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Why Choose One Over A Multitude?

January 16, 2013


“Wisdom is found in a multitude of counselors.”  Proverbs 11: 14

Wisdom, or an understanding of God’s will and knowledge of what is true, is vital in the life of a follower of Jesus.  Being able to know and apply wisdom in our daily choices and circumstances is an absolute need in this life.  We need to know God and His will intimately if we are ever to grow up into what the Lord desires us to be.

To be wise it takes the input and advice of many.  However, most of the time in the traditional/institutional “church” we are expected to be taught and guided by one man called The Pastor.  This my friends is not healthy or biblical.  Yet, Sunday after Sunday the MANY sit passive in the pews, while the ONE teaches and preaches without interruption.

The fact is that we will never grow up in Jesus until the entire body is allowed to share and interact every time the church gathers.  When everyone shares the body grows up into the Head and there is true unity.  In Christ the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.  It is only then that we all become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.  (Ephesians 4)

The church was never intended to be a one man, or even few man, show. It takes the entire body of Christ working together in unity to become what He desires us all to be.  Every member of the body is vitally important and needs to be given the opportunity to share their portion whenever the body gathers.  True disciples are made when they are given the chance to hear wisdom flow forth through a multitude of counselors and then allowed to share their part of the picture also for all to hear and consider.

So if you want wisdom..break free from the control of the One man system and seek out true fellowship with others who know how to operate as a fully functioning body.  When the church gathers it should be a wide open discussion with everyone participating for the mutual benefit of all involved.  So what will it be for you?  Sit down, shut up and listen to the Pastor; or sit down, open up and have a great conversation?

Love and….

Kirk Out !



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One Comment
  1. Hello Christopher.
    Last night I had an interesting conversation with a young Christian man who remains somewhat perplexed about my out of the box lifestyle. I decided to take him out to dinner and we talked for some three hours or more about a host of subjects. At one point he asked me point blank, “How are you living out what you are so convinced is God’s heart for His people?” It was a legitimate question, why would he consider what I said if my own life didn’t exemplify the very heart of what I was attempting to teach him?
    It is sad though true, that the majority of us are mostly alone with are wives and children in our devotion to Christ and His Word. Jim in Washington does fellowship with a hundred or more others though few share His heart for ekklesia living. I don’t have anyone in my hometown who shares my heart precisely although you and I have gotten together and may very well get together again soon. Others have a handful of likeminded friends. But out of all the responses I could have given him there was one that seemed to supercede all the rest. That was my willingness to continue to walk along the path Jesus had set before me with whatever resources He provided me and to be accountable for acting in that manner. I told him I had eight specific individuals that know that they can speak into my life at any moment and that I am completely willing to be both accountable and subject unto them. Furthermore, and in light of this, that I had promised myself and I believe all of them that I would seriously attempt to cultivate a more intimate relationship with these people at my own expense.
    I’m entirely convinced that as Christopher has made clear here that each of us has a responsibility to live in a certain manner that is consistent with what our Lord is teaching us. In order for us to grow as our Father desires, each of us must be both willing to speak into and be spoken into for our lives to be properly and practically connected even as they are now spiritually connected. Sure, we would just assume have this be a regular daily interaction and fellowship, nonetheless we must utilize what tools we do have in keeping the ties God has brought together in unison and cherish those as if they were our own- which they actually are. What the Lord has joined together…let no man…we are one in spirit etc.
    I have been and continue to be blessed in many ways due to following through with what I believe My Father would have of me in relation to the relationships above. My commitment in this has nothing to do with the manner or frequency that this may be reciprocated by any of the people above, nor in relation to the way they may treat me. I’m in this for the long haul and am willing to listen and learn as our Father speaks and exemplifies His life in and through each of us.

    There is wisdom in many counselors, not just because we each only see various facets of the diamond in part, but because I desire to see the part of Christ within you I cannot see without you.

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