conversation I had with Darleen the believing nurse about the Lord and relational fellowship was well worth the pain and inconvenience.  I hope to stay in contact with her.  She is an excellent witness and nurse.  Perhaps one day she will join us in Sturgis and see how Spirit led, relational fellowship works.  I would sure appreciate any prayers for her or my current stone situation.

Love and …..

Kirk Out !


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  1. Martin Irwin permalink

    Pity those who don’t follow Romans , or Paul , or call god my another name

  2. Mickey Merrie permalink

    Ouch, praise the Lord! Will do!

  3. Chris,
    Glad you are doing better. Kidney stones are no fun. I spent five days in the hospital with a kidney stone stuck between my right kidney and bladder that was 2mm, twice the diameter of the uriter. It refused to move and they had to go up the plumbing after it with a tool. The pain of the blockage was intense and they put me on morphine for most of the five days once they got it diagnosed. I couldn’t eat or drink water or it would all come right back up, so I was on I.V. for the whole time.
    I later talked with the mother-in-laws of one of my sons and she said that she also had had a kidney stone and had given birth four times. She said that when it comes to pain, she would have rather had four more kids than another kidney stone.
    I also had a great time talking about the Lord with one of the nurses while there.
    God bless you my brother,

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